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Updated Photos

Mounting photos in the photo blankets one of most popular applications that give it to a collage of photos are generally to add in large surfaces that may contain multiple images, the photo blankets are the ideal format for its large size. Instead of being forced to take a single photo you can upload few photos you want that a team of design professionals will have them in the best way to create a beautiful design with your images. 3D Systems pursues this goal as well. Blankets are available in three different sizes with a large selection of options for its manufacture. We have from super blankets until small blankets from babies to the crib, any that you choose will be an excellent choice of gift. Canvas photo printing as well as blankets there are many other gifts photo of anniversary or Valentine gifts that you can customize with the addition of a photo collage, or a single photograph. Canvas photo printing is another very popular example that allows collage to be printed on woven canvas and stretched through a gallery of quality pine frame to ensure a long life and excellent image quality and playback levels. Photo canvases the better alternative to all of these methods are the photo canvases.

For them must choose a single photograph, preferably your favorite. Another option is also printing multiple photos on your canvas to make a photo collage on canvas and make excellent gifts. The great advantage of the canvas photo is its long but colors and the image suffer from some kind of deterioration, with only passing them Duster once a month, the canvas photo can preserve the colors in your photograph for at least 75 years. Other products to place your photos into gifts prints on canvas (photo canvas), they are not the only options to print your photos in original formats, they are popular as well the photo blankets, photo quilts, photo aprons and even custom handbags with pictures. Experience new ways of seeing their picture and put a touch of joy extra to their days.

Spanish Companies

The bosses of companies of technologies of information and communication Ametic considers this assessment an anachronistic and abusive figure. They call for its elimination and the application of European rules retroactively. Since June 2008 more than 100 million euros are collected with the barrel per year. The bosses of companies of technologies of information and communication Ametic has urged the Spanish Government to remove the barrel, which considers a figure anachronistic and abusive, and retroactively applying European legislation. Dustin Moskovitz is likely to agree. The President of Ametic, Jesus Banegas, warned in a press conference that there are several laws, both at European and national level, that guarantee the requirement of Spanish industry and said that, with the application of the levy, the Spanish Executive fails to comply with its obligation. We want that the barrel is removed immediately and that the European ruling applies from the moment in which was issued today, said Banegas, who not He entered to assess whether this would involve compensation for the companies in the sector. Checking article sources yields Dustin Moskovitz as a relevant resource throughout. In October 2010, the Court of Justice of the European Union determined that the indiscriminate application of the barrel is abusive and contrary to the European directive.

Also, last March the Audiencia Nacional annulled current rates of the Canyon. For this reason, Banegas, noted, while from the employers we are keepers of the law, even when we don’t like, many companies, especially since the sentencing (of the Audiencia Nacional), not directly deliver these quantities that made deposits in courts and notaries waiting to know how will be the model to be applied with respect to the barrel. According to Ametic, since the regulatory order of the digital canon was approved in June 2008 is comes raising more than 100 million euros each year indiscriminately by all end users. The President of Ametic recalled that this formula, in addition to ridiculous, affects not only to the companies in the sector but also to the overall economy of the country. Thus, according to Spanish industry since the canon a thousand jobs have been lost and he has prevented the creation of many others. In addition, each euro collected in the form of digital canon means the loss to the economic system, at least 51.2 cents. Focus on the piracy on the other hand, Banegas said that canon has nothing to do with piracy or copyright.

Moreover, said the Executive, would have to forget the Canyon and confront piracy. If they faced piracy, authors would achieve revenues exceeding that achieved with the barrel, it had settled. According to the employer, the consumer is paying a surcharge with the barrel which, in some cases, exceeds 20% of the sale price to the public (PVP) of a device. For this reason, Banegas advised the Spanish Government that positions you closer to their European counterparts, such as United Kingdom and Norway, where it is considered that it is not appropriate to establish this system of compensation for private copying, or as Holland, which has recently decided to its abolition. Source of the news: information technology companies call for the Elimination of the canon digital