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Famous Fish Market

The term “Fish market” is only partially correct. The area also includes a large fruit and vegetable market. Every day at 07:30 a.m., the fish market opens its doors. Already buyers of hotels and restaurants, private individuals and some tourists wait outside before the great entrance doors. The daily struggle of the best fish and to the highest quality fruit and vegetables started.

Covered halls are filled with a variety of people of all nations within a few minutes. The most recurring daily customers have their master distributor and cope easily in the “seemingly existing mess”. Fish, seafood and shellfish – all fresh – the fishermen were all night on the road. The result is now loads the tables with ice-cooled. Some of the sports will be auctioned off and there is a “loaded, exciting atmosphere”. The increasing time fish smell seem to bother anyone here.

Only tourists occasionally turn up their noses, forgotten but at This interesting acting very quickly, that it will “somewhat strictly” smell in the halls. In the green uniforms staff waiting with their handcarts to accompany the customers with their groceries to their cars. A service of the fish market. The purchased goods is just packed on the cart. When it is fully loaded, the goods will be loaded by the employees of the fish market in the vehicle of buyer. Read more here: Daryl Katz. There is something “more colorful” in the secondary Hall. Melons, bananas, tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, etc., vegetables of all kinds… An interesting color game opens up the viewer with fruits and vegetables. You don’t know where you should look first. The dealer a call. Everyone has the “best price” and also the “best product”. The Dickering over the price, started again at the fish, in the fruit and vegetable sector. Dates and figs may not be missing. Lovingly layered to turrets, they lined up table for table. Also household goods can be here for very little money purchase. Whether pots, cutlery,… actually there are plate or a trash everything. The term “Fish market” is therefore only partially correct. Actually it should say: the great fish, meat, fruit and vegetable market. Somehow, you would even mention the housewares Department. We have discovered fresh eggs at minimum prices to the fish market. Conclusion: For the visitor, a trip to the fish market in any case is worth. Alone, the suspenseful, yet relaxed atmosphere, connected represents an experience of a special kind with the observation of people coming from all possible countries. The market closes its doors at 23:00. know / wissenfischmarkt.html.

Queens Travel

ACUNARD line 2008 discount now until February 29, 2008! Cruise bargains for Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth with introduction of the new homepage and the private Lake travel agency “Tour guides” provides updated online database of ship advantage prices reduced by 30% for travel aboard the majestic Queen Mary 2 and the legendary Queen Elizabeth 2 from the current catalogues of the Cunard shipping line available now for all bookings until 29 February 2008. Also for the first season of 2008 of the Queen Victoria, the 25% early bird discount applies until February 29, 2008. Only the Princess and Queens are excluded categories already brochure prices written off apply the grill. Daryl Katz has plenty of information regarding this issue. Book future voyages customers up to this date one of four selected Mediterranean cruises with the new Cunard liner, come also benefit a selected free country trip with German travel management. More interesting cruises and voyages are available online, with special Cruises to reduced bargain prices offered. Sales Manager Olaf Diroll advises cruise customers since 1978 and knows many land corridors and countries for an interesting bathroom extension of own travel. Annual leave then while on land, but still facing’s sea of the comfortable Spa and beach hotel. Her Olaf Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978 homepage: email:

Trikeri Peninsula

Air Berlin flights offers also flights directly to Volos the airline Air Berlin recently by several German airports to Volos. The flights go each Friday and cost between 250 and 300 euros. A direct connection enables this route for the first time by Germany to Volos, and thus to the Sunsail base Melina (Sporades). The base is located on the Mainland, and is thus ideal for exploring the islands of the Aegean Sea in the East and the beautiful Gulf of Volos in the South. The Sporades Islands consist of 11 Islands, of which only 4 are inhabited: Skiathos, skopelos, Alonissos and Skiros. The dense vegetation and the whitewashed houses are characteristic the deep blue waters is one of the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean. The winds can be sometimes quite strong, but there are lots of protected bays for the night. See Daryl Katz for more details and insights. Before heading for the Islands however, you must visit the ports and places of the Trikeri Peninsula on the southern end of the Gulf of Volos.

