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That Is Happiness

You’re who you decide your own happiness, but it is important to be clear that it is happiness. Each person has a different concept of happiness. Happiness may be buying a new car, a new House, a wonderful holiday, educate their children successfully, get some work or perhaps have excellent relacciones with those who surround us. In regards to what they call happiness, there are no limits and each person has their own concept. Happiness that I propose to you however is different from all this and is not related to anything material or anyone else. It’s a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction towards yourself and towards others, it is know to take advantage of every moment that we live with what we have at that moment, with who we are and where we are. Learning to live in the present moment, without shortcomings and frustrations of the past and fears of the future. Material things provide us with moments of pleasure, but we can not subject our happiness to this, because these material things do not give us more than that, passengers and sporadic moments of pleasure that last for a certain period of time and then vanish, as everything depends on something material, or of another human being.

Happiness that I propose to you is forever. To be with you in every moment of your life. Isn’t anything external or material which gives us happiness. It is a feeling, a State of mood, be and live that was born in our home and that we then distributed to those around us. The material achievements are needed, but while we address these goals we can also enjoy road, enjoy and savor every day being happy and making happy to those around us. We have the tendency in this busy world in which we live to try to hide with foreign achievements or materials Interior shortcomings that very often do not want or do not know change. As well, this is your chance to start making decisions. I decide I decide to be happy from now on ahead I decided that from now on I will take the challenges life me daily not tripping to make me unhappy, but as lessons to make me wiser I decided that for now onwards I am able to change what does not like me of my life because I am who is in control of my own I decide that from now on I will work to achieve my goals while enjoying my happiness on the road I decide that henceforth I assume full responsibility and control of my thoughts and my feelings always remember that happiness depends only on youOriginal author and source of the article

Spaniards New

I have noticed the importance that has been taken in the whole world and not only this language English, but others also like French, Portuguese and even the mandarin. There is speculation that worldwide within a few years, it will be almost as a duty of the citizens understand and interact with the mandarin; but paying a little attention to this, arose the question who heads is article: why not learn really our native tongue, before starting with a foreign? The answer to this question is simple: we learn new languages because he has demanded it the world and evolution, and this is not bad, on the contrary it is very valid want to interact with people from other countries, since globalization has allowed that we can get to know new cultures and thus play activities in places other than our country, but you also need to know more what belongs to us. Not knowing basic Spanish terms, is almost like coming home and not knowing where find our personal things. Heritage is everything that belongs to him, because he has inherited it or it has built it and why is deeply linked with his life. Sitting in a city library, raised my gaze and faced with my I could see this sentence which I think is very in keeping with the theme I’m trying on this occasion.

Our native language is Castilian or Spanish, because it is true that we were conquered by the Spaniards, but this does not mean that all Spain speak Spanish as such, but also catalan, Galician and Basque; why I prefer to call my mother tongue Spanish. A totally complex language by their different grammatical rules, which we use every day, and that after the Chinese mandarin, is the second most spoken in the world by the number of people who have it as a mother tongue; but only a few take the time necessary to understand it more fully and sometimes do not feel that it belongs to us, that we have inherited and that it is deeply tied to our lives. I do not mean with This our forget dreams of learning other languages, since I personally love to learn about new cultures, but that more fight for learn about ours and instill in young people the importance of heritage and educational culture. The Castilian is not seen more as a subject in schools and a task to fulfill; but then part of us and that is the constant idea of wanting to learn more about the language that allows us to communicate and express everything that we think, want and feel in our thoughts. As a caricature of the time says we must fight ignorance indices and it is not difficult, we can do so from our houses, with a steady job that will benefit our future generation. While this happens, we continue with the desire to learn new languages, of wanting to get to new worlds, but remember always that what we have inherited, is deeply linked with our life. By: Viviana Carolina Silva Gil Lic. Spanish language and communication original author and source of the Article

How To Create A Successful Wedding

Guests will choose from the list gift that they most like to give to the bride and groom, by thanking this way have been invited to the event. There are shops specializing in gifts and wedding lists, just choose the one that more you like and offer better conditions. Alternatively also the bride and groom can register at web sites that specialize in wedding list with sponsored with recognized stores. Decide whether it does or not a wedding list, depend heavily on their needs (if you have already installed home or if you are missing some details). But keep in mind that, in case of not building a list, can be found with gifts that do not match your taste much. Hence the wedding list proves very helpful and reassuring for everyone: the guests know that gift or item that pick has been selected previously to the bride and groom. If you decide to create a list of weddings, we advise you to gradually prepare a list with all the objects that you want to receive and so the list will be ready when you get to the store selected for your list or site Web. Here are the generic issues that usually form part of a list of classic wedding: objects of silverware? Multiple dishes? Glassware? Pots? Accessories for the kitchen, for the table and the bar? Small appliances? Clothes for table, bed and bath? Luggage? Terrace or garden accessories? Original author and source of the article

