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Urban Services

Articulating it the objectives and goals proposals, the used methodology is centered in materials and methods that value the stages of the research including: – the process of bibliographical survey of the interest workmanships and relevance for the agreement of what it concerns the subject considered, and, in this direction the focus has been survey of referenciais bases as scientific books, articles, official dissertaes, teses, documents and documentary photos and other sources as periodical articles and/or magazines or published material on line. – the election of information and data in public agencies such as the City department of Planning, Secretariat of Urban Services, the Municipal Public Archive, Municipal Institute of Environment (IMAM), City council of habitation of Golden. These materials had been organized in order to construct and to consolidate arcabouo documentary theoretician/that it composed the initial phase of the research. – the analysis of the socioambiental picture generated by the construction of real estate enterprises that if use of the label nature as sales strategy and the possibilities presented how much to the process of growth of the Dourados city (MS) As the finishing of the present Work of Conclusion of Curso (TCC) of the Course of Geography of the UFGD, will culminate in the elaboration of a mestrado project of, the phase of theoretical deepening was findou, as well as, the survey of information and data and, this, allowed to the elaboration and the presentation of the present text. To the end, so that the proposal original if carries through of more satisfactory form, one expects, beyond the elaboration of scientific articles and the spreading of the acquired knowledge, to understand the consequences of the propagation of the use of the nature for the agents of the real estate market, and, at the same time, to subsidize studies on the thematic nature as merchandise. To understand the spalling of the relation man x existing nature in the real estate market thus becomes a great challenge and of great importance front the dynamic that are happening in the cities of the Mato Grosso of the South.

Attachment Reach Theory

Overview, considerations, basic aspects. When we stop to read this writing because we must be clear in what attachment represents in our life, behavior, personal growth, probably we will be fully identified with its scope, discovered that both we know it handle or like this it makes it for us. However this time we stop to evaluate once again what it represents, its scope, its impact on our behavior, personality. In times in which we live, especially in the scenario where we operate, full of uncertainty, insecurity, mistrust, risk, in a very materialistic atmosphere of violence, fears, makes that attachment is manifested in several ways and that in negative cases, they can cause us psychological conditions that require treatment in order to be able to free ourselves from its serious consequences. As people are continually launching new relationships, which lead to stories of personal and interpersonal experiences that shape how we think and feel about those relationships and how we behave in them. It has recently been elaborated an attachment theory to explain these processes, basically the shape and the reason by which we establish our first relationships with significant people. The first to develop a theory of attachment was John Bowlby, in the year 1969 and subsequently revised in 1973 and 1980.

This theory has helped to improve the understanding of personality processes and individual adults differences, since the division of the 3 types of attachment in children, according to the theory and research would have a correlation with important variables in adult life, as they are the characteristics of personality, the way in which we establish interpersonal relationshipsfeatures of cognitive and emotional processes. In this lies the importance of the study of attachment, because of this, knowledge allows us to explore different dimensions of human behavior. In brief we sought in traditional attachment theory developed by John Bowlby and Subsequently some evidence found in various studies on the relationship between styles of attachment and cognitive processes, interpersonal relationships, emotions and personality variables.

German Association

Traditional online advertising is effective even without clicking and moreover its continued exposure generates a positive impact long-term on the own image of the brand.To build a memorable brand, that will remember and stay active in the mind of the consumer, should be implemented clear strategies of interactivity, creativity and innovation in the web to achieve impact, visibility, and increase as well the level of memory between users and consumers. Thus follows from a study developed by the German Association of Digital economy (BVDW) is pointed to the success and effectiveness of online advertising not only reside in the measurable results through the figures of the number of clicks, but the branding factor reported and continued brand in internet exposure can also help to generate a positive impact on them. The study for which were analyzed campaigns of different brands such as MINI, Opel, Philips, LG, Maggi or Nesquik, also noted among its main conclusions the fact that branding online via display advertising on the Internet can serve to generate impact able to endure in the minds of users and consumers even weeks after exposure. On the other hand, Arne Wolter Vice-President of the BVDW OVK noted that: Branding strategies on the internet are increasingly common, so we are at a point where there is a need to define the required parameters for the management of the brand in within this environment would like to know more?