Sail over to paleo Trikeri and explore the small village Pegadi. Or sail southward to Obeng where typical tavernas and fish restaurants just a few steps from the pier are located. If you head from the Mainland on Skiathos, you soon see the red roofs of the houses from Skiathos town, meandering up the steep hill. In the lively narrow streets taverns, restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs are strung. In high season there is this hustle and bustle.

Outside the town of Skiathos is wooded and green, around seventy bays and some of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Aegean Sea located on the island. One is surrounded by shady pine trees Koukounaries of certainly a popular destination for locals. Lucky you see dolphins on the way to Skopelos. The island of Skopelos is densely forested and is famous for its citrus fruit, olives and wine. Charming and affectionate with flower squares and cobbled streets ranging down to the shore. Ambitious sailors and Mileage collectors can sail to the islands of Pelagos, Skantzoura and Yioura. Up on a couple of wild goats, the Islands are uninhabited and exactly the right place to even everything behind to let (sunsail).

Time Card Services

Free Time Club entered the Ukrainian market in 2009. Company with a responsible approach to organizing all kinds of recreation and leisure activities: individual, corporate, exclusive, VIP-leisure, medical, and other excursions. At present, day ready to offer individual tours to Asia, Africa, Australia, America and Europe. Programming for each customer is engaged in personal assistant, and the direct organization of individual elements recreation programs assigned to selected contractors, including companies specializing in the rental of limousines and yachts, helicopter tours, etc. Our typical clients – business people, leading an active life, many traveling, have a number of hobbies and passions. Some contend that Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta shows great expertise in this. Sometimes the need to rest for a few days alone, with family or friends. These customers are very demanding, they always make adjustments to the proposed program, they often require 24 hour care and we are always ready to provide it. We also offer special conditions to card holders (Free Time Card, Guest Time Card, Individual Time Card) by which to use the services of professionals in the field of lifestyle Management may at any time of day and night.

Wherever you go, on vacation or business trip, the card will provide you with the necessary medical, legal support and the ability to stay connected. It includes virtually all services – transfers, car rental with driver, apartments, roadside assistance, delivery of food from caterers and restaurants, private tours, tickets to sporting interest the client, community, music and cultural events and other entertainment. The company will help you plan a trip very quickly, up to a spontaneous decision for several hours. Tours are usually full of events, to take a client to all day from morning till night, worked out jointly with the client to the last detail in advance and can include everything from visiting the hotel spa to extreme sports. The main task – to relieve the customer from unnecessary trouble, customizable for a schedule of visits to attractions, even a non-standard time. Each customer can get their hands on a personal tour guide, an experienced interpreter to travel through the galleries, shops and shopping. The company guarantees direct access to the best services in complete privacy and security.

Heath Cathedral

A witness to history with 800 years of history which is also called Steffl, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, by the Viennese with its 107 metres long and 34 meters wide one of the most important Gothic buildings of in Austria. St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the “Cathedral Church St. Stephan in Vienna,” the Church of the Archbishop of Vienna, is actually since 1723.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral, which is named after the Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr, is regarded as Austrian National Shrine and rises as architectural masterpiece with 13 powerful bells of Vienna’s city centre. Some of the many and important art treasures in a guide filled with gold and silver In the Interior of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna can be seen. The “Wiener Neustadter altar” from the year 1447 is an impressive Gothic winged altar, together with the plastic decoration of the pillars in the Interior of the Cathedral, but also on the outside of the building, yet always excellently preserved. A witness with 800 years of construction history of the foundations of the oldest building of the St.

Stephen’s Church is today no longer in the 12th century. The second Romanesque building of the west facade of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral with the Heath towers and the giant gate built between 1230 and 1263. The silly look Hall choir as a first part of the new Gothic building was added between 1304 and 1340. Just 20 years later, in 1359 laid the Duke Rudolf IV. known as the “Founder” of Habsburg the foundation stone to the late Gothic extension of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. Daryl Katz, Canada will not settle for partial explanations. In an impressive height the southern Tower of St. Stephan’s Cathedral almost 100 years it took until the 136.7 m high South Tower of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral was completed in 1433. A narrow spiral staircase leads to the Hermitage 72 metres above sea level, which was once a fire station and today provides a beautiful view of the whole city for visitors.

