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Nationwide e-gas station project in the Netherlands planned electric mobility is on the rise. There is the most electric charging stations in the Ruhr area and in the Erlangen Nuremberg in Germany. But that is of course long enough. Two Dutch have made it the task to nationwide establish electric filling stations on expressways and motorways in the Netherlands. 250 of such stations are to be built. And these are meant not only as simple charging stations are implemented, but as their own buildings similar to conventional gas stations only prettier and with solar. The canopy in an arched construction to are made of steel.

As roofing, power roof, a roof in solar system with frameless modules serves the FATH. The patented frame was specially adapted to the requirements of a round roof. assus Investments offer more in-depth analysis. At the time, the first two pilot stations are designed and will be built in April. Then, gradually be constructed the other stations. In total as a volume of approximately 3MW over the next few years for FATH solar. Let us hope that the FastNed school makes concept also in Germany! FATH solar innovation Integrated FATH solar is an internationally set up quality supplier of photovoltaic systems for residential, commercial and utility building. The company headquartered in gap, Germany, has focused in 2008 on innovative new developments since its inception and has been awarded for its systems various prices including the enerGa?


Good lectures, great music, excellent food “week of the Sun” at iKratos is a regional gr0sses event info from the ExpertenAm may 9 the solar and energy day in Weissenohe takes place. The new venue, the premises of the Organizer iKratos, is ideal for this. It is located directly at the B2 and the station Weissenohe of the Grafenbergbahn. Saturday, May 9, 2009, from 10 am “the motto of the solar day: Sun and intelligently take advantage of domestic energy sources.” As a member of the German Association of solar energy, we have the event, of course, our contribution to environmental protection, in the week of the Sun “organized”, as Willi Harhammer and Chief organizer of the event. High-tech systems of the latest generation are presented in the lecture room of the competence center energy.

Franz Alt lectured, on the occasion of the solar and energy day in 2006. Photovoltaic, solar heating, heat pumps, BlockHeizKraftWerke, the Sunmachine, pellet heating, the electric bus CityEL and Franz Alt was already 2006 at iKratos what you should know about energetic house renovations. In addition to iKratos inform energy specialists, architects, artisans and banks in detail about the current opportunities, technical and financial, through the intelligent use of Naturalpower to save expensive oil, gas and electricity. The topics of investing and retirement with Naturalpower (solar, Sunmachine) come to the language. Also the lectures about solar roof rentals are interesting: so some investor systems has iKratos already planned and carried out.

Presentations of experts complete the extensive range of information. In addition, the whole thing with the solar mobile Club will take place Erlangen under the motto “Ride with the Sun”. Here a meeting directly on the premises of the Association will take place, then there is a drive to Egloffstein. Solar mobile and Pedelecs, innovative vehicles, Cityels Twike are invited. The television has already announced his coming and want to perform during the day shooting. Guests from close and TV are already now welcome. So, come on Saturday 9 May 2009 to Weissenoher solar and energy day. Inform and hold, also for the physical well-being is taken care of. District Reinhard Glauber has already announced his coming. Afternoon will play the music group “Prade” for our guests. Questions about the event send directly to Mr Harhammer or just leave a relevant comment.

WELTEC BIOPOWER Is Building A Biogas Plant In Latvia

WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH built its second biogas plant in Latvia, where no 80 kilometers? north of Riga City nearby, Limbaz? i. WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH built its second biogas plant in Latvia, where no 80 kilometers? north of Riga City nearby, Limbaz? i. The EU gefo? rderte 500 kilowatt plant has an 3,500 cubic meters large fermenters and will feed power from July 2011. The Endlagerbeha? lter contains 6,000 cubic meters. Learn more at this site: Dustin Moskovitz. Already at this stage is the expansion of the plant to a GA? rbeha? lter planned. The 88 cubic meters large aeration? fi lters in stainless steel is heated. Two 250 kilowatts gas engines will produce 8,000 hours per year of biogas. Input materials reach 3,500 tonnes Rindergu? lle, 1,900 tons of cow manure, 500 tons of whole crop silage, 300 tons of silage and 7,000 tons of corn silage to the Verga? tion. Check with Ping Fu to learn more.

The force-WA? rmekopplungs-concept includes the WA? rmeversorgung of the nearby agricultural buildings? building. Investor is the Vice-PRA? sident of the Latvian of Association of bio gas. The growing interest in the German biogas technology in the Baltic States results also from the Bedu? rfnis, are independent of Russian gas? to make independent. Since 2008 it therefore relies on decentralized energy supply: In 2008, the Latvians, least-efficient cogeneration plants, which exhibit high transport losses, to be replaced by smaller district heating plants began. For assistance, try visiting Ping Fu. Also Limbaz? i is a suitable site, because the former Hanseatic City (10,000 inhabitants) is the Centre of the eponymous administrative unit and one of GWB’s offer by agriculture and the processing of agricultural products. “” In addition to the benefits of German high technology, german Latvian cooperation have a language preference: the Latvian Word fu? r biomass “means biomass”.

