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Spirit Life

Fate. What is fate? Frequently asked question that interests all or very many. Can I change it, influence it, whether you need to know it? In this article the author will present his view on what used to be understood by the word destiny, tries to examine and analyze everything related to that word. Fate. In Russian, this word is consonant with the word essence – that is the meaning of the truth. Given this we can assume that each person That makes sense, true life.

No single person ponders the meaning of life, over what it is trying to find some clues as to whether he chose the direction, scope of activities which intends to develop. Looking at people individually, we see that each takes in their lives set of solutions that are simple and they say crucial – those who change their lives dramatically. Obtained from our solutions, our independent fate How often do we remember the fate and what we mean when we say: "it is fate," so his fate "," hard luck "? Rather, it looks like an inevitability. In situations when it begins to act a stranger to us law or order, to sudden illness, death, birth of healthy children are not to be sick all my life, we say that this is inevitable, it is fate. We thank fate or God when they present us a flash gifts. Wealth of material for people or meetings with teachers and Gurus, spiritual teachers and for those who aim their birth sees the development of spirituality and the Spirit.

Advantages To Home Ownership

Home Ownership has its advantages: The purchase price ispaid off sooner or later. Structural changes can be made without consultationwith a landlord. Not least, apartment owners influence the design of the houseand garden. However, property owners-in-law should not forget that they alsorespond to a series of obligations and be part of condominium owners. It iscertainly not just a matter of keeping one's own home in order. Theapportionable operating costs are further payment obligations. These includeadministrative costs, liability insurance, legal fees and a maintenancereserve.

Future property owners should obtain in advance an idea of what commitmentsbrings the condo with them.  Whether thisis as part of condominiums or any other collection, this helps theviewing of the annual accounts of recent years. Minutes of the owners' provideinformation about upcoming renovation or upgrading measures. Independently, abuilding advisor should be consulted. He is in a position to assess therehabilitation needs of a dwelling or the entire house. This gives rise tothose costs which are added to the purchase price of the apartment itself.Especially with the community costs, two things are crucial: to what extent amI involved in it? Finally, owners are more involved with more square meters ofliving space. The second question should be: What is the solvency of propertyowners? A look at the joint savings account should not therefore be neglected.

Property ownership is a very exciting endeavor.  While there is a lot to look at, when buyingan Austin Texas condo or any other one, it should be a very exciting time andone that you enjoy with relish.

Puppy Training

The first period of ten weeks of the life of a newborn puppy is the best time to teach a puppy that biting is not acceptable. And your puppy training to prevent incidence of biting is crucial. This is especially because biting comes naturally to them and is the easiest way to attack the dog that he can use in situations that induce fear, anxiety and aggression. And such training is best done before strong adult teeth take the place of small bites. Contain the dog's aggressive behavior among adult dogs is more difficult than in dogs in training. While training puppies, always remember that physical punishment does not work. The penalty is equivalent to making the dog more resolute in their behavior and aggression in such cases is likely to become a permanent concern. The approach you take should clearly tell the dog that you love but hate the biting habit.

At the same time you should take the lead while the dog finds as part of the group. Unless you perceive him to be the leader, is unlikely to let go of easily. Dogs use their mouths to express themselves. A dog also uses his mouth and tongue for communication. Encourage licking, but not compatible dog behavior, offering treats and praise. Licking Give a name so that he remember the activity the next time. If the puppy uses his teeth on you, make a noise (eg OUCH) alarming in his face.

His instincts tell him he has to stop. Isolate for five minutes if you feel that the loud sound did not have an impact. Take it after some time and see how he responds now. Continue this until the time you feel the dog has the idea that it is acceptable and what is not. By the time the puppy is six weeks, he must have understood that he can use his mouth on you but only to lick. If you have brought a puppy oldest, you might have to repeat this for some time because he may need more time to adjust to new faces and new surroundings. Expose the puppy to other dogs and humans. The reactions of other puppies and dogs when bitten is likely to make him understand he should resign to bite. Exposure to humans will remove the fear of strangers. The training alone does not inhibit dog biting. It is also necessary that all who interact with the dog to adhere to certain rules that restrict dog biting. Children are prone to unpredictable behavior. This more than anything else, puts a dog on the defensive. Keep children away from the puppy until the time you are sure you are trained. Teach children the way in which they should approach a puppy or dog and what specific actions need to be avoided. * Do not play aggressive or competitive games with the puppy. * Define the areas that are off limits and constantly Remind. * Never touch the head. Instead scratch under the chin. The biting comes naturally to dogs. In a bunk bed, rolling over and biting play even before they have developed their teeth. A younger dog can cause more damage with their sharp teeth even though his jaw is weaker. By the time he grows, your teeth may become duller but the strength in their jaws can inflict maximum damage. A young puppies should be taught that none of your teeth can touch human skin or clothing.