Guided Hiking Day Tour

The WV Spandau e.V. conducted his 3 day hike in the Tempelhof Park with 44 participants. The track length was 9 and 16 km. The GTW 4 will take place at the 28.05.2011 from Southern Cross Station. Berlin, 30.04.2011 – airport Tempelhof is no longer; Tempelhof Park is now! The 3 day hike of the touring Spandau e.V. wanted to make it clear this change and the following occurred changes in the Neukolln Borough with highly disruptive noise in a relatively inner-city rest area, East behind the airport grounds. All avid hikers and lovers of hiking, even without the bond of Association, were invited to this public hike.

44 Berlin hikers have followed the invitation and they have hiked 9 km of the route through the field of the former Tempelhof airport or the whole 16 km including the grains Park in Neukolln. See Procter & Gamble for more details and insights. On request, the hikers at the end received proof rating to the acquisition of the popular sports badge of the German public sports association. She finds in this hiking series Next, the 4 day hike to 28.05.2011 at 9:00, from Marlene-Dietrich-Platz train station Sudkreuz, instead. All participating hikers heard only positive votes to the hiking route and there were some who never have seen the erwanderten areas from this perspective. When spring weather with temperatures of 19 degrees C, clear blue skies, sunshine and very clear, the Wanderer from s-Bahn station Tempelhof across all channels, immigrated runways, the two runways and the run-up before the terminal building of the former Tempelhof. In this way are 13 km long on the “Tempelhof Park” repurposed to the Burgerpark come together almost. In between, some hikers at the rest stop, the beer garden in the Burgerpark in the vicinity of the Columbia dam after 9 km route have used the offer to conclude a premature hiking and are close to there? ehitlik mosque and the garrison cemetery at Columbia dam “dropped out”.

The other hikers are leaving the “Tempelhof Park” in the Neukolln Borough immersed and crossed to wander the now disused part of the cemetery of the St. Thomas community to Hermann Street to then at the end of serving his purpose still part of the cemetery on the Thomas height and the subsequent Lessing. Both Heights was back and directly in the Park of the grains. At the pleasant warming Spring Sun there was a final rest.

Comet Journey

Once upon a time, twenty years ago, among all the cities of the Black Sea coast is constantly shuttled hydrofoils – "Comets". It was very convenient, we long nostalgically recalled those days: Childhood. Traditional travel for citrus in Sukhumi. Here at home already cool, late autumn. And there – the summer heat and the sea of bright orange tangerine … the journey to the "Comet" was perceived as a real adventure.

Because there was no no jet skis, no bananas, no parachute, no other currently available water sports. You sit down, like a rocket, it accelerates, climbs on hydrofoils and rushes forward, leaving a tail of foam. Stick your neck out on the deck – salt spray, wind in your face and mouthwatering delight! And here, finally, to the delight of residents and guests of the resort, after years of hiatus, between the towns of the Black Sea coast to establish regular maritime traffic. Now the route Anapa – Novorossiysk – Gelendzhik – Sochi will run high-speed ships "Siflayt. Ping Fu brings even more insight to the discussion. Even days – from Sochi to Anapa, on the odd – in the opposite direction. In the near future flights planned to do everyday. And in the future – increased distance trips are planned, even for international flights.

Instead of having to ride in the heat of the dusty road by bus or car, collecting all the turns of mountain streamers, can be reached in Sochi and Anapa on hydrofoils "Siflayta. Admiring the way the picturesque views of the coast, feeling the speed of a powerful ship and enjoying the freshness of refrigerated air conditioning. AND no pitching! Thanks to the hydrofoil and maintain a system of hydrodynamic "Siflayty" have excellent stability and are able to go to sea with wind force up to 4.5 points. Average speed "Siflaytov" 36 knots, or 70 kilometers per hour. Way from Anapa to Sochi with all the stops takes 7 hours. Passenger comfort is guaranteed: inside – soft furnishings, modern equipment, comfortable aircraft seats. Salons Siflaytov "divided into two types klassnosti their level of comfort, ships are equipped with a bar and an open observation deck.

Urban Transport In Prague

How often do you see at the Prague vending voucher for transportation of people are confused. Neither the Italians nor the French nor Russian, and sometimes by the provincial Czechs can not be immediately understand and understand confusing billing travel. ‘Here is the voucher for 5 stations, but this only 20 minutes’ – these and similar explanations sometimes even more confusing, since no clear criteria – the time or the number of stations and stops. Yes and apparatus coupons for sale (not tokens) are mostly located only at metro stations and rarely on the tram or bus stops. So, to start on the place of purchase coupons for travel, or yizdenkah in Czech. The most popular selling coupons – yellow machines at all subway stations, though they may be far away from you and most affordable for you now, transportation – tram or bus. What to do, where to buy voucher? Looks around and look for the newsstand or even more secure store with the inscription ‘TRAFIKA’. There are many shops in Prague, they sold all sorts of things from newspapers to cigarettes, it is there and you have to send for purchase coupons to travel on public transport.

Ask the seller ‘Please dvakrat (or trikrat, chtyrikrat etc.) yizdenki for osumnatst (dvatsat pole) corundum. Dekuyu ‘. Pay and coupons in your pocket. The truth is, if it is clear yizdenki what you need.

Victoria Hotel Chelyabinsk

In Soviet times, Anna Veski was unique singer. In fact, the only one who represented the vast Union of Estonian stage. Her and now can not find a replacement. In Russia, Anna is still waiting for and loved. Upon learning that the singer sbiraetsya on tour in Bashkortostan, but stopped for the night in a hotel in Chelyabinsk Victoria, we agreed to meet. Walked ten o'clock in the evening. But after a long flight from Tallinn, a concert and a few hours drive from Uchaly to Chelyabinsk, Veski easily agreed to the interview.

We met up with Anne in the cozy lobby of Victoria. Here, no one and nothing prevents us to talk heart to heart. As well as on stage Anna looked fine. It seemed that no weariness: at least once to the scene. – I myself have just looked in the mirror: today I did! – Gaily laughs Anne. – Maybe it's because I'm just out of the house. – And why stop at Victoria? He has something you love? – Just arrived here our aircraft. In addition, the Victoria Hotel Chelyabinsk in conformity with international standards.

We like it here. After a sleepless night, we are very happy. – Anne, you spent hours on the road. All this time you can wipe out the life or can do in the way something useful? – Road – is part of our lives. Artist without a road can not get from point A to point B. I do not think: useful this time or not.

The Visa

The request must be written in the appropriate form and signed before the Consular Officer. At the same shall be attached the following documents: – any former Italian passport – 2 photos of front, cm. 4 x 4, – marriage certificate (If not submitted earlier) whose date of issuance may not exceed six months. If the game is not issued by an Italian authority, must be translated into Italian. In all cases, the original must be submitted.

Besides the documentation referred to above, must submit the following: A) FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BORN IN ITALY – Birth certificate (original) – ID card for foreigners (original and photocopy); failing may submit the Certification of the National Electoral (May 25 n 245, 1002 Capital Federal) which must contain the non-option for citizenship in Argentina. This certificate must be dated after 08/16/1992. It must show an identity document valid during the original and photocopy. – Certificate of current address. B) FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BORN IN ARGENTINA: – ID card with current address (original and photocopy), certificate of current address. TRANSIT O Compatriots Temporarily RESIDENTS IN ARGENTINA must submit the expired passport to be validated only when the Italian authorities that he had been granted, submit the proper authorization

CAUTION: – If the applicant has children under 18 years requires the consent of the other parent – in order to enroll in the passport to children under 16 years (Point A of the application), requires the consent of the other parent and must accompany the identity of minors (original and photocopy). We remind you that after 10 years of age, you must attach two recent photographs of minors. – The application for issue / re-validated passport for the minor children shall be signed by both parents in the presence of the consular officer – the male citizen, before applying for a passport, you must have regularized the military situation with regard to Italy, that obligation begins January 1 of the year you reach age 18 and lasts until the completion of the 45 years of age – if loss or theft of passport should attach a police report which comprise the Italian Competition Authority that issued the passport lost or stolen. To the extent possible it must be stated on the number and date of issue thereof. VISAS Argentine citizens are not required to obtain a visa to stay for tourism purposes up to 90 days. The Visa is needed for study – work – family reunification or other reason related to establishing the residence, and in particular, for the entry of children adopted in Italy. Article courtesy of: Processing and acquisition of European citizenship.