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When money speaks, truth is silent. Proverb, Chinese is said that production efficiency does not refer only to the maximization of production and to minimise the cost model traditionally applied to companies in recent times has lost validity, since production efficiency does not refer only to production maximization and minimization of costs. Alexander g. reminds us about the topic, that should be considered that the allocation of costs to the different objectives of cost, especially to the ultimate goal which are finished products, it is undoubtedly the most important to resolve any system cost problem. In addition, it is an inescapable problem because the organization needs to have reliable, timely information and accurate estimates about the cost of their products, for a correct decision-making.

The model of calculation of costs for companies is of paramount importance, since these are those that determine the viability of the business, which largely determine the degree of productivity and effective use of resources, why a cost model cannot be based only in assigning costs on a particular factor, which may be insignificant or unrepresentative for the business agenda of what it actually symbolizes the cost by activities appears in the mid-1980s, its promoters: Cooper Robin and Robert Kaplandetermining that the cost of the products must understand the cost of activities necessary to produce it and sell it and the cost of raw materials. Why new systems instead of the traditional cost?. From the point of view of the traditional cost, they assigned the indirect costs usually using as base products to produce, unlike ABC which identifies that the indirect costs are assignable not in products, if not to activities that are performed to produce such products. For this reason, the ABC model allows greater accuracy in the allocation of the costs of the companies and allows viewing them by activity, understanding by activity according to the definition given in the text of the Master’s degree in business administration of the MG Jaime Humberto solano (1998) is what makes a company, the way in which time is consumed and the outputs of the processes, i.e.

Shambhala Teachings

We selected algunasa such as Chogyam Trungpa that informs us that not to forget the contributions of the Shambhala teachings are founded on a premise that human wisdom is a base that can help solve world problems. This wisdom does not belong to any culture or religion, not only come from East or West. Rather, it is a tradition of human warriors that have existed in many cultures at different times throughout history. We add that our life is an endless journey, it is a path that extends infinitely into the distance. The practice of meditation allows us to experience all the textures of the road, which is what travel is all about.

(The road is the goal) Sogyal Rinpoche for his part says that there are two particular aspects that I believe are of fundamental importance for the future: the need to cultivate a deep appreciation of the teachings and what they really represent and offer, and we should give attention to the way that integrates the teachings in the minds and hearts of students Holding contemplation and practice of detachment, we discover in ourselves algoa a we can not name, describe or conceptualize, algoa a which, as we begin to perceive, behind all the changes. When we speak of love, more love we feel for our friends but not our enemies. Love is limited, while the boundless love comes from deep reflection. If water is not removed, it will become Clara. Likewise, the nature of mind is such that if not alter, make or manipulate with unnecessary thoughts, by itself will find its natural state of peace and Death is not being depressing or exciting, it's simply a fact of life.

The Image

For de Ferreira (2003, p.33): The process of ambient management takes in consideration all those 0 variable of a management process, such as the establishment of politics, planning, a plan of action, allocation of resources, determination of responsibilities, decision, coordination, control, among others, aiming at mainly to the sustainable development. With this donation of the systems of ambient management for the companies it is of much importance, therefore the same ones can have a significant reduction of the costs economic and a leverage of the image of the company and its products, thus the same one if worrying about the environment consequently will conquer consuming more (PAIVA 2007). According to Donaire (apud PAIVA, 2007), the benefits can be divided in economic and strategical. The first ones represented for economy of costs with the reduction of the consumption of water, energy, with the recycling, the elimination, or at least, reduction of fines and penalties for pollution and, still, the decurrent prescription increments of the increase of the contribution delinquent of ' products verdes' ; increase of the participation in the market; new products for new markets; increase of the demand for products that contribute for the reduction of the pollution. It enters the strategical benefits cited by the author are: the improvement of the institucional image; increase of the productivity; ambientalistas improvement of the relations with governmental bodies, community and groups; better adequacy to the ambient standards. This system of ambient management is not considered still a standard where the companies would have that to adopt management the same, but yes a differential between the same ones, in view of the particularitities of each one. But that of general form, the same ones can involve recycling methodology, if worrying the recovery of degraded areas, procedure preventive to prevent ambient damages and monitoramento of the ambient management to guarantee that the performances of the ambient systems if in accordance with develop the lines of direction established for the ambient standards.

Fiksitpro Belarus

All who travel by car to know that repairs scratches on the car in time yuudet real challenge. Today, car ownership has become a huge problem as to remove scratches on the car. Provided that you are an avid traveler, or enjoy a ride through the woods, make sure the car gets scratched, and of course the problem of eliminating scratches poyalyaetsya on the car. Already appeared recently named facility in the world like a pencil to fill scratches. Pencil to paint scratches everywhere known as a fix ur about or scratch free. Pencil scratch grout to use quite easy. Need to buy scratch free for scratches, fix it pencil. Pencil to paint scratches has a soft brush, and conducted by removing scratches on the car.

Begins to secrete zhiky varnish, which actually does remove scratches on the body. If you use a scratch free fixes or about you feel good effect, that is something that erases scratches from the front car. After use, fix it pro or there is a little scratch free visible line, which easily can be wiped with a rag. Under the pen manufacturers to remove scratches must be squeezed out at a positive temperature environment. To scratch free is best suited as 20 degrees Celsius.

The above is a good temperature to a solution began to have effect at the same time benefit for the driver was the greatest. Provided that you are using a pencil scratching grout, then you do not need to complete painting the car door or even a full polish. Usually difficult to contemplate on how ugly and poorly stained with expensive cars. Recent audits have shown that our masters at the station is far from acceptable quality of color.