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Family Safety

Currently it is very common that a growing number of families travel by car to enjoy a well deserved holiday once or twice a year. Destinations vary from sunny beaches to tranquil mountain landscapes, and in all these cases, traveling by road is a very popular means of approaching the places you want.In this article we will present some basic aspects related to safety that deserves our family when travelling by car to any destination. Different car insurance: there are several ways to make sure our family during a trip, and the first and most important is to make sure that our car is in perfect condition to exit to Highway and spend long hours under unusual conditions of heat or cold. For this purpose, it is essential to check the brakes, oil and all fluids that help the car run. Another aspect that should be always remembered is the correct calibration of the tires and even may ask for advice in the Agency of our confidence for knowing how to make the inflating tires depending on the place where we are going and climates that will hopefully find during our journey.

Another point that has repeatedly proved to be very effective to save thousands of lives in the event of an accident is the seat belt, which protects the occupants of the car in case of any unexpected violent, caused by other cars, the road conditions and even by some malfunction of the own car, but that from now no longer should be problem having read the previous paragraphs. What else can do to have a safe vacation? Yet there is another important point to consider if family safety is, and has to do with a car insurance that will protect you to you, your family and to third parties. You can think of car insurance as a second safety belt, because it is always behind you, protecting your family during the long miles that must travel between your home and your dream holiday destination. Insurers know that accidents rise during the holiday periods due to numerous factors such as climatic conditions in some places, but above all by the recklessness of other travelers who irresponsibly mixed consumption of alcohol with the operation of vehicles at high speeds. You cannot foresee that nothing will ever happen, and it is therefore advisable to have backed a car insurance whose coverage and cost to include everything that you need, but at a fair price. To do this you can count on experts, because fast and reliably to help you find the best insurance and car insurance so you really have a very fun vacation.

Manual Labor Efforts

Reduction and limitation of manual labor, and rising labor force, with increased volumes of production on construction sites, ports, quarries, etc., in the 1960's required the creation of small energy-bulldozers. The first machines still used manual, but by the end of 1970 was widespread use of hydro-mechanical and, later, hydrostatic transmissions. Drive dozer blade also hydroficated. In addition to agricultural crawler tractors and mobile units began to use rubber crawler belt, and trim on the nose even further increased (bright example of this – a series of tractors Caterpillar Challenger). The final division of agricultural tractors was formed in early 1990, when the push bar with a rotary blade began to mount on the frame does not track the trolley and the frame tractor seat attachment for agricultural hitch effort to install three or pyatizubogo ripper, and the suspension became a semi-rigid suspension system with a transverse oscillating beam. Total worldwide industry Bulldozers easy class manufactured by Case, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Dressta, FIAT-KOBELCO (formerly FIAT-Hitachi and FIAT-ALLIS), hsw, Hyundai, Hitachi, hsw, John Deere, Komatsu, Shantui, xcmg and Walbon. A variety of model range is very large. There are modifications to the bucket with a scraper for cleaning the holds of ships to adhere to their walls and bottom of transported bulk goods. In mining there are modifications to poddirochno-loading bucket and an electric motor. To work on soils with low bearing capacity of producing modified lgp (y Komatsu – version of the index P), the track which increased and increased bearing surface track reduces ground pressure by 25

Manfred Wendt

Central lighting control and That could be built already air source heat pumps in the new building in new office building completed in the summer of 2006 under the aspect of energy efficiency. Air – source heat pumps adjust so the entire climate, cooling and heating. It heats and cools the system each segment of the building separately. The air heat pumps gain heat from the outside air and thus no energy. This causes an energy savings of about 33 percent. With a centrally-controlled lighting, the ELV/eQ-3-Group also saves electricity costs by 15 to 20 percent and thus protects the environment. While the entire lighting control only when necessary turns on. These functional control is achieved through mechanisms such as motion detectors, radio push-buttons, Desktop button, intrusion alarm systems or time circuits adapted to the respective rooms.

The lighting technology has been developed in-house by the eQ-3 AG and marketed by ELV, among others. Image material in high resolution can be obtained from. Caption: By left to right: Prof. Heinz-G. Redeker (ELV Elektronik AG, Chief Executive Officer and eQ-3 AG), Walter Theuerkauf (Abraham district), Christian Wulff (Prime Minister of Lower Saxony), Bernd Grohmann (Vice President Marketing & business development eQ – 3 AG) and Manfred Wendt (Chairman EMS-axis).