In The Character Of Ray: ADVERMA Brings A Fresh Wind In CCV Advertising

Cross-media marketing campaign for one of the leading providers of cashless payment systems excited great attention Rohrbach / au i. d. Hallertau (mh) breath of fresh air, many companies would like take in their advertising. But often, it is only in a balmy breeze. In contrast to this, the ADVERMA has a communications agency in the metropolitan area of Munich the motto of fresh wind advertising & Marketing GmbH”once quite literally taken for their marketing campaign for the CCV Germany GmbH. And she could make one of the leading providers on the market for cashless payment systems, in a positive sense for their customers, the fuss. Companies that have in the broadest sense something to do with the payments, must radiate in particular seriousness and competence in their external appearance and in marketing.

Franz Felbermeir ADVERMA marketing consultants know too aggressive and obtrusive advertising concepts do not fit to rule”, was responsible for the campaign. Wanted in a conservative and difficult market environment that still stand out CCV Germany from the competition and increased attention to himself. The CCV ( web/DE-de.htm) Germany GmbH with seat in AU i. d. Hallertau is a leading solution provider in the field of electronic transaction processing and VIP partner of world leader of VeriFone.

The upgraded by CCV and displaced cashless payment systems are used with regard to the payment at the point-of-sales of trade as well as in the health sector. The card terminal VX670 GPRS of CCV was this year as a top product trade 2011 “award. Elected to the top spot the Handelsblatt readers had the Terminal. The task for ADVERMA ( was to bring fresh ideas in marketing and communication of CCV. Just in terms of the market introduction of the new evolution rearms series of world market leader of VeriFone, the CCV with its own software and distributes.


At day event of atacama present experts approaches Bremen recent statutory changes, for example, the patient rights Act (PatRG) and the dental care of nursing affect the processes of health insurance companies, 22.08.2013 – how can? Recognized experts inform day on 10 October between 10.00 and 17.00 on the GKV 2013 in the Maritim Hotel & Congress Centrum Bremen. Organizer is atacama the Bremen IT service provider Software that takes his 15th anniversary as an occasion to resume his tradition of the congresses for the statutory health insurance. During the lectures, the presenters guarantee a high practical relevance. Both Bernhard Kunst, Division Manager of the AOK Lower Saxony, which illuminates the PatRG, and expert for dental care Pflegebedurftiger engaged Dr. Michael Kleinebrinker of the statutory health insurance organisation for a long time intensively the topics and participants important information and impulses for the daily Give work. Dental case management is a priority of the statutory health insurance day. So, Christian Lortz, Teamleader contract management at the BKK ESSANELLE is views on electronic approval procedures in the dental field, together with Stefan Krecher Atacama. Dr.

Christine Jensen, head of field dental care at IKK North, reported approaches of their chests during the tests of the Bema part 1 (KCH). BITMARCK is a partner of many cost objects for years, and is one of the few strategic partners of BITMARCK atacama. To support the processes even more flexible in the statutory health insurance, the company has created a new platform with 21cng for integrated Web-based solutions. It presents Andreas Strausfeld, CEO of BITMARCK software, in Bremen, Germany. For health insurance companies, also the aspect of the care increasingly gaining importance. So you must ensure the quality of the care advice. How can succeed even in the face of rising number of cases, demonstrates how Jens Hullmeine, head of supply management at the hkk.

First health. In the area of home nursing, Caroline Zinsser presented by atacama. It shows how funds with the help of IT can increase the efficiency in the examination of the regulation. Completes the GKV day with a discussion board and a get together. Details, agenda and registration form available in the Internet at de/175/events/atacama_gkv_tag.html atacama Software GmbH for transparency in health care which atacama Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in health care in statutory health insurance (GKV) as well as for service providers with innovative standard software solutions. More than 60 health insurers use the atacama Web-based case management. The software in client systems operate GKV suite, GKV – data centers as a partner. Knowledge-based software solutions are successfully used for care planning and documentation of apenio and apenio LZ in numerous hospitals and long-term care facilities. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at and. How to contact with atacama Software GmbH Anne-Conway-Strasse 10 28359 Bremen phone: 04 21 / 2 23 01-0 press contact ralf buchholz healthcare communications Ralf Buchholz old folk spark 24 22525 Hamburg phone: 0 40 / 20 97 68 05

Leadership Impacte Positively

Did you know that everyone can and should learn to exercise good leadership? What’s more: effective leadership is also a skill that every child should learn. Maybe you will think: I have No leadership skills! or prefer to tell me what to do! However, we are all leaders. We all have a circle of influence of greater or lesser magnitude, while we are not aware of that and not always act as a leader. Either by cultural values, ignorance, fear or simple convenience, there are many people who are not assuming its leadership role adequately. They prefer to leave that responsibility in the hands of others and not worry about the topic. When you have a chance to lead a group or project, they prefer escape and stay in the grandstands watching others make decisions and act. Do you believe you have or that their children do not have leadership skills? Maybe he believes that some simply are leaders and others will have to follow them. All We lead in an area of our lives and we are followers in another.

