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Making the Trip

The person to leave a place for the other makes its plans, and she does not go to prepare its Spirit to make the Great Trip? To leave the material plan and to go for the plain spiritual without preparing its luggage, are much invigilncia, therefore everybody knows that one day goes to have that to free the atoms that if had agglutinated to form its body of meat, that goes down to the valley. The Spirit, however, has that to ascend, cannot be grasped to the body that does not die, but that it is only putrefied. Antoine Lavoisier, considered says the Father of Modern Chemistry: ' ' In the Nature, nothing it is created, nothing is lost, everything if transforma' '. When if the person makes even though a small stroll takes money, takes coat, already thinking about the time change, she takes one or more parts of clothes. wants to go for its Native land of Origin without taking nothing of good in the luggage? It does not think about this as a bad omen, but it is a trip that all will have that to make. The way as it goes, depends on each one.

The death is only one state that the Celestial Father created so that all are prepared and they do not arrive ahead of its it exempts conscience of empty hand, if lamenting: ' ' why I did not make this? why I did not make that? ; I had 30, 60, 15, 10 years to make something for my life beyond the substance and I did not make! ' '. Meditou in this? Nobody dies, nobody is finished, but it only becomes invisible. To live governing the thought it are of the material body is good for having good recorded actions in it, things good to remember and if to lead in this new time, in which each individual will have that to have domain on it, therefore the Spirit if dirige for where if it directs its thought. If the person will have a bit of knowledge, will see the difference between an imprisoned reasoning and a free reasoning of the traditional castrations. The body is weighed and the reasoning in it does not flow so free as in the Spirit that is pure energy. Let us see an example: it fulls air ball; it is compressed by the object; he frees air, it goes to go off in one such way that nothing he will be able to contain it. Thus it is the thought spiritual.

United States

First assemble a large list of people you follow. Little by little, his followers will germinate alone. Avoid follow users who do spam. You will be able to realize who they are looking at your page, and evaluating the frequency and nature of their tweets. If they are too consecutive (for example more than fifteen per day) tweets, and character rather promotional, should not be a follower of them.

For these users, the important thing is what they have to say, and certainly not valued verdero Exchange. Let’s analyze Twitter options, for the common user. The left sidebar begins with an icon image that you had uploaded, minimized-, display name, the amount of tweets which has commanded until that time, his followers, and who you follow. Twitter lists are a more or less recent, functionality that somehow replace what would be the groups on other social networks, and we explained why, and how to use them. Through lists, It is possible to group people who we follow in groups of users (work, personal, friends, etc). Click on the link lists, and access a page with two flaps: the lists that other users have included us, and lists that we have created.

It is very revealing to see lists of people who follow, because this will give us information, not just who they follow, really enriching material, but we can see how these people organize their followers by criteria. To create a list, simply click on the new list link below the search box. We put a name, and then asks us if we want to leave this private list or if we will share it with the community. Once you create the list, we can find new people who are not yet our contacts-, or organize your own contacts in lists. Following the sidebar options, home takes us to the stream, i.e. to the list of tweets from our contacts and our own, our home. Then we see a link @+ our user name. This allows us to view the personal messages that have sent us, i.e. all messages that begin with @+ our user name, aimed at us. Below, we see the direct messages. The difference is that in direct messages are listed the primary messages that you send us, for example, someone seeks us in your list of users and sends us a message because he wants to tell us something. On the other hand in @+ our user name listed the answers to our tweets. The difference is subtle, but important. In the first case, speak directly, without having requested us; in the second, it answers to something that we have sent first. We can send a direct message, for example, from the user’s profile that interests us. The Favorites is another element of classification offered by Twitter. When a Tweet is notable, we want to save for your interest, or you simply want to access it more quickly, we mark it as a favorite, by clicking on the little star that appears in the top of the tweet, to the right. Finally, we found the topics of the moment, or trending topics. At the moment, regionalization options are not many, but Twitter promises that it is working to increase the options. By now it’s a handful of regions, countries and cities of the United States, mostly. We also have the option Worldwide, which cited the trending topics around the world. In the next installment: approaching the Firebox and make friends.

Real Madrid

Pep men visited the Madrigal a not very difficult Stadium for them, despite all the Catalan club scored two goals as they gave the three points that were directly to Barcelona.Quedaban three games to finish the first round, where Barca lost no none, winning against Mallorca, Osasuna and thrashing Deportivo (5 0). The boat was proclaimed champion of winter ahead of the runner-up, Real Madrid, five points.I started the second lap i Barca as leader received to the Numancia at home. In the first leg the blaugrana club lost 1 0 in Soria, and retaliated with a convincing 4 1. It was the time to settle another revenge before Racing where in the House the boat tied. The match took a 2 1, the match was very disputed, but the catalan club took victory. Barca won easily to a weak Sporting. Then came the visit to the Sanchez Pizjuan, where the Barcelona was surprised when Betis was him ahead two times on the scoreboard, despite that got the two points of the visit to Sevilla.El Barca suffered its first two defeats against Espanyol and Atletico Madrid. Against Espanyol at home he lost 2-1 with a great performance of Ivan de la Pena.

The next front of the Atletico defeat sa had settled with a total 4 3 in the Calderon with a great performance of the tips of Atletico, Aguero and Forlan. The runner-up, Real Madrid stood six points behind leader FC Barcelona. For reacerse of the defeats, the catalan club beat Athletic Bilbao by 2 0. Barca visited Valladolid and Almeria won 2-0, Malaga with a resounding 6 0 at home with a 0 – 1 in Puzela. Before arriving at the Tourmalet “(series of matches as Barca disputava difficult: followed by Sevilla, Valencia, Madrid and Villareal) Barca received the Recre (2 0) and visited Madrid to usurping to Getafe who won with a solo goal.”Came the part more difficult season, Tourmalet. They received to Sevilla that earned a very good match Messi, 4 0. They visited Mestalla stadium where only took a point (2-2).

And came the return of the classic, with another large party of a colossal club blaugrana Henry and Leo Messi. 2 6 Was reflected on the scoreboard at the Santiago Bernabeu. Humiliating result. With this game you distanciaba Real Madrid eight points, the runner-up. There was the game against Villareal, which was resolved with a 3 3 and the Tourmalet “ended.The boat was nothing get the Championship. Three matches to finish, three bad results, Mallorca (2 0), (0-1) Osasuna and Deportivo (1-1), but a Championship.