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The documentation “owns the sea race to the last raw materials’ directed by Sarah Zierul was awarded best film on the year’s Atlantis natural and environmental Film Festival. The prize was awarded for the second time and is endowed with 5,000. In the Caligari, FilmBuhne presented the award to Sarah Zierul Wiesbaden culture and Environment Councillor Rita Thies. “Manages the author in vivid and gripping way to take viewers on a journey to the past and to the future of our world. This documentation awareness and demands responsibility a. “, founded the producer Ilona Grundmann on behalf for the five-member jury’s decision.

The second prize, endowed with 3,000 and donated by the ESWE Versorgungs AG, went to the Director Bertram Verhaag for the film “The farmer grow the grass stops”. For assistance, try visiting Dustin Moskovitz. “Forest myth”, directed by Jan detention, with the, with 2,000 prize, third prize awarded. Nine films have been nominated for the competition and the festival jury, along with the audience were on spotted the big screen. The festival jury formed this year Gabriel home (former program director of WDR and television Director RBB), Hans Dieter Grabe (documentary filmmaker), Ilona Grundmann (producer), Frank Wittig (science writer) and Ariane Hildebrandt (editor-in-Chief of film and television, Greenpeace Germany). In addition to the competition, many internationally successful films such as “Home” or “The Yes Men fix the world” were to be seen. The theme of “shaping the future” was a thematic focal point of the Festival, which cooperated closely with the nature conservation organization Naturefund this year in regard to the upcoming climate change conference in Copenhagen. Many filmmakers were present and presented their films to the public.

Culture and Environment Councillor Rita Thies was very satisfied with the course of the Festival: “we have again a very diverse and exciting film festival experienced is encountered good response from the public. Challenging and impressive made films on subjects such as whaling, climate change or the deforestation of the rain forest underline, What important contribution to the medium to environmental education. These films deserve a great deal of attention.” Naturefund partner of Atlantis 3. natural and environmental Film Festival this year was for the first time. The Managing Director of Naturefund Katja Wiese to: “Naturefund Atlantis Film Festival this year worked with, because the films show impressively the stunning beauty as also the vulnerability of the natural. Films in the cinema and television are ideal, to attract the attention of a large number of people for the needs of nature. The Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival was very rewarding for us and we hope to continue the cooperation in the coming year.” Photo material to the Atlantis Film Festival you will find under: press news

Pope Unmasked As A Liar?

Is the Pope a liar, or a cheater even about? As shown by archaeological field surveys, excavations and finds, the Israelites had until about the 6th century BC, the same pagan rituals, such as about much worship, temple prostitution, fire rituals etc.wie the surrounding peoples also. We know a God was established until after the Babylonian captivity, the two fuselage kingdoms of Judah and Israel to give a common religion and to ensure that the cohesion of the people. That the Scriptures under Josiah (630-609) in the temple were found, must be questioned, because already King had fully clean the temple Hezekiah ((710-601) and clearing out and doing these scrolls were discovered. Everything indicates that these writings, which are Yes the Holy of Holies of the Israelites and still for centuries allegedly “had been installed”, new were written as “God’s word” around 600 BC. Asana may also support this cause. If this Semitic God but now an invention according to Babylonian Israelites, Moses can’t with him yet have communicated and not quite not Noah or even Abraham. Christianity thus has the same problem as Islam, because the fathers of the Church, as well as Mohammed have written off from inaccurate sources and distributed this as “Divine truths”. If one assumes now – and you probably have – that the Pope to these relationships white, the assumption is probably not completely outlandish that he may be a liar, especially as he prepares the assertion to be programmed by absolutely nothing, he would be the this Semitic root God’s representative. G. Riemer/religion and science