You have to know to do two things well. However, unlike what many believe, a good leader is not born, becomes. Leadership skills can be learned. If this possibility has never arisen, will discover now 3 reasons why everyone should learn to be better leaders and why we should teach leadership skills to our children: 1. without good leadership, things do not change: good leaders are needed.

In a world that is changing at breakneck speed and forces us to adapt quickly to new situations, people with initiative who know how to make timely decisions are needed. 2 Is your responsibility: someone once said that the bad things happen because good men did not act. Do not allow you to be one of those passive or fearful. If you are confronted with a situation that you know that it will be detrimental to others, you must act and must know to act correctly. 3 Is an opportunity to bring: we all have different skills and we are able to contribute our grain of sand in a certain area of experience. Don’t miss the opportunity of benefiting others and returned the hand with what God has given. True happiness is not within our square meter, but beyond, to positively impact on others lives. Prepare your children so that they are the leaders of the future! Visit and you’ll immediately get an inspiring e-book free with valuable data about how to teach your children (and you) to think differently to be able to build a business. You also get support, inspiration and the tools needed so that Ud and their children to obtain a vision for your life and learn to achieve their goals successfully.

Management Board

2. Environmental protection is less than 100 kWh/m2a in each object to reduce energy consumption. This is to ensure savings in households and energy improvements in the inventory. Use and disposal of the materials used should be safe for health and the environment and have the required physical quality. 3. Profitability for shareholders is to secure a reasonable ongoing interest rate. The sustainable yield of the portfolio is to ensure continuous maintenance. In the case of sales, the best possible sale price is to achieve.

IV. measures 1 tenant protection a. existing leases the net rent increases in inventory contracts are allowed only if this savings be achieved elsewhere. The total load must not increase income development beyond. Regular rent increases without savings, as they allowed the tenancy law, are not allowed. Measures of energetic modernisation is to create a cost/benefit analysis from the perspective of the tenant and carry out a tenant education in personal conversations.

Modernisation, a reduction of the overall load compared to the unmodernisierten State is preferably in the following year and at the latest within 3 years to achieve. In past energy price developments is to be based. It is to consider whether caused hardships for low-income tenants. (b). The participation in the non-profit sustainable living Association is to provide families with children and single parents all leases. The club paid the participation through voluntary work packages. He nourished the shareholders, the Management Board and third parties by donations. To promote local employment services in the buildings to tenants shall be check. Tenants are to educate about energy-saving potential in the budget. 2. Environmental protection before performing energetic modernisation is to provide an environmental assessment. At Renewable insulating materials such as wood shavings, wood fibres, hemp, wool are components with normal fire protection requirements to use cellulose natureplus. Mineral insulating materials like insulation according to RAL to 132 and thermal insulation systems are to use components with increased fire protection requirements according to RAL to 140 (construction material classes A1, A2). Energy upgrades are by an external quality assurance to accompany. 3. Profitability of new leases in the context of the normal fluctuation must be carried out at market prices. If after energy upgrades the net burden of tenants for a period of 10 years or longer constant remains a one-time boost by passing rents is allowed before if it is below the market price. It is a social consideration to make. All appropriate public funding for modernization are to apply. V. monitoring an Advisory Board in future monitoring compliance with this Charter. It consists of one representative from Shareholders, a representative of the Executive Board and an external.


Guide complete to organize a party of 15 – is approaching my 15 years! I already think about the details of the party! Starting with choosing the salon, which should be broad to allow movements, and close to where you live the quinceanera. Visit and find out prices between 6 – 8 months before, but not achieved. Observe the atmosphere, giving rise to several spaces to comfortably accommodate the elderly, youth, the track Ballroom, tables with the menu, cake table, place of entry of the honored, etc. Also find out if the same classroom is in charge of dressing and garnish, or that corresponds to you. There are many houses that are dedicated to rent linens, drapes, covers for chairs, bean bags, and other decorative elements such as water fountains, etc. Service of catering – generally put a menu for adults and one for youth; other times it is the buffet and guests are served. Investigate prices, try merchandise, and possible use a service of proven honesty.

