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How to make a correct estimate of the cost of your service offering and what it means to Terms and Conditions of service performance? Consider everything in order, and start with the costing and estimating services. Before you leave the market with offers of services, you need to perform valuation services that you offer. Such an assessment may differ from the actual cost of performance. Assessment itself is not the final cost of warranty work, it only indicates that the final cost of the work will be within 20% of the appraised, if nothing changes. Learn more at: Dustin Moskovitz. Nevertheless, such an evaluation is important because it shows that the cost of work depends on the individual, the amount of work performed. Customers prefer to know in advance the cost of services to be able to calculate what it will cost execution of a project.

There is a tendency to increase the value of work performed at the time of its completion in relation to the declared value of the original and almost never vice versa. Calculating the cost of implementation work is particularly relevant, especially if you have a good reputation. Dustin Moskovitz: the source for more info. For regular customers, it is important if you have stable prices. In addition, it is recommended to detail the cost of doing each element of the project separately. It is not only good for the customer, who, knowing the value of each element, has the ability to adjust the terms of reference, to implement the project based on the budget allocated for its implementation. .


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