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the construction

The main implications for local people are improving their standard of living, declining rural exodus and the creation of new jobs.Es important to note that not all positive effects, also causes negative effects. These are caused by lack of planning, and planning and control of tourist activities, in the long run can lead to the abandonment of traditional activities, degradation and deterioration of natural spaces, the increased levels of pollution, and loss of cultural authenticity turn would generate the disappearance of those attractions which in turn led to the choice of these rural settings as a tourist destination, hampering future economic development of the regions. One of the ways to avoid the negative effects is the commitment to sustainable development, which can not be conceived without prior planning by the Administration, as well as planning activities and products to market, by private companies and their associations. We should keep in mind that throughout this process, rural tourism plays a more important role than the purely economic, since it represents a source of social regeneration in rural areas hence the need to partner not only for reasons of economic viability but rather as a conduit for the construction of a territory taking into account people who live there. That a must be built with the direct involvement of agents knowledgeable in the area. The rural people should play a mediation role between the media and visitors. The rural landscape is not only can not be interpreted properly without the intervention of the rural people who live there. People shape their living space while it gives them their identity. In this sense, rural tourism can not be limited to providing accommodation. Should be based on the authenticity of the relationship between the visitor and those living in the territory and an approach to the reality of its inhabitants. What you need to achieve a perfect balance between institutional support, private enterprise outside the area in question and the actual habitantesa .

Economic Optimism

The IMF forecasts do not give rise to optimism 23 April 2009 when a few days ago began to speak of early signs of recovery of the American economy, down the hope that the terrible financial crisis that is facing the world, had a close finish. However, while such signals are waiting for new confirmations, projections from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), on global growth, reinstalled the pessimism. The recovery of the world economy is delayed? What can they to do Latin American economies to limit the negative impact of the adverse global context? What so deep is the crisis? Enough so that the IMF deems that the world economy will suffer a contraction of 1.3 per cent this year. The deterioration of economic conditions has been such in recent months than in January, only four months ago, the International Agency had predicted a growth of the world economy of 0.5 % for the current year. The growth numbers projected by the IMF to the major economies are worrying. In the euro zone is expected the economy to shrink by 4.2% or even continue to contract during 2010 by 0.4%.

Within the eurozone, the German economy will suffer a contraction of 5.6% this year (and will continue to fall in 2010, although 1% would do it). For the American economy, International Agency predicted a contraction of your product from 2.8% for this year, while Japan’s economy will contract by 6.2%. For the IMF, the main world economy will continue contracting in 2010. The American economy would observed a fall in their GDP in a 0.05% next year, which would discourage the hopes about the prospects for recovery of the world economy. For Latin America, the projections are not encouraging. Is that the IMF expected the region in recession during 2009 and its GDP is collapse a 1.5%. In 2010, the region will return to grow, although it would in 1.6%.

Make Your Own Custom T-shirts. It

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After a few family reunions, all relatives will have a nice collection of unique t-shirts. They are not like normal garments: are saved with affection, as those very special memories that bring us. And send a t-shirt as a special gift? T-shirts with custom messages are not only for parties. They are also a great gift for all ages. If a friend is going on a streak, we can send you a t-shirt with a funny or meaningful message. Maybe it is just what you need to lift the mood. Unlike many other gifts that are a little impersonal, a custom t-shirt tells clearly who receives her that it is a unique and special person. They can be manufactured or they can be ordered if we have time and energy, we can make our own exclusive t-shirts. There are kits for stamping with the iron or transferring pictures, with which we can design and make our own custom home jerseys. If it’s one or two t-shirts, it is very easy to prepare at home, but if we need a relatively large number, you would have to think in order. So we will make sure they are high quality, made by professionals.

The Visa

The request must be written in the appropriate form and signed before the Consular Officer. At the same shall be attached the following documents: – any former Italian passport – 2 photos of front, cm. 4 x 4, – marriage certificate (If not submitted earlier) whose date of issuance may not exceed six months. If the game is not issued by an Italian authority, must be translated into Italian. In all cases, the original must be submitted.

Besides the documentation referred to above, must submit the following: A) FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BORN IN ITALY – Birth certificate (original) – ID card for foreigners (original and photocopy); failing may submit the Certification of the National Electoral (May 25 n 245, 1002 Capital Federal) which must contain the non-option for citizenship in Argentina. This certificate must be dated after 08/16/1992. It must show an identity document valid during the original and photocopy. – Certificate of current address. B) FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BORN IN ARGENTINA: – ID card with current address (original and photocopy), certificate of current address. TRANSIT O Compatriots Temporarily RESIDENTS IN ARGENTINA must submit the expired passport to be validated only when the Italian authorities that he had been granted, submit the proper authorization

CAUTION: – If the applicant has children under 18 years requires the consent of the other parent – in order to enroll in the passport to children under 16 years (Point A of the application), requires the consent of the other parent and must accompany the identity of minors (original and photocopy). We remind you that after 10 years of age, you must attach two recent photographs of minors. – The application for issue / re-validated passport for the minor children shall be signed by both parents in the presence of the consular officer – the male citizen, before applying for a passport, you must have regularized the military situation with regard to Italy, that obligation begins January 1 of the year you reach age 18 and lasts until the completion of the 45 years of age – if loss or theft of passport should attach a police report which comprise the Italian Competition Authority that issued the passport lost or stolen. To the extent possible it must be stated on the number and date of issue thereof. VISAS Argentine citizens are not required to obtain a visa to stay for tourism purposes up to 90 days. The Visa is needed for study – work – family reunification or other reason related to establishing the residence, and in particular, for the entry of children adopted in Italy. Article courtesy of: Processing and acquisition of European citizenship.


I am not very good in these things of loves, relationships, cases badly decided. I never liked what I did not understand, or was not clearly pra me since the beginning. I was not of those girls who were with some boys in the adolescence alone for being. What I taste am of living histories, knowing that I am part really of them and not that I only am there filling a place that was not pra to be mine. I am not saying that taste to know the route that everything will follow. But I want to know if the place for where I am going goes to be valid the trip. if I to find that valley, can believe, goes to place the foot in the accelerator pra to be more emotive.

Taste of the complete one, the whole number, the intense one. It does not come me with halves and amenities. I want what it is mine for right and not a prize for good behavior. To live in a way that the penalty is valid to remember, if in my oldness alone me the homesicknesses to sobrarem. To love of a skill make that me to smile, if in my solitude alone me the souvenirs to sobrarem. You would not understand my genius of aquarium, therefore for backwards of my calm waters she exists a giant wave if approaching, made use to devastar everything in return. I have penalty of people who find that they deserve the leftovers.

Besteira Quanta. Quanta lack of proper love. Quanta will of being less and lesser. I do not want this pra me. also I do not want that they ask for this to me. Then, we are talked?