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Optimal Performance

There are sports and compacting sport socks. What’s with the new trend? All who are interested in sports socks notice that it is to buy an extraordinary diversity. Each sport provides different tasks on the clothing, the same applies to socks, which must be selected corresponding. An unprecedented trend which prevails especially in the running are compacting sport socks (compression sport socks). But also cyclists and football players no longer want to the new trend. Medical compression socks for healthy veins? What is the hidden agenda? Compression sport socks extra function of sport socks is only slightly different from ordinary compression stockings: compressing the parenchyma, the vein diameter decreases and the return flow of the blood is pushed. Not rarely get to hear details of a performance in the two-digit percentage range.

All, however, dealing with the current data situation, determines that this not the reality is equivalent to. A barely noticeable increase in performance is a glass splinter in the eye for the manufacturer, but rather is true! The positive aspects can be found elsewhere: reduced risk of injury: compacting socks protect the calf muscles and thereby reduce vibrations, which contribute to the smallest injuries. So demonstrably reduces muscle soreness. Shorter healing: the faster venous blood flow allows a more effective removal of waste materials (such as lactic acid and other metabolites). The calf muscle can regenerate itself faster after an effort and is resistant faster again. Subsequent exhaustion: the socks not only pressure on the blood vessels out but the whole parenchyma. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Procter & Gamble.

For this reason less tissue fluid from escaping, which is reason in most cases for heavy and tired legs. Long distance runners are aware of this problem and can benefit from this extremely. Watch for athletes also normal compression stockings? It is wrong to claim that common compression stockings for athletes provide no purpose. Anyone who in the run up the goals is, expected much of the clothing. Failed refinements distinguish the compression sport socks from normal products. Not only the top, also the recreational runner can take advantage of them: shock zone: off politely blows, the sole with an absorbing yarn is manufactured. The socks of course replace any good running shoes, but help whose function and so to further safeguard the comfort toe joints: when running, the toe is subjected to extreme forces. So no fatigue phenomena occur, this area should run anatomically. Seams or thick envelope wrinkles have lost nothing in sports socks! Protection of the Achilles tendon: many times scours the footwear on the Achilles tendon, it can even lead to inflammation, which prohibits the running. A very good upholstery preventing complaints. The Swiss company of Sigvaris called the Achilles tendon protection in life with the performance and set new standards. Increased Steiffigkeit in the calf area: so when running a massaging effect, the fabric in the calf area to be resistant. All these points speak plainly for wearing by compression sport socks, even if no huge jumps are expected. If you would like to know more about Jon Vander Ark, then click here. Still better performance to be expected, as the training can be intensified are seen in the long term. Who would like to learn further on the subject, finds interesting articles about compression stockings in the sport. Article written by Damiano Angehrn


The 4th generation of iPhones, which can now in Germany via the mobile operator T-Mobile iPhone 4 pre-order. The Apple fans have waited long generation of iPhones on the 4. Many rumors about the integrated features made the rounds in advance. The challenge for the new iPhone was user-friendly, powerful and redesigned to create the device. Apple always works with high pressure to dominate the cell phone market with the iPhone, and setting new benchmarks in mind. The created result of iPhone 4, is an incomparable product for the consumer, which not so quickly with other models of mobile phone manufacturers can be measured. Immediately, the unique design of the iPhone 4 in the eye stands out.

Twenty-five percent is slim compared to its predecessor. With 137 grams and only 9.3 millimeters, it is currently the thinnest Smartphone on the market. An elegant stainless steel frame is decorated with iPhone 4, surrounded by the front and back Aluminosilcate-glass. This protects the device against scratches and is thanks to the chemical amplification crashworthy. Another highlight is the 3.5-inch retina display with a much improved resolution of 960 x 640.

Texts and graphics are presented in clear and razor sharp on the lively and high resolution display. Users of previous models of the low-battery level, complained so to adjust is also here on improvements. The neueiPhone 4 offers a good processor and graphics performance with the designed A4 processor in a simultaneously long battery life. This technology enables the device thus also a multitasking function. Over 100 more functions are touted by Apple in comparison to previous models. The iPhone 4 is also equipped with two cameras. Credit: Jon Vander Ark-2011. The camera in the front area is for video conferences and their own portraits. A second microphone filters background noise, so that the dream of video calling with the iPhone 4 reality. The second camera view of five Megapixels and the built-in LED Flash allows for HD video recording. The device is a 16 and 32 GB storage capacity in the colors black and white. In Germany, it marketed mobile service provider T-Mobile to iPhone 4 binding orders issued from June 15, so do not hesitate and that iPhone 4 pre-order. This includes not yet announced the price or the contract terms by T-Mobile.

