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So Paulo

This process finishes for reproducing and naturalizing a violent system. Corroborating with this information, ALMEIDA (1999), affirms that the domestic violence the one that the woman was victim during its life, either in its infancy or adolescence, acts as the influential factor in the production of passivity of the same ones, what it incapacitates the woman to rebel itself ahead of the violence, therefore, by many times is placed in the paper of culprit for these violent attitudes (TAVARES, 2000). Moreover, according to SCOTT (1990), in the formation of the personality of the individuals, the parents act as reference, being its values absorbed for the children, what he can take the similar attitudes and behaviors in the future. Supporting this affirmation, the research carried through in the Center of Reference of the Health of the Woman of the Hospital Byington Pearl, So Paulo, it showed that many women had told that the violence who suffer with its husbands or friends if resembles the same violence lived for its parents (to see TAVARES, DINALVA, 2000) .2.4 the PROCESS OF DENUNCIATION: OF the AGGRESSION To the SUSPENSION OF the QUEIXADe agreement with some authors (Giffen, 1994; To sound et al., 1996) many victims of violence do not make expert examination for innumerable personal and/or social causes. The act to denounce is problematic that awaken an interest of the professionals, therefore the official numbers of the violence domesticate do not correspond to the reality, that is, many cases are not notified remaining in the anonymity. To breach silence becomes a problematic one for the register of denounces. It is standed out that the necessity of a bigger joint between the state and the public politics for optimum agreement of the violence exists. In view of the social panorama that it looks to explain the violence against the woman is necessary also to think about the reaction of the women to the aggression and about the conditions that these make use to defend themselves of the violence.

Adriatic Cruise

The Croatia is becoming day to day asked for destiny more in Europe and by this, plus all the attractive that she has to offer you would not have to deprive yourself to undergo this wonder on board a cruise the Adriatic the Croatia locks up in his little surface a infinity of places to be shortages by the visitor. A good option to cross the coast Dalmatian of this country, is realising an Adriatic cruise. Thus to vacacionar in a cruise in the Croatia allows him to have different, exotic, pleasant vacations, and relajantes far from the noises and preoccupations of the great cities. Ideally it agrees to sail its waters with a rent boat with crew in the Croatia. This allows that it will count on people who will take care to do of her a little while unforgettable stay. The Prentice schooner is a constructed boat of luxury covers with boards that it is rented to the owner directly to make an Adriatic cruise. The good thing for contracting directly with the proprietor is that the same travels attack at any moment consequently you and theirs will have much more security in his trip. In addition on board a cook travels who will be able to prepare with taste plates to him of his preference.

Also the schooner counts on 12 double beds distributed en6 staterooms, counts on bath with hot water, electricity from solar energy, cooks, drunk on board and even the possibility of connecting to local Internet via wi fi. As it will see they are all the comforts at the disposal of the passenger. Another important point is that it can rent all the schooner for you, theirs and a private trip. This is a very interesting modality of vacacionar near all the comfort of adriaticopero cruise far delos thousands of people who usually travel in a traditional cruise. Of this form during his demurrage in the boat you will be able to dedicate yourself to the activity that she pleases to him more.

In addition from the itinerary that he chooses he will be crossing different cities of the Croatia that will be able to know thoroughly thanks to the recommendations of the crew in relation to the best ways to cross the more important cities and tourist points. If he is planning his next vacations and he can go away until Central Europe it does not stop taking advantage of a boat trip by the coasts the Croatia. The Adriatic Sea with the blue thing of their waters, thousand of islands inhabited and virgin of the dalmtica coast, the calidez of people and the ample option of activities to realise in each one of the cities to which it is visiting during his trip, will make of their route a memorable stay that surely will want to return to repeat. It already knows it, rent boat with crew in the Croatia is the best option for his vacations of dream in this republic.

Metropolitan Region

This article has as purpose to analyze some of the main urban ambient impacts that occur in the Region Metropolitan of Rio De Janeiro. We will prioritize in this article the urban ambient impacts related to the occupation of hillsides and occupation of edges of rivers. Words keys: Region Metropolitan of Rio De Janeiro and urban ambient Impactos. This article aims you analyze adds of the main environmental impacts that occur in urban metropolitan area of Rio De Janeiro. This article will give priority you urban environmental impacts related you the occupation of hillsides and occupation of riverbanks. Keywords: Metropolitan Region of environmental Rio De Janeiro urban and impacts. the present article intends to identify, to argue and to understand some of the main urban ambient impacts that occur in the Region Metropolitan of Rio De Janeiro, such as: movements of mass, floodings, floods and overflows. Result of reflections that if they had accumulated to the few, from comments and research, this article was being organized considering some basic ideas for understanding of the considered subject, as for example of region the ambient metropolitan, impacts and urban ambient impacts.

It adds these reflections the experiences in day-by-day of the author, whom being living of this region of the state, which is subject, it searched to formulate interpretations of its reality, what it generated diverse analyses that duly had been displayed in our research. Our intention is the stories of the main urban ambient impacts that occur in the Region Metropolitan of Rio De Janeiro are clear, in way that can serve of contribution for other research. According to resolution of the CONAMA (national advice of environment), N 1 of 23 of January of 1986 in art. 1, considers ambient impact any alteration of the physical, chemical and biological properties of the environment, caused for any form of substance or energy of the activities human beings who directly or indirectly they affect: I the health, the security and the welfare of the population; II the social and economic activities; III biota; IV the aesthetic and sanitary conditions of the environment; V the quality of the environmental resources.

The First Space Hotel To Open In 2012 To 450 Km From The Earth Science

A hotel that orbits the Earth about? Yes. It looks like a science fiction movie but it is not, is a real project in 2012 will see the light thanks to the tenacity of four architects from Catalonia. With the reading of Galactic Suite will understand that an idea, although it seems very far-fetched, can be realized. Key: five meetings. Can you imagine spending your vacation in a hotel orbiting the Earth, 450 kilometers away at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour? Although it seems a science fiction movie is not, is a real project that a group of Catalan architects and engineers will come true in 2012. Galactic Suite's work explains in detail the steps taken by these architects for a priori that what may seem like a dream come to be realized and implemented. The book is a clear example that nothing is impossible, that with determination and hard work riskier projects taking shape and just getting assistance (technical and financial) to be realized. In particular, "it is fundamental starting work without bias, start any project without knowing the solution. If one gets rid of the preconceived ideas will be much easier to be attentive to the real needs of customers, the world, even before they are aware needs. "Written for four voices (Xavier Claramunt, Ariadna Boada, Joan and Marc Cuevas Zaballa) and with much humor, the reader will discover in its pages the strategy of the five meetings necessary to make a success of any business: 1.

Alejandro Volta

The nucleus of the atom consists of neutrons and protons. Electrons have a negative charge, the Proton a positive charge and neutrons, as their name implies, are neutral: lack of positive or negative charge. (Incidentally, the atom, according to the ancient filosofosgriegos, was the smallest part that could be split or split matter; we now know that subatomic particles exist and science has discovered that there are particles of antimatter: positron, antiproton, etc., which annihilate each other to join the first). As well, some types of materials are composed of atoms which easily lose their electrons, and these can move from one atom to another. In simple terms, electricity is not anything other than electrons in motion.

Thus, when they move between the atoms of matter, creates an electric current. It is what happens in the cables that carry electricity to your home: through them go by electrons, and make it almost at the speed of light. However, it is useful to know that electricity flows better in some materials than in others. Earlier we saw that this same happens with heat, because in both cases there are good or bad drivers of energy. For example, the resistance offered to the passage of electric current a cable depends on and is measured by its thickness, length and metal that is made. The lower cable resistance, better will be the conduction of electricity in the same. Gold, silver, copper and aluminum are excellent conductors of electricity. The first two would be too expensive to be used in the millions of miles of power lines that exist on the planet; Why copper is used more than any other metal in electrical installations.The electric force that pushes the electrons is measured in volts. (The first electric battery was invented by Italian scientist Alejandro Volta, and in his honor was called Volt to this electrical measurement).