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Best English Method

In the past (and even now) the learning of the English as secondly language has taken too much time. The traditional methods of the education of English have been in years of unfruitful study for many people. Through world the education of English as secondly language is begun typically from the six years in future, when entering the school for the first time. But in spite of more than one decade of education, many students leave the school without being able to speak English, and little that knows they forget. Why he is this? One would not be due to take years to learn another language.

And one would not be due to take more than a few weeks in speaking English with fluidity. The key is the used method to teach or to learn English. In fact the English language is relatively easy to learn (for speaking a Castilian) in comparison with the majority of the languages of the world. The English grammar is much more simple that, for example the German language or the Scandinavian languages. And in basic comparison to the Spanish or languages Latin, in English are conjugations of no verbs.

This simplifies much in learning of English. Thus, for example, the verb ” correr” in English he is ” run”. The conjugation of ” run” in English it is: I run, you run, there am runs, we run, you (plural) run, they run. In English it is only necessary to remember add to the letter ” s” at the end of the verb when one is the third person (he/she runs). In comparison to the Spanish, this simplifies to much the learning of the English. Another important simplification in English is the absence of the masculine and feminine. In Spanish it is necessary to construct orations based on if the words are masculine or feminine. In English this it does not apply. It is spoken in the same way, without taking into account the masculine or feminine. The traditional methods to learn English (or any other language) have been based on the mechanical repetition of words to learn vocabulary, followed by complex explanations of grammar. This does learning a foreign language difficult, and easy to forget unless it practices daily. Happily, now there is a way far better to learn English like one second language. Using the method of Linkword” you can learn English quickly and easily, with the great advantage which the vocabulary will not be forgotten. Knowing to vocabulary the construction of orations it is easy and he will be able to learn English in a fraction of the compared time to traditional methods of education. For more information he sees down.