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It includes an analysis of the impacts of the social development of enterprises and their products in terms of flows, difficult or slowly renewable resource consumption, as well as in terms of generation of waste and emissions this last pillar is necessary so that the other two are stable. Since then, there are conditions for sustainable development limits natural resources they suggest three basic rules in relation to the rhythms of development sustainable. Any renewable resource should be used at a higher rate than his generation. Any contaminant must occur at a rate higher than that can be recycled, neutralized or absorbed by the medium environment. Any non-renewable resource shall profiting at greater speed than necessary to replace it with a renewable resource used in a sustainable manner share with directions that are made of the importance that will take very seriously the strategic issues such as: education for sustainable development has to do with a change in values, behaviour and lifestyles. To do this they will be needed at least 20 years. Education must be understood as a reflection of society.

The special implication of Governments and national and local actors is needed. Definitely the present Government must identify themselves more with the importance and relevance of the scope of sustainable development, keep in mind, that the development sustainable and sustainable Dourojeanni (1999: 3) following can be explained through economic factors, environmental and social, that refer to turn to economic growth, environmental issues and equity, however, says the author that these three variables does not necessarily explain everything truly hydration the concept of sustainable and sustainable development, but at the same time makes explicit that these variables explain a good percentage of it and later in his research notes that balance which implies achieving a sustainable and sustainable development, in its minimum expression, is the balance of a trilogy economic, social and environmental on every piece of territory that there is on Earth and a balance product of negotiation between those responsible for managing these territories (Dourojeanni, 1999: 8). Topics that in Venezuela are required to give it more attention.


Extraordinary expenses in the field of the alimony as those which must be paid the parents in cases of separation or divorce, and that ordinarily exceed subscribers in respect of that pension by the parent without custody over the children could be defined. They arise in certain circumstances of character unexpected or unusual, generating new needs that must be met in a coordinated way by both spouses and in relation to the financial means available. In practice, how could be distinguished between regular or frequent expense and other extraordinary? It should be taken into consideration when qualifying a particular expenditure as ordinary or extraordinary if this manifestly exceeds the everyday, and may not have been had into account when fixing the amount of the pension at the time of the separation or divorce. Thus, for example, would be considered ordinary expenses those relating to food, dresses or medical expenses for usual character (for example, if the child has a health problem that forced him to take a fairly expensive medication in a continuous way). If this type of regular expenditure could grow in its amount, the parent who receives the alimony may request its upward revision. This, in any case, would be considered motivated by an increase in regular expenditure. Instead, they could be considered as extraordinary expenses treatment of