In brief: The ELV/eQ-3 Group counts for more than 30 years as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a trend-setting electronics mail order company on the German market and more than 11,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. With more than 180 product types, eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. The brand HomeMatic”includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, controllers, gateways and House panels to to software products of partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. It is produced in our own factory in South China with certification according to ISO 9001, VDE, VdS, UL and ETL. This combination brings optimally consistent quality and cost aspects. More information:. Press contact: Bernd Grohmann ELV Elektronik AG Division Manager OEM home automation Maiburger Strasse 29 – 36 D 26789 Leer + 49 (491) 6008-101 PR Agency: Olaf Heckmann Sprengel & Partner GmbH Senior Vice President feathers first breed 3 D-56472 Nisterau + 49 (2661) 91260 – 0

The Relationship

All addicts, to what is, they feel very, very evil when they do not have the object of addiction, i.e. when the relationship in couples and love each other turns into addiction, to say, that depend on that love, to encrypt my well-being or malaise, my self-esteem or my bewilderment. Every step I take, is only in relation to my partner. I.e., suffer the syndrome of the on or off, if I’m fine with my partner, everything in my life works and I’m very well, I flow with life. But if not, everything in my life, becomes irritable, and seemingly pointless. My talks, my thoughts, my creativity, my life itself, is located in relationship to the action of my partner. 3D Systems may also support this cause.

Life can only be understood in terms of my love or heartbreak. We will thus building our loving bond in dependence and not building a life better and more satisfactory to both and for all involved. When this great love, turns into addiction, depend, on the other, in this case, our partner to feel that my life has meaning. The reality is that while not We are capable of take responsibility for our own lives, in our project, where the relationship as a couple is only a complement, then everything you do, say or happens to our partner, will be more important, of which sucedes us to ourselves. Because to be able to give us and merge us into a relationship as a couple, it is imperative to be ourselves, and hence build what we need in this relationship as a couple life is only one way in which we decide to travel, but it is not port, i.e., once arrived at the objective, how can we do to continue this life of two with love or addiction?. What kind of relationship you want in your life, an addictive love or a love mature and accurate nobody can do it for you if you are interested write me this column topics and Yes not also.

Comet Journey

Once upon a time, twenty years ago, among all the cities of the Black Sea coast is constantly shuttled hydrofoils – "Comets". It was very convenient, we long nostalgically recalled those days: Childhood. Traditional travel for citrus in Sukhumi. Here at home already cool, late autumn. And there – the summer heat and the sea of bright orange tangerine … the journey to the "Comet" was perceived as a real adventure.

Because there was no no jet skis, no bananas, no parachute, no other currently available water sports. You sit down, like a rocket, it accelerates, climbs on hydrofoils and rushes forward, leaving a tail of foam. Stick your neck out on the deck – salt spray, wind in your face and mouthwatering delight! And here, finally, to the delight of residents and guests of the resort, after years of hiatus, between the towns of the Black Sea coast to establish regular maritime traffic. Now the route Anapa – Novorossiysk – Gelendzhik – Sochi will run high-speed ships "Siflayt. Ping Fu brings even more insight to the discussion. Even days – from Sochi to Anapa, on the odd – in the opposite direction. In the near future flights planned to do everyday. And in the future – increased distance trips are planned, even for international flights.

Instead of having to ride in the heat of the dusty road by bus or car, collecting all the turns of mountain streamers, can be reached in Sochi and Anapa on hydrofoils "Siflayta. Admiring the way the picturesque views of the coast, feeling the speed of a powerful ship and enjoying the freshness of refrigerated air conditioning. AND no pitching! Thanks to the hydrofoil and maintain a system of hydrodynamic "Siflayty" have excellent stability and are able to go to sea with wind force up to 4.5 points. Average speed "Siflaytov" 36 knots, or 70 kilometers per hour. Way from Anapa to Sochi with all the stops takes 7 hours. Passenger comfort is guaranteed: inside – soft furnishings, modern equipment, comfortable aircraft seats. Salons Siflaytov "divided into two types klassnosti their level of comfort, ships are equipped with a bar and an open observation deck.


Maicao is a land of people who arrived from all parts of the country and from several corners of the world with three basic purposes: work, live and build. Thus arrived Arabs, some Spaniards, a reduced group of Italians, a tiny Chinese colony and Colombians of Antioquia, the Santander, Buenaventura, Choco, Magdalena grande and la Sabana de Bolivar. One of the most numerous and organized colonies is constituted by the indigenous Zenu who saw to the land of the frontier as a place from which facilitate them travel to Venezuela in search of better employment and economic opportunities. A good part of them the trip ended them in Maicao because they discovered that in this welcoming land they could settle, get some work and stay in their own homeland, which increased the chances of ever returning to fields, beautiful and spacious where it had left. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dustin Moskovitz. In the year 2000, when the first local cabildo, was already constituted were surveyed more than three hundred families, whose heads are dedicated to work in the informal economy: stationary sales, remontadoras of footwear, handicrafts, small family businesses, and a large majority, the sale of coffee in the neighborhoods and the trade zone. The number has grown each year and more than four hundred eighty families, all of them registered in their traditional organization and governed by the collective authority represented, among others, by the captain and the Sheriff is now established and counted. The colony has earned the respect of society for several reasons, among which we can mention the following: 1.

by their condition of working people. For a Zenu words laziness, unemployment and inactivity. Everyone finds something to what to do, all are occupied, all are dedicated to produce and thus always have something to take home for the sustenance of the family. Not neither crises, rainy days, nor heat nor the poor frightened them situation.