Costumes for the quinceanera and her family-fashions change, but continues to use the long; If it were day, or in the field, mother and sisters could be short. In this case, capelines or chapeaux are a necessary complement. Cards – there is a tremendous competition in terms of originality; they are made of any material imaginable. Are paper, cardboard, stickers fabrics with transfers, recycled paper including petals, leaves, butterfly wings, the photo of the girl, etc. Music and screen – also have to move several months earlier. And teenagers know best what are fashionable.

In addition to the photos of his childhood, used filming the party and go projecting it, simultaneously. Arrays of table-here greatly influences the creativity and the financial outlay that parents can make. There are also places where rent, but the most creative may prefer to make them them, being more original. Everything is permitted: altos, basses, with candles, or candles, bowls, bowls with water and petals, Canas, rustic elements as stones, sand, shells, sea, etc. Entry of the pretty birthday girl-is that could descend a grand staircase, the guests, in the dark, holding a candle, and a great Spotlight illuminating her. Forward can go a little girl splashing its way with rose petals. The young can enter alone or accompanied, the first to receive it would be his parents and siblings. They have arrived in convertible, on horseback, helicopter or motorbike. Everything depends on the audacity of the girl. They have announced their arrival with bombs, Fireworks, or a release of white doves. But you always have to have a thematic unity, and seek originality to make it unforgettable: can be oriented to futurism, or annexed, on a track of skating, etc. They may have a slogan, eg. all of it in black and white (or vice versa), or with costumes, all with hats or all pirates, etc. Within three days, after the break, you can send a thank you card with a dvd with the recording of his party as a souvenir. I hope that you have been helpful.

Not Only Soft Washes The Laundry

The laundry ‘De Waschkusch’ from Bonn explains why fabric softener is so popular. Washing is one of the duties in the household. Because only clean and smoothly ironed clothes makes an attractive and neat impression. In addition to the ordinary washing powder, many of the clothes sit even fabric softener. This has not only the effect of the laundry Gets a special fragrance, but is also soft. Find many as an advantage and therefore would not give up the softener. The laundry de Waschkusch”from Bonn explains why fabric softener is so popular.

Scented linen laundry must be washed on a regular basis to feel fresh and tidy. Many use not only the usual detergent and fabric softener. It there him umpteen varieties and fragrances. The fabric softener is simply filled in the second laundry room of washing machine and reach the end of the wash cycle in the washing. But what exactly he does there with the laundry? A Fabric softener performs several functions. The laundry is often stiff after washing. Many did not like.

Therefore, they add fabric softener to the laundry. This ensures that she is soft and cuddly. And also the creases are reduced, so that the ironing easier by hand. And last but not least used fabric softener for laundry to get a lovely scent. In addition, the electrostatic charge on certain textiles is suppressed. Fabric softener is very popular with many and comes in each wash. However, you should avoid this, because apart from pollution, the fabric softener contributes to the added health risks. Fabric softener should therefore carefully and be used only according to need. For detailed information is the laundry de Waschkusch”from Bonn to assist. Press contact de Waschkusch contact: Susanne Schmitz Dorotheenstr str. 31 53111 Bonn Tel.: 02 28 / 3 90 28 63 E-Mail: website:

The Evasion

Maia and Meireles (apud VARGAS 2007) affirm that Evasion consists of pupils who do not complete courses or programs of study, being able to be considered as evasion the act of those pupils who if register and before give up exactly to initiate the course. He specifies that exactly the pupils who had never started the course must be considered in the calculation of the evasion taxes. In the vision of Utiyama and Borba (apud VARGAS 2007) Evasion is understood as the definitive exit of the pupil of its course of origin, without concluding it. A set of action of agents – professors, tutors and pupils – will influence the quality and the success of the course. The modality in the distance, for its proper structure, requires that the pupil develops its autonomy, independence, responsibility for its proper learning. These abilities contribute effectively so that a course and EAD are a supporter of a continuous process of search for the improvement of the quality and new strategies of learning of the pupils.

The diversity of factors that contribute for the evasion in the distance provoke certain immobility in the managers of the Education that they do not obtain to congregate elements enough to prevent situations of evasion in its courses. Another possible factor is the lack of physical presence of the professor, therefore the EAD is about a not conventional modality and its development is considered recent if compared the actual modality. One estimates that the pupil searchs in the flexibility of the Education in the distance to find a solution immediate to conciliate its work and too much tasks with the study. One gives credit that to carry through a course in the modality in the distance it will be more easy of what in regular actual education and imagines that the technology will be an important ally in the development of its learning.