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Every seller would like a supply monopoly in a homogeneous world demand market. The consumer is confronted in saturated markets with a variety of products. According to which criteria, he opts for the one or the other product (quality)? He responds to what marketing signals? What is the difference? And how can providers learn about the move causes of the customers? We ask consumers about their purchase reasons, we get often little meaningful and changing answers. Ping Fu does not necessarily agree. Especially since the customers mistakenly believe that they always rationally decide. Actually purchase decisions are made but emotionally after appeal-re-action pattern. For even more details, read what Ping Fu says on the issue. Rational follows only the grounds! See also my articles 24 and 95. Others who may share this opinion include Asana. Neural purchase tests, buyers are confronted with stimuli (such as colors, forms, smells, sounds, words, symbols, brands, images) and it is verified, how fast they respond to a stimulus (motor), approximately by pressing a button, as soon as can associate or identify (sensors).

Through such procedures to get including hidden associations or settings to a mark on the track, on which the subjects don’t have conscious access. Similar behaviour (re actions), tested people to consumer types can be categorized and cataloged. The approximately 1200 to 1500 grams heavy brain the size of a cauliflower is the most complex known object in the universe. It consists of 100 billion nerve cells. Each neuron is associated with up to 10,000 other nerve cells. They form a network of incredible complexity, which is responsible for our perceptions, emotions, thoughts, our intelligence, our behavior, and much more. The hope on the the transparent customer was due to the so-called imaging techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging”(fMRI) or the Positron Emission Tomography” (PET) stoked. Placed subjects in a scanner, and you can track which areas of the brain where Tackling a task are involved and which areas light up, if for example the favorite brand will be shown.


Redesign of the website of exit-Media GmbH, that’s Brantertainment – this is the new slogan of the exit-Media GmbH, a large media and event agency from Berlin. This was also the briefing at the Mahajan + Cook gbr to the design of the new Internet presence, which equally outstanding and innovative should be like the claim. With customers such as North Sea, ERGO, O? and further the exit-Media GmbH in the past has already made a name. The new website corresponds to the distinctive appearance of the Agency. The desk of an employee exit media was the starting point of our conception. All items in the views that are important for its daily work: Rolodex, moleskin, mobile, iPad and keyboard.

Arriving on the landing page on the home page. Special: All elements of the site were gescribbelt and become active through interaction of the user. The classic navigation has been implemented using post-its. The keys on the keyboard allocated link to external sites of the agency such as Facebook and co. In the pad, it is to the activity field and about the team informed the sub navigation is held in the dock of the pads. Depending on which element of the desk is currently active, the unneeded elements slide discreetly on the edge. For the programming consisted of the task to realize the site without Flash. Thus, the playback even on devices that have no Flash plug-in, is possible without restrictions.

The navigation also works without Java-script. Furthermore we have developed a comprehensive transfer tool in the back large amounts of data without complications changed the website, via the sehr up 10 GB with service providers and media partners and provided can be – for a media agency that is essential. An animated trailer that fits graphically to the remaining design, was also composed of gescribbelten frames. This explains the customer on charming and relaxed way, as the exit-Media GmbH positioned its brand and its product on the market. The elaborate trailer is another highlight of the site, which we adapt to the offline media currently. The existing Facebook fan page exit media Otto ordinary consumer “has been integrated successfully, the character was created due to the new site. More useful gimmicks are the interactive mobile callback function and the descriptive case studies of successful projects. It was the successful continuation of the cooperation with the exit-Media GmbH gbr for the menze + Cook. As a communications agency we move cross-media, are very flexible and can steer projects competently and reliably. A large pool of specialists from all industries us powerful is to the page for unusual orders. When it comes to corporate identity, a complex online store or outlandish marketing strategies for your presence on the social Web we accompany you and your brand as a long-term partner. The next project is already in the starting blocks, warranted at a later date. Silvio Koch

ICF Public Relations

Why professional PR in times of social media is so valuable thorough searches were and are a prerequisite for substantial public relations about the relevance of many press releases in the future or PR campaigns can accurately argue. “The central question is because far too often: what topics or events be interested in people and media?” criminally disregarded by the senders. “Instead the message dissemination and self-promotion is by companies, institutions and brands like according to the motto: the sender decides what is important.” “And in times of social media, the aspect is added: the superficial and trivial content, the better.” According to Thomas Bartel, owner of the Hamburger PR agency ICF Public Relations consulting, is one such understanding of public relations the greatest danger for a sustainably successful communication. The Agency will therefore use their strong journalistically strong expertise concentrate to be aware of this gap, and intelligent. close to the interest of different target groups of aligned theme determination and preparation using offshore-PR”. Offshore-PR”refers to a complex and profound” consulting and field of work, the ICF offers its customers. We want topics, opinions, moods and trends to days systematically promote and analyze, make it useful and timely in various forms in the communication work of our customers embed to,”Bartel explained. Skillful and continuous use of this instrument could succeed most likely both brands and companies as well as their representatives and speakers operate interesting and compelling, credible communication with informal and practical added value for the target group. Specifically, the role and acceptance as opinion leaders for an industry, product group, or a certain position is under these conditions best to achieve, so Bartel. Thomas Bartel, ICF Public Relations consulting, Hamburg

Public Relations Eichholzweg

Extending opportunity to answer online surveys via Smartphone or tablet, the possible target group, as well as the return of a survey and increase answer questionnaire via Smartphone or tablet. A well thought out online survey allows the recipient the questionnaire to the PC via tablet or Smartphone to answer. The distribution and the publication of a questionnaire be defined differently depending on the target group of a survey. Will you pick up the customers, guests, patients, etc. directly on the website, is the integration of an online questionnaire in the existing website of advantage. One is already in frequent email contact with the target group, the distribution of a survey via email will be useful. For surveys on a progress through event or an event, the publication of QR codes may allow the target persons still present, directly accessing the online questionnaire that is optimized for Smartphone and Tablet and answer.

Online surveys have the advantage that the answers have not collected. Since the answers already electronically available, they can immediately be processed for evaluation. Depending on the target group, it might also want to start a survey with paper questionnaires. Here too the choice can be left by printing a QR code on the sheet of paper the targets, to answer the paper questionnaire or via Smartphone’s online questionnaire. Print of a QR code eliminates the tedious typing of a Web address and the online questionnaire can be called directly. An innovative tool to meet all these requirements, is the survey software developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH InfoWiz. The survey software surprisingly easily supports the entire process of creating the questionnaire, about the acquisition of data and statistical analysis to comparative benchmarking of the individual comparable companies across (anonymously). Through the intuitive and clear building application is the application of survey software InfoWiz for the survey on satisfaction any target groups very easy.

The interface InfoWiz survey software is available in four languages German, English, French and Italian available; Multilingual manageable the questionnaire content. The newspapers mentioned Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta not as a source, but as a related topic. Further information Internet: email: about INFONAUTICS GmbH founded in 1995, INFONAUTICS GmbH implemented innovative and reliable solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Other software products developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH including a Commission free online booking system for hotels include a real time, backup program for the current data backup in the background, an alternative Windows Start menu for quick access to programs and files, as well as other innovative software tools that facilitate the everyday.

In The Character Of Ray: ADVERMA Brings A Fresh Wind In CCV Advertising

Cross-media marketing campaign for one of the leading providers of cashless payment systems excited great attention Rohrbach / au i. d. Hallertau (mh) breath of fresh air, many companies would like take in their advertising. But often, it is only in a balmy breeze. In contrast to this, the ADVERMA has a communications agency in the metropolitan area of Munich the motto of fresh wind advertising & Marketing GmbH”once quite literally taken for their marketing campaign for the CCV Germany GmbH. And she could make one of the leading providers on the market for cashless payment systems, in a positive sense for their customers, the fuss. Companies that have in the broadest sense something to do with the payments, must radiate in particular seriousness and competence in their external appearance and in marketing.

Franz Felbermeir ADVERMA marketing consultants know too aggressive and obtrusive advertising concepts do not fit to rule”, was responsible for the campaign. Wanted in a conservative and difficult market environment that still stand out CCV Germany from the competition and increased attention to himself. The CCV ( web/DE-de.htm) Germany GmbH with seat in AU i. d. Hallertau is a leading solution provider in the field of electronic transaction processing and VIP partner of world leader of VeriFone.

The upgraded by CCV and displaced cashless payment systems are used with regard to the payment at the point-of-sales of trade as well as in the health sector. The card terminal VX670 GPRS of CCV was this year as a top product trade 2011 “award. Elected to the top spot the Handelsblatt readers had the Terminal. The task for ADVERMA ( was to bring fresh ideas in marketing and communication of CCV. Just in terms of the market introduction of the new evolution rearms series of world market leader of VeriFone, the CCV with its own software and distributes.