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Cellular Oxygenation

The human body, as well as of all other living beings, is composed by millions of cells of diverse nature and special features, but with a common denominator: all of them require oxygen for their metabolic processes, and mitosis (cell division) that allows us to continue living. Normally, we take oxygen from the air through our pulmonary respiration, to take it to the bloodstream and hereby nourish our cells. Within them, in their cytoplasm, are a few microorganisms called mitochondria, which are responsible for the metabolic functioning engines; but, like any machine, mitochondria require a fuel, that in his case is ATP (adenosine triphosfato), which is responsible for the operation. This compound can only be stored in our organism in quantities of no more than 3 oz. at a time, to be consumed within 4 to 8 seconds, depending on the activity that we’re doing (to greater omental physical activity, higher consumption). In a very deteriorated environment with increasingly contaminated atmosphere, the amount of oxygen available to us is very little and is on the decline, therefore, many people flock to specialized centres where they receive cellular oxygenation treatment in very expensive machines. Fortunately, modern biotechnology to created products that generate oxygen and incorporated it into our body in the form of beverage. This is what is known as liquid oxygen, a relatively inexpensive novelty, that strengthens the body, provides vitality, endurance and mental concentration, preventing infectious and deficit by raising our immune system, fighting free radicals without producing lactic acid in athletes who consume it..

Venous Insufficiency

Every fourth man and even every second woman have the problem of varicose veins. A venous insufficiency begin often insidiously venous disorders are among the most common diseases. One can speak of a real epidemic. In Germany alone, approximately 32 million people are afflicted. Every fourth man and even every second woman have the problem of varicose veins.

The veins are the blood vessels that conduct oxygen-poor blood back to the heart. Every vein has called venous valves, which are designed to prevent that the blood is pushed back. One can imagine a vein flap like a small sheath of connective tissue. If the connective tissue tension loses age – related or due to injury, the venous valves are permeable and the venous blood flows back. It accumulates in the legs.

Then adjust complaints such as spider veins, varicose veins, blood congestion or even thrombosis. Connective tissue weaknesses are mostly genetic. However, there are a number of risk factors which can also promote a venous disorders. To do this include long periods of sitting or standing, overweight, lack of exercise and also pregnancy. A venous insufficiency manifests itself in various symptoms. Often one suffers from heavy or swollen legs after a tiring day. Later followed by leg cramps, tingling in the legs, tenderness, discoloration of the skin, spider veins and varicose veins. Ulcers also can be formed at an advanced stage in the area of the lower leg. If such symptoms occur more often, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor for veins, a phlebologists. The Phlebology is a supplementary discipline, therefore, there is no pure vein doctor but only a physician with additional training in this area. The doctor decides on the necessary therapy. In the weakness of a vein, compression stockings are prescribed usually only once to support the weakened venous valves. These stockings apply pressure from the outside. The pressure in the vein and the weakened venous valves to their Work supports. For light varicose veins or spider veins, a sclerotherapy (bonding of vessels with saline solution) is proposed often while for strong varicose veins, often only one operation can end the suffering. Vein surgery removes the diseased vein from the leg. This procedure is called vein stripping or cross mastectomy. Spider veins are treated for some time also with laser, with often several sessions are necessary. Find more information on the exciting subject of varicose veins (which doctor for varicose veins, etc.) on the Internet. Unfortunately, venous disorders are genetic, in most cases, so that a disease is often unavoidable. The experts agree however, with regard to the effect of preventive measures: they can counteract the outbreak with specific preventive measures. This includes lots of exercise first and foremost. A strong cycle and a solid muscular are the best prevention against venous diseases. Also the proper diet can help: high-fiber and low-salt diet, refraining from alcohol and cigarettes

Flair-dent Dental – Enormous Security By 5 Years Warranty

So, PHS – Sottrum is as at the discount stores, quality and price, has been realized also in the dental sector – crisis winners are the German discount giants of the food industry. So far bought mainly spenders and less well-heeled consumers. Today, the simple markets attract customers from higher income and educational strata with their low price offer that there barely look left. More information is housed here: Slayer. At the moment, these buyers try out new business because they can save and not without branded products. The same system is also in German dental suppliers which manufacture your products abroad. In particular manages the company flair-dent GmbH from Sottrum squaring the impeccable quality and a very reasonable price. “Managing Director Matthias Finch explains:” a quality of our dentistry is achieved by the use in the European market of purchased materials, which corresponds to the level of here of manufactured dentistry. In addition, Germans controlled in China Master dental technician the foreign laboratory, to secure an optimal production.” So has been realized as at discount stores, quality and price, also in the dental sector. “” Matthias Finch: “because we are convinced of our quality, we give without on fixed dentures 5 year warranty if and but!” Years of experience of successful quality production of tooth replacement makes possible such warranty period. This means enormous security and a substantial financial benefit for the end user.