Possible Impact Organization

logo has the value of an organization’s brand and, therefore, make frequent changes in their way of or could have a negative impact on the brand value of your organization. There is a greater chance of distracting the attention of viewers who so far have become accustomed with the Association of your website with the logo. Therefore, it is necessary to make a good market study before opting for a decision so drastic. However, with the weather changes and the trend, you need for your image of the organisation of brush in order to survive in this brutally competitive industry and here lies the importance of redesigning a logo. Promotion of the difference between design logo and the logo redesign itself that the brand image of an organization is the main objective of logo design, reinforce and brushing the brand image is the main objective of the redesign of the logo. A logo designer only has to think about presenting natural an organization through subtle image placement, text, symbols, etc., while at the time to redesign a logo, which has to give the maximum attention to capture the trend in the industry without making major changes in the pattern and the existing topic. Therefore, obvious the fact that the new design of a logo is much more complex and fascinating than designing a logo because the designer cannot deploy your creativity in full swing. It’s about the law of balance of a remodeling that a logo is more or less a matter of maintaining a perfect balance.

You should not change a logo in such a way that viewers are extremely difficult to relate it to your organization. However, if you’re looking to achieve a major change in the structure of the company and service of your company, you can change the appearance of the existing logo very but make sure that you have made a plan to promote the logo for a specific purpose. A logo should not be changed simply because you don’t like it or have bored with him. You must decide if you plan to introduce a major change in your organization. Being a little professional Professional approach can mar your opportunity to make a lasting impact on viewers. Attention to details, achieve perfection and capture the essence of the change of trend are the main target three of redesigning a logo.

It is necessary to find out the existing lagoons of a logo and, subsequently, that should try to solve them by using their experience and expertise. Be prepared to invest make sure that have sufficient resources to invest in the process of brand. The brochure, staffing, business card, accumulate, banners etc. must be changed after the conclusion of the process of redesigning. A large amount of money you have is undoubtedly that of the fork at any price. Make sure that has kept everything in proper order; otherwise you may not make full advantage of his attempt. Finally, a redesigned logo has to be attractive and must be unique at any price. Cheap imitation can bring success temporary, but could hamper its prospects for the future.

Negative Impact

It is logical in a society like today, so moved by the rush and urgencies of our day to day, that work-related stress has been converted, especially in certain professions, in one of the main causes of low, up to fifty percent of cases. The heavy losses caused by this phenomenon, both employees and companies, are of great concern, making ever-increasing emphasis on the need for rest periods in the day and establish standardized schedules that reconcile professional and personal life. What is stress and the factors that encourage it? Stress is not anything other than our body’s response to the needs and demands to which we submit it. And although in small doses it is even positive, allowing us greater activity and dynamism, when it reaches higher degrees, all ysobre if it continues over time, could imply serious effects on health. Among the causes that provoke it could be noted: the excessive overload of work, or the obligation to perform continuous travel for the company, not having enough time employee which devote to their loved ones or their activities and particular interests.

Productivity targets set by the company. The suffocating control by superiors. The uncertainty generated by reduced wages received or the precarious nature of the employment contract, or even the absence of this. The transcendent character of decisions is forced to adopt professional, its complexity or the special degree of dangerousness of your activity (for example, if a very dangerous machine must operate). The feeling that on many occasions worker must bear to see that he is giving up a key part of his life because of the work, could give rise to a great frustration.

And besides his salary is reduced and your employment is precarious, that effect might be intensified; and may lay the foundations for suffer it. Symptoms of work-related stress box and tips on eating habits and sleep disorders, difficulty in making decisions, ulcers, high blood pressure, muscle disorders, cardiovascular problems, or continuous changes in mood; all of them are possible work-related stress symptoms. The worker may result as a consequence of the same, exhausted and unable to carry out any activity, falling in a sick leave which could mean a considerable loss of income. If in addition self-employed or individual entrepreneur, the impact could be even worse. That is why we must try to avoid reaching extreme situations, seeking a better balance between working life and personal. Learn relaxation techniques and try to enjoy greater leisure time can be two remedies that prevent greater evils.