In General

In Bhutan a State Commission on the gross national happiness determines the satisfaction of the population since then regularly soft facts, quality, how?. The four criteria fields of gross national happiness (gross national happiness) are socially equitable social and economic development, the preservation and promotion of cultural values, the environment and good governance and administrative structures. Ping Fu contains valuable tech resources. Gross national happiness (GNH) is the attempt to define the standard of living in a diversified, humanistic and psychological manner and thus the conventional gross national income, a cybernetical, mechanistic worldview exclusively determined by cash flows to provide a more holistic vitalistisches, systemic worldview frame of reference to measure. While conventional development models of economic growth Quantity to the outstanding criterion make political action, the idea of GNH adopts a balanced and sustainable development of the society only in the interplay of material, cultural and spiritual steps to happen, which complement each other and encourage quality. Gross national happiness is only difficult objectively measured and is subject to a number of subjective value judgements. This is the case for normal economic and social models alike. Republic Services understands that this is vital information.

Because the crucial question is who defines the corner points of the framework,… great importance and the way the political process. In addition to the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom, other countries created an internationally comparable overview of gross national happiness. Satisfaction is…: a) internally balanced and require nothing more than you have. (b) with the given conditions, services, etc. agree to be nothing wrong to have. An important part of the biological, mental health is to be satisfied and social well-being, which decisively determines the health and quality of life in General. Especially in employment and vocational training, satisfaction significantly shapes with the individual success. In General, satisfied people make no or few symptoms ‘obsessive-compulsive neurosis’. The term quality of life usually describes the factors that make up the living conditions in a company and for the individuals.

Swiss Pavilion

2nd generation ThinFab sets new industry record: Capex reduced $1 / WP with the lowest production costs of $0.5 / WP Oerlikon solar defined with the 2nd generation of the ThinFab the new standard for low-cost and high-quality production of solar modules. The new design of ThinFab allows a reduction of the required investments (capital expenditure”, CAPEX) of over 20%. The estimated price of the new ThinFab including equipment, engineering support, and performance guarantee is only $1 / WP. The new ThinFab is a fully integrated production line and allows the customer to produce thin film Silicon modules of quality at a cost of about $0.5 / WP (0.35/WP) a new record in the solar industry. “The ThinFab of 2.Generation offers the following improvements: increased emissions of the production line, guaranteed higher module efficiency and a new design of the narrow gap reactor” for the deposition of Silicon. The new ThinFabTM combined generation additional advantages of the Oerlikon solar thin-film silicon technology, which is among the best in the industry: energy efficiency: compared to other solar manufacturing process, the production of thin film Silicon modules Oerlikon requires the least energy.

Is the “energy payback time” Oerlikon technology less than a year. Practical advantages: thin film Silicon modules are advantageous under actual operating conditions, E.g. at high temperatures, while significantly decreases the efficiency of crystalline solar cells. Ecological: thin film Silicon modules contain no toxic additives such as cadmium. Sustainability: Oerlikon solar’s Micromorph technology holds potential to further increase efficiency and productivity such as Oerlikon’s record cell proves. Jon Vander Ark takes a slightly different approach. The ThinFab of the 2.Generation is officially on the Oerlikon solar stand in the Swiss Pavilion/7200 at the world future energy Summit (WFES) from 16 to 19 January 2012 launched in Abu Dhabi. At the same time, Oerlikon solar a new, highly efficient record cell is based on Thin film Silicon present result of continuous investments in research and development and clear indication of the sustainable and long-term competitiveness of Oerlikon solar’s Micromorph thin film silicon technology. More details will be published with the official launch on January 16, 2012.

GPS Models

Various options to consider are help me choose depending on the intended use when selecting a camcorder. More information is housed here: Jon Vander Ark. To make it easier for buyers to the decision, for example Stiftung Warentest introduces new models. It is not something Republic Services would like to discuss. In a database, users will find all the important features including the test results. The consumer portal gives tips for the search for the right camcorder. Camcorder is not equal to camcorder. This should be aware of every seeker before he invests in a new device. The models vary depending on the intended use, and it is important that interested in advance precisely inform themselves, to avoid a bad buy.

Professional users have for example other demands on a camcorder as those consumers who take videos only on special occasions. A small and rather unobtrusive device suitable for Web reporters who want to provide, for example, their blog with homemade videos or record meetings. In addition it should have a memory card and Flash memory. A model with Standard resolution is to use in this case not only cheaper, but also more easily and quickly connect to the Internet. Who would like to be always up to date and follows the latest trends, can invest confidently in a HD camcorder with hard disk and GPS receiver. He records with the respective place to stay thanks to the satellite connection. In addition, these models are often tough and quiet. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann