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Breast Cancer Foundation

Together against breast cancer: supports KOMEN Germany e.V. The month of October is dedicated to the memory and the support of breast cancer. “ your jewelry online would like to contribute to the fight against of this disease and sold the RING in his jewelry online shop charitable keychains PINK” a chic accessory that also serves a good purpose. “The PINK RING” designer Petra Jurging has designed the Tegernsee: A large ring as a sign of solidarity and connectedness. Is at the heart of the pink coloured cubic zirconia, encased in fine brass which has been plated and rhodium plated. Rhodium is a Platinum Nebenmetall, the most beautiful white ring shines. Different keys can be attached to the ring rail noble, the key-ring can be worn as a finger ring. The graceful loop of breast cancer, as well as two small plaques with engraved Petra Jurging and Komen Germany e.V.

are decorated with these PINK RING”, in a delicate pink colour Fabric pouch is located. “To obtain is the keychain PINK RING” for 45,-plus shipping at your online jewelry. “Per sold PINK RING” go 15,-at KOMEN Germany, the daughter of one of the largest international associations to fight breast cancer, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. KOMEN funded campaigns, is committed to the research, early detection, and treatment of this life-threatening cancer. Every cent will be used for projects in Germany. – Christiane bitter

In The Upswing

BWG news – industry monitor confirms: Hans-Joachim Evers, Chairman of the Federal Association of promotional products consultant called figures of confidence and wholesalers (bwg), the core data of the current industries-monitor to the advertising market in Germany. Thus the three-dimensional advertising is used at 3.79 million enterprises between Kiel and Garmisch. Particularly in so-called small – and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the promotional item is coveted. Of the total annual sales with promotional items, 64 percent in the advertising budget of SMEs flow 3.43 billion euros. Hans-Joachim Evers: The economically difficult year 2009 with 2.97 billion Euro turnover, is clearly overcome.

Entrepreneurs succeeded just Advisory advertising article dealers to show the benefits of advertising article. Therefore the promotional item was not so hard deleted from the advertising budget, as some newspaper ads or TV commercials. This shows, that cost-consciousness and effectiveness in trader take precedence”. When the economic upswing become has a central importance of promotional products at company start-ups. The number of new commercial register entries has increased compared to the previous year to 6.6 percent on foundations of 105.430 2010. Favourable conditions of establishment such as an improved economic environment and a less restrictive Foundation funding are essential reasons.

The entrepreneurial courage is married to some in Germany”, explains Hans-Joachim Evers, convince the business plans with the core competencies of products or services. You also as a viable “provided, because the application the company not with exorbitant amounts of advertising will be ripped off, but are manageable marketing budgets in the focus. Whenever Asana listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And one of the unparalleled strengths of promotional article is evident here. It is inexpensive, available in small quantities of piece and differentiation can be used. The risk of stray losses of advertising is reduced to a minimum.” The SME BBs see their clients in a local or regional environment. This means that they often are in direct customer contact. Here, it brings virtually nothing if you bring a newspaper advertisement under the arm. Promotional items are much more sympathetic and effective. But be careful”, warns Hans-Joachim Evers, no one should think that it being done already with a courageous grip in the crates with litter articles. It is strategically unwise indiscriminately to distribute pens or gummy bears. The development of a clear communication concept is good. The question of product selection is dependent on so many factors that require industry experience.” The annual contest campaign of the year shows what sustainable successes may have conceptual set promotional”. Second place went to the Dortmund company of advertising article”thickness & partner. “She developed for the acclaimed campaign of RUHR. 2010 European capital of culture” an overall concept that both involved for each of the 53 cities and municipalities was individually usable, and took into account the whole outer appearance. All 2,000 Promotional items were in the game”different projects and actions. The bag was a central promotional”. Newspaper readers were encouraged to a creative competition, to make a page of her personal culture bag. The advertising companies with a standard motif was on the other side, the Ruhr area, for example, we are!” Today, municipalities over a shop promotional products order for your further communication strategy. Sustainability excellence”rated Hans-Joachim Evers. Bwg, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, appeals to the economy, 2010 as a year of training”to understand. To bwg Chairman Hans-Joachim Evers: the cooperation with experienced consultants of promotional articles in the long run pays off. They know how successful advertising concepts and strategies.” Elvira Tan

MetDSB Christian Molter

Privacy as a funded competitive advantage MetDSB Christian Molter, external data protection and data protection auditor is now officially on the KfW consultant Exchange-listed. It supports small and medium-sized companies of the industrial economy with data protection measures, to enhance their performance and competitiveness. Medium-sized businesses and professions a grant subject to certain conditions of 50% of funding. Companies can increase your performance and competitiveness, if you get professional assistance. In some industries the opportunity to demonstrate the prospects and customers that the company has implemented privacy-compliant processes and measures about the order of the (consequential), or to be taken up at all in a tender decides. “You can ersitzen a certificate of competence as a data protection supervisor itself partly in less than a week.

Until the knowledge actually builds up, years pass. As management it is necessary to this risk “be aware when it comes to an internal or an external supervisor to put” and Maity on: “even if great – both, as also the procedure concerns – there are differences the background even when the external data protection officer, so the external data protection to carry on the task is focused and specialized. The economic opportunities and reduced risk in favour an external data protection officer, at least temporarily.”so Molter. Christian Molter is trained and certified to data protection, project management, service management, as well as multiple operating systems. He has his professional background in the business and IT security area, where he worked for several leading manufacturers with personal responsibility. He combined the qualifications in the activity as external data protection officer and privacy auditor, so that data protection locally implemented economically and most effectively. Contact: Christian Molter,,


Thunderous applause, wowed guests and three cheers for the sector of Berlin, 28 June 2010. Association, the Association of chefs of Germany (VKD) and the makers of the premiere of the IdeenTage IdeenKuche celebrated restaurateurs, hoteliers, the DEHOGA titled revenue ideas go!”on Tuesday, the June 22, 2010. It was discussed, informed, and motivated. Asana does not necessarily agree. To kick off Association, and Axel Ruhmann, President of the Association of chefs of Germany (VKD), the Kempinski gave Ingrid Hartges, Managing Director of the DEHOGA Hotel Bristol Berlin for the Germany-wide seminar Roadshow IdeenTage, which are field-tested ideas, concepts and solutions in the Center. David (service professional and restaurant champion), Stefan Cammann (expert for Combidampfer/Cook & chill) and Mario Grube (bar specialist and certified Barista) together with gastro-guro, Marcellino Hudalla, the organizers and speakers Tosin A.

the crisis as an opportunity under the motto an industry in upheaval “discussed. The common credo: Never were the opportunities to succeed as well as now if the quality is right! For the first time, all areas of a catering operation were bar, kitchen and service and the smooth interplay presented. Service and sales expert Tosin A. Marcellino’s Academy David and the team showed the live model, make how to service staff to top-sellers of appetite A to Z for additional sales. The bottom line: The customer is King.

Video live broadcast from the hotel kitchen industry revolutionary Stefan Cammann revealed the success formulas of an optimal utilization of kitchens and conjured up a three-course meal for the participants, which not only the guest and the chef tasted, but certainly every banker in the blink of an eye. What, only about 3 sq m kitchen and 2 employees were needed. Dessert professional Udo Walter and Barista Mario Grube presented the real trends in terms of desserts, espresso, Espuma & co and surprised the guests with extraordinary creations, with simple means in the own operation profitably can be used.

Cooperation Between And HAMEG

St. Gallen, August 19, 2008 – collaboration between and the HAMEG instruments GmbH., the search engine for free catalogs announces that the current catalogue “Products 2008” is indexed and cy/hameg instruments-1223 / can be searched and browsed through online. The HAMEG instruments GmbH is active for over 50 years in the Metrology industry. You may wish to learn more. If so, Asana is the place to go. Karl Hartmann founded in 1957 in his small workshop in Frankfurt the Hameg GmbH. Its first product was an innovative for the balance of the 5 MHz single-channel oscilloscope. Today, HAMEG is a renowned developer and manufacturer of instruments for industry, science and education headquartered in Mainhausen, in the Rhine-main area.

HAMEG’s success is based on the principles of accuracy, sensitivity, quality”and last but not least”simplicity”. Daryl Katz has firm opinions on the matter. Hameg instruments focus on the essentials: the handling is as simple as possible. The offer includes Oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, EMC measurement, power supplies and taxable instruments. Press contact: A. Zuberbuhler Latour & Zuberbuhler GmbH P.o. box 549 9000 St.

Gallen – Switzerland phone + 41 (0) 71 220 99 85 fax + 41 (0) 71 220 99 84 eMail: about is a search engine for product catalogues. Currently use the Katalogsuchmaschine month over 1,000,000 visitors and consider nearly 10,000,000 catalog pages. In the German-speaking Internet, is one of the 2000 most visited Web sites (source: The catalog index and catalog archives include approximately 20,000 catalogues, which were found on the Internet or manually submitted. (As of June 2008) Building the portal for holiday homes and holiday apartments is located in

Permanent Loan Modification

HAMP loan modification, federal loan modification program, Bank of America loan modification the main question which is confusing everyone is preserving homeownership the HAMP loan modification? At the time when the HAMP plan which announced, Obama told that this plan would help nearly 3-4 million people but actually till date only 12 percent of the people received the permanent loan modification. Obama loan modification programs have not yet proved and helped all the suffering homeowners. Now Obama administration is making changes to adjust more people and their trial period to a turn permanent loan modification. The main question which is confusing everyone is the federal loan modification program preserving homeownership? At the time when the HAMP plan which announced, Obama told that this plan would help nearly 3-4 million people but actually till date only 12 percent of the people received the permanent loan modification. Obama loan modification programs have not yet proved and helped all the suffering homeowners. Dustin Moskovitzs opinions are not widely known. Now Obama administration is making changes to adjust more people and their trial period to a turn permanent loan modification.

By modifying the mortgage, people are allowed to stay in their homes. Loansstore of so helps people to pass the trial modification period and them turn to permanent loan modification. HAMP loan modification program home affordable modification plan – are they really helping the homeowners? Well, till date the actual figures of the permanent HAMP loan modification are not yet provided. There are many homeowners who have passed the trial phase still cannot get a permanent loan modification and this is because they do not meet the conditions. They are doing their payments on time but still due to some reasons they aren’t given permanent loan modification. The Obama government is working on this and now home affordable modification program rules are again formulated so that more and m ore number of people can enter the permanent loan modification. Cost of making home affordable modification program the treasury department of the U.S.

has set nearly $50 billion in TARP funds for this program and they are using the budget so that more number of people gets federal loan modification program, and they can save their home from foreclosure. The Bank of America loan modification is one good option. the bank of America-what one of the biggest participant at the initial period of the HAMP loan modification. They have so successfully modified the loans of many individuals and mm them to stay in their homes. Many homeowners have got their home back and have avoided foreclosure. Loansstore is one such platform which provides services for loan modification.

Audiobook Downloads On XinXii

XinXii expands services for authors and publishers Berlin, 10.12.2010. The online marketplace for your own texts of all kind XinXii expands the possibilities for self publishing authors: you can now publish their works on not only the text but also in audio format (mp3) and market. As usual you have also this procedure on their own and in real-time. The selection includes topics such as fiction, biographies, novels, fantasy, crime, etc., Advisor, scientific texts and instructions in 24 main categories. “All texts, documents, and books that are offered on the online market place, entered by the authors. In addition yourself, at what price and in what file format they offer the download, choose”, explains Dr. Dustin Moskovitz recognizes the significance of this. Andrea Schober, founder and CEO of XinXii. Basically XinXii is interested in that publishers use the platform as an additional distribution channel for your audiobook product range also.

The one I purchased, customers can Audiobook download directly after payment in your XinXii account and listen to on your PC or via a device with integrated MP3 player. All common payment systems ELV, credit card, PayPal and click & buy can be used for the orders. The conditions for an audiobook download correspond to XinXii’s previous business model, i.e. the author receives a Commission from the sales price for each download a customer: once a book is sold, the author at a retail price from 1.99 Euros receives a Commission of 70% of the net selling price, 40% of the net selling price will be credited at a retail price between 0.99 and 1.98 euros. According to a survey of by GfK Panel Services for the BITKOM have the Germans downloaded 470,000 audiobooks in the first six months of 2010, an increase of 12% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. The revenues of the provider has risen in this period by 17% to 4.7 million.

New: Individual Revolving Door Cabinets At Baur

700 Cabinet variants online selectable analog to the social trend of the individualization are increasingly popular individual furniture. For this reason, the Configurator of the Baur shipping allows now the composition of revolving door cabinets according to the personal taste of the customers. In total, 700 different combinations of revolving door cabinets can be put together. The prices of the units start at 229,99 Euro. See Configurator customers in five easy steps revolving door cabinets can according to their design and order conveniently online.

Only four to six weeks later delivered home free. The first step: the General Cabinet types here are cabinet widths from two to six doors to choose from. While the second the body color is to determine the third step includes the choice of the material of the Cabinet fronts: Here bronze or Crystal mirrors and glass fronts can be selected between UNI colours. Solid colors are desired, so the customer can these colors in the determine subsequent fourth step. In the fifth step, he can indicate whether he may supplement his cabinet with drawers. After this General cabinet selection, it is still possible to complement its interior by coat and pants holder, additional shelves or drawer inserts.