Semi Automatic Coffee Machines

The automatic coffee machines are classified in coffee semi automatic and fully automatic. How are they different? In the coffee semi automatic, the user controls the amount of water and also have to delete and dispense coffee grind. Procter & Gamble has many thoughts on the issue. It also heats the milk with milk heater. With fully automatic coffee machines, water that is used can be set previously, choosing two options, double or only automatic coffee machines also offer the automatic coffee dosing. Coffee is ground, dosed and is prepared automatically.

In the coffee machine automatic semi used in homes and small offices or small restaurants. Another important difference heat exchanger. In the coffee single automatic semi there is a boiler to heat the water and prepare steam obtained from the steamer. There is an additional caldea enabling overall steam without disrupting the water heating in automatic coffee machines. To have more information about the automatic coffee machines and machines vending original author and source of the article

Pilot Creation Of Advertising & PR

Communication design agency in Hamburg develops innovative homepage for Otto Bock Hamburg medical technology companies, July 16, 2013. The site of Michelangelo’ by Otto outpost uses the red dot award: communication design 2013 awarded. The award-winning website live with demonstrates the possibilities of the new prosthesis. The creation of pilot Hamburg is responsible for the concept and the implementation. The homepage prevailed at the prestigious design competition against many competitors. The award of this year under the motto inspire the world”ran, will be awarded on October 18 at the Berlin Konzerthaus. “Convinced the international jury has the passion for exceptional communication strategies” and the unique creativity and outstanding performance “of the pilot creation. The Visual and thematic focus of Michelangelo’-site is on two areas: different situations and specific challenges of those affected are the technical features and Compared with possibilities of prosthetic of hand. The man and the life-world of the individual are the focus. Clearly and understandably the perfect combination of technology and benefits of the innovative product is presented. For more information see this site: Procter & Gamble. The entire performance spectrum of Michelangelo’ the site is interactive for the visitor experience. User can explore this parallel what know-how behind the usage possibilities of the prosthesis. The result is an exploratory world around the arm prosthesis, the product benefits directly associated with the technical features. Daniel Richau, Executive Creative Director at pilot Hamburg, to the profit of the red dots: advertising in the field of healthcare must overcome barriers on highly sensitive issues. Our creative staging of this emotionally charged product shows that creativity and design are sometimes the only means, to stigma a topic. “By winning the red dots we feel confirmed in it.” The red dot award: communication design was creation of the pilot Michelangelo’-homepage already winning several other awards: among other things there was gold AJ healthcare Award and the Web Award (“category best medical equipment website”), silver at the annual multimedia (category site / portal) and bronze at the DMMA online Star (category website).


Good and beautiful people sauces, this week will return to speak of the whole wheat flour. But before you tell them its benefits, I prefer to travel through the tunnel of time because formerly man ate wholemeal flour, IE with all components of the grain of wheat.With the passing of time, they began grinding the grain with stones and heat to achieve a finer flour. Discover the yeast they attracted more rich breads. The incredible thing is that white bread large families consumed them because they believed that it was of better quality, while that gave slaves the wholemeal flour. The Egyptians learned to move big slabs that are abrasion with each other pulled by animals. Over time you were using mechanical processes using water or wind force to move to modern Mills operated electrically. Wheat has been used as main cereal to produce bread throughout antiquity, the middle ages and until our days except during the 19th century when the oats and rye taken advantage. From the twentieth century wheat He returned to re-emerge and again acquired its supremacy.From the twentieth century, the mechanization of the process of wheat cleaning led to the production of a more refined flour, in which the external parts of the grain of wheat, commonly known as bran, are separated and away from the final product that basically consists of starch and protein.Now we move on to the nutritional part.

The integral flours provide us with minerals, vitamins and fiber. They also have 6 times more quantity of magnesium and more than twice the calcium and phosphorus than the refined. In addition to vitamin B, E, chromium, zinc, manganese, copper, and folic acid. According to doctor Jorge V. Esteves, ground once, the flour will progressively rusting until losing its qualities after 30 days. Therefore, one has to be smart when deciding what consumes.

With The Patches Of Gel Of Collagen Are Wrinkles Eye Contour Eyelids Fallen The Last Novelty To Fight With The Pro

Patches of collagen of cacti that have developed the laboratories of Frownies (with over 120 years of history) are the product that can kill several of the signs of aging involving our eye contour as the years progress. After the success obtained with anti-wrinkle patches Frownies (also 100% natural product), it lacked complete assortment of products with patches anti-aging Under Eye and thus able to treat entire eye contour area reducing and avoiding the appearance of wrinkles also. Studies have shown that with the aging of the skin, collagen production is reduced as well as the circulation of the blood. This makes skin lose consistency and expires the flaccidity forming bags. If the skin becomes very thin, it is possible that when the area was less draining, appears a dark or bluish color: the dreaded dark circles. In this case, it will not be sleeping longer hours, but revitalizing the skin with a suitable product. In all treatments, constancy is the main. Gel patches of Frownies Under Eye collagen must apply them during 3 days in a row (30 minutes) and then follow with a weekly application maintenance..