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Family Safety

Currently it is very common that a growing number of families travel by car to enjoy a well deserved holiday once or twice a year. Destinations vary from sunny beaches to tranquil mountain landscapes, and in all these cases, traveling by road is a very popular means of approaching the places you want.In this article we will present some basic aspects related to safety that deserves our family when travelling by car to any destination. Different car insurance: there are several ways to make sure our family during a trip, and the first and most important is to make sure that our car is in perfect condition to exit to Highway and spend long hours under unusual conditions of heat or cold. For this purpose, it is essential to check the brakes, oil and all fluids that help the car run. Another aspect that should be always remembered is the correct calibration of the tires and even may ask for advice in the Agency of our confidence for knowing how to make the inflating tires depending on the place where we are going and climates that will hopefully find during our journey.

Another point that has repeatedly proved to be very effective to save thousands of lives in the event of an accident is the seat belt, which protects the occupants of the car in case of any unexpected violent, caused by other cars, the road conditions and even by some malfunction of the own car, but that from now no longer should be problem having read the previous paragraphs. What else can do to have a safe vacation? Yet there is another important point to consider if family safety is, and has to do with a car insurance that will protect you to you, your family and to third parties. You can think of car insurance as a second safety belt, because it is always behind you, protecting your family during the long miles that must travel between your home and your dream holiday destination. Insurers know that accidents rise during the holiday periods due to numerous factors such as climatic conditions in some places, but above all by the recklessness of other travelers who irresponsibly mixed consumption of alcohol with the operation of vehicles at high speeds. You cannot foresee that nothing will ever happen, and it is therefore advisable to have backed a car insurance whose coverage and cost to include everything that you need, but at a fair price. To do this you can count on experts, because fast and reliably to help you find the best insurance and car insurance so you really have a very fun vacation.

Warning To Young People

Then play an article by an anonymous author which I presented in the Super Network good will Radio, with great impact: toxic: letter from a son to his father this is a letter of farewell from a young man of 19 years. The case is true, it happened in a hospital in San Pablo: I think that in this world nobody attempted to describe their own cemetery. I don’t know how you will receive this story, my father, but I need all the forces, while you have time. What I feel much, my father, I believe that this dialogue is the last that I have with you. I am sorry, even know, father, this is the moment that you know the truth that never distrusted. I’m going to be brief and clear, fairly objective: the poison killed me. I met my killer at the age of 15. You is horrible, no, father? Do you know how I met this misfortune? Through a citizen elegantly dressed, well-elegant and well-spoken, who introduced me to my future murderer: drugs.

I tried to deny me, I tried it, but that citizen embroiled me using my brio, saying that I was not man. You don’t need to say anything else, does not, father? I entered the world of Vice. At first it was delirium; After the torture, the darkness. He did nothing without that the poison was present. Then came the lack of air, fear and hallucinations. And then the exhilaration of the peak, again I felt me more person than the others, and toxic, my inseparable friend, smiled, smiled. Know, my father, people, when it starts, sees all ridiculous and very funny. Until a Dios was comical.

Today, in a hospital bed, I recognize that God is more important than everything in the world. And that without their help I do not would be writing this letter. Father, I am only 19 years old, and I know I have no chance of living. It is very late for me. But, for you, my father, I have a last order to ask: show this letter to all the young people you know. Tell them that in each school, in each Faculty course gates, in any place, there is always a man elegantly dressed and well-spoken that show the future murderer and destroyer of their lives and that will lead them to madness and death, as it did with me. Please, make that, father, before it is too late for them. Forgive me, father already suffered too much, forgive me also for doing so suffer for my madness. Goodbye, my father. Some time after writing this letter, the young man died. Here is why you fraternally warned: well take care of our youth, as does the Legion of good will, because none of us have tomorrow a homeland of drug addicts, drunks and frustrated. Yes, we want a generation, a civilization of men and women, young people and children honored, filmmakers in the well, lovers of peace, truth and justice. That’s why the LBV works incessantly. The youth is the future. But not distant future, is the future in the present: trust in him.