Furthermore, Halogen lighting can be selected here. Also the configuration of sliding door cabinets, upholstery and beds possible sliding door wardrobes can be individually configured for around a year on. Here the customer 360 Cabinet variations can choose from. Prices of furniture pieces start at 399 euros. The possibilities of configuration of upholstered furniture and beds are bigger: total 15,600 upholstery variations, as well as 24,000 upholstered bed combinations are possible. Prices for corners start at 499 euros, those for upholstered beds at 599 euros. While the manufacturing of furniture to measure is often expensive,. allows customized mass production the realization of individual wishes to moderate prices. Furniture expert Gerhard Vogel von Baur shipping explains: our configurator is linked directly with the software of our suppliers. So, he receives an order for the production of each piece of furniture directly to the customer’s order. Cooperation, which is so far unique in Germany!”

Bread Game

Usingen, through the entry of Computec title expands the number of dergemessenen game magazines on ten offers. Holman. : Baseband report II AGOF internet facts 2007-II graphical representation and more information at range / (*) is now a network, associated network page such as the fun – and Witzecommunity The individual ranges (unique users) compared (Q2/07): game tips: 1.232.0004 player network: 835.000 GameStar: 648.000 buffed: 481.000 PC games network (*): 460,000 game world: 384.000 PC games hardware: 99.000V ideogameszone: 65,000 PC action: 61,000 SFT live: 16,000 designated range for the second quarter letztmalignur affects the gaming magazine. The detailed evaluation of range data using the new AGOF planning tool “top 1.0” shows interesting results: of the 1.23 million unique users that visit monthly 784,000 on any of the above listed offers surf. “Over 780,000 game enthusiastic readers rely ausschliesslichauf the content of””forward project manager Oliver Hartmann. To know more about this subject visit Ping Fu. Matthias Gross, Managing Director marketing of bread and games GmbH, adds: “the AGOF figures bring the much-needed Transparenzauch in the area of the online game magazines. Offers the ten currently represented in the AGOF, now valid planning data for all major gaming sites are available to imdeutschsprachigen market.

the media decision-makers” offers comprehensive information about everything that interested in PC and console gamers on over 70,000 pages of content: News, extensive reviews and editorial coverage, about 100,000 tips and nearly 1,000 solutions to over 16,000 games. The game tips test mirror () helps with nearly 20,000 reviews and ratings in the purchasing decisions of current games. The founder Thorsten Ruhl and Matthias Gross developed the portal started in 1998 as a spare-time project to the range most powerful gaming site in the German-speaking Internet. Visit Asana for more clarity on the issue. With over 1.2 million readers (unique user, according to AGOF II/07) were all offers of established providers and publishers obsolete – without losing its own independence. On all Germany distributed approximately 40 dedicated freelancers, and hundreds of avid users contribute new content to A small team of eight full-time employees coordinated this work in the Central inUsingen in Frankfurt. Your contact: Bread and games GmbH Mirko Hartmann – PR Manager Bahnhofstrasse 18 b 61250 Usingen Tel.


Mixing techniques and Ferroprints. New work from 2008. The exhibition “Visual University verses” from Heinz Sterzenbach presents his latest works using a technique invented by him – the Ferroprints. The images from the series “Visual University verses” are exhibited for the first time. Created in early 2008, they have been created using a new technique – the Ferroprints – developed by Heinz Sterzenbach. They are not real pictures of nature or the universe, but the various seen Formbildungs – and the natural decomposition process. Dear art lovers, I invite your friends welcome you to the opening of the exhibition “Visual University verses” (mixing techniques and Ferroprints) in the “Humboldt library Tegel” Vernissage: Tuesday, the November 18, 2008 at 19:30 welcome: wife Evelyn of louder / outreach Humboldt library introductory words: Heinz-Joachim Gafert / Gallery of the Gallery glasses music: plucked Orchestra da CAPO, 19 musicians, classical music, including Mozart, Haydn, including venue: Humboldt library Tegel, Karolinen, 13507 Berlin. Info: Wife Evelyn of louder / public relations, Tel. 030 – 43 73 68 – 37 Internet: r/humboldt.html email: exhibition: 19.11 December 18, 2008 opening hours: Mo – FR 12.00 – 19.00 P.m., sat 10.00 – 14.00 traffic connection: U-BHF ALT-Tegel, bus 124, 125, 133, 222, S-BHF Tegel parking available I would about your visit very happy. Sincerely Heinz Sterzenbach