Swiss Pavilion

2nd generation ThinFab sets new industry record: Capex reduced $1 / WP with the lowest production costs of $0.5 / WP Oerlikon solar defined with the 2nd generation of the ThinFab the new standard for low-cost and high-quality production of solar modules. The new design of ThinFab allows a reduction of the required investments (capital expenditure”, CAPEX) of over 20%. The estimated price of the new ThinFab including equipment, engineering support, and performance guarantee is only $1 / WP. The new ThinFab is a fully integrated production line and allows the customer to produce thin film Silicon modules of quality at a cost of about $0.5 / WP (0.35/WP) a new record in the solar industry. “The ThinFab of 2.Generation offers the following improvements: increased emissions of the production line, guaranteed higher module efficiency and a new design of the narrow gap reactor” for the deposition of Silicon. The new ThinFabTM combined generation additional advantages of the Oerlikon solar thin-film silicon technology, which is among the best in the industry: energy efficiency: compared to other solar manufacturing process, the production of thin film Silicon modules Oerlikon requires the least energy.

Is the “energy payback time” Oerlikon technology less than a year. Practical advantages: thin film Silicon modules are advantageous under actual operating conditions, E.g. at high temperatures, while significantly decreases the efficiency of crystalline solar cells. Ecological: thin film Silicon modules contain no toxic additives such as cadmium. Sustainability: Oerlikon solar’s Micromorph technology holds potential to further increase efficiency and productivity such as Oerlikon’s record cell proves. Jon Vander Ark takes a slightly different approach. The ThinFab of the 2.Generation is officially on the Oerlikon solar stand in the Swiss Pavilion/7200 at the world future energy Summit (WFES) from 16 to 19 January 2012 launched in Abu Dhabi. At the same time, Oerlikon solar a new, highly efficient record cell is based on Thin film Silicon present result of continuous investments in research and development and clear indication of the sustainable and long-term competitiveness of Oerlikon solar’s Micromorph thin film silicon technology. More details will be published with the official launch on January 16, 2012.

Management Board

2. Environmental protection is less than 100 kWh/m2a in each object to reduce energy consumption. This is to ensure savings in households and energy improvements in the inventory. Use and disposal of the materials used should be safe for health and the environment and have the required physical quality. 3. Profitability for shareholders is to secure a reasonable ongoing interest rate. The sustainable yield of the portfolio is to ensure continuous maintenance. In the case of sales, the best possible sale price is to achieve.

IV. measures 1 tenant protection a. existing leases the net rent increases in inventory contracts are allowed only if this savings be achieved elsewhere. The total load must not increase income development beyond. Regular rent increases without savings, as they allowed the tenancy law, are not allowed. Measures of energetic modernisation is to create a cost/benefit analysis from the perspective of the tenant and carry out a tenant education in personal conversations.

Modernisation, a reduction of the overall load compared to the unmodernisierten State is preferably in the following year and at the latest within 3 years to achieve. In past energy price developments is to be based. It is to consider whether caused hardships for low-income tenants. (b). The participation in the non-profit sustainable living Association is to provide families with children and single parents all leases. The club paid the participation through voluntary work packages. He nourished the shareholders, the Management Board and third parties by donations. To promote local employment services in the buildings to tenants shall be check. Tenants are to educate about energy-saving potential in the budget. 2. Environmental protection before performing energetic modernisation is to provide an environmental assessment. At Renewable insulating materials such as wood shavings, wood fibres, hemp, wool are components with normal fire protection requirements to use cellulose natureplus. Mineral insulating materials like insulation according to RAL to 132 and thermal insulation systems are to use components with increased fire protection requirements according to RAL to 140 (construction material classes A1, A2). Energy upgrades are by an external quality assurance to accompany. 3. Profitability of new leases in the context of the normal fluctuation must be carried out at market prices. If after energy upgrades the net burden of tenants for a period of 10 years or longer constant remains a one-time boost by passing rents is allowed before if it is below the market price. It is a social consideration to make. All appropriate public funding for modernization are to apply. V. monitoring an Advisory Board in future monitoring compliance with this Charter. It consists of one representative from Shareholders, a representative of the Executive Board and an external.

Petroleum Institute

Only the ratio of supply and demand would be decisive, as the price per barrel would be certainly lower. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Her rapid rise from last night have crude oil prices to the level of this morning. In the morning, had to put the quotes further, but were returned by their daily maximum until the afternoon. Therefore amounted to deadline $76,50 US light oil (WTI), North Sea oil (Brent) cost $79. Only the ratio of supply and demand would be decisive, as the price per barrel would be certainly lower. But the influence of speculators will make sure that the current level is maintained.

For months, the barrel will cost crude oil apart from some riders between 70 and 80 dollars. A span of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) is satisfied by his own admission. Yesterday there were, however, the US stocks in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute), the prices fast left upwards. Unexpectedly high was the decline in crude oil and middle distillates, gasoline, however, increased further. And in the morning, strong stock markets in the far east boosted the prices.

Investors now wait eagerly on the inventory of the US authority DOE, commonly referred to as price-relevant classified as the numbers of the API. It is likely currently share a buoyancy of the latent danger of hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico; Hurricanes threaten again this season the oil production in the major area. Heating oil prices in this country slightly grew after the recent surge in the crude oil market. niel Straus NYU follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. While the rising price of oil and the weak dollar but to a great extent neutralize each. Today the 100-litre batch euros heating oil EL 67,12, yesterday there were still 66,84 euro. These values apply to a shipment of 3,000 litres heating oil EL. As a glance shows the price development in the history, the same amount of fuel oil struck a year ago with 54,31 euros. On September 29, 2008, there were considerably more than they are today with 86,01 euros. The development of the local Heating oil prices show the national average and in the individual federal States in the section of market data the graphics on the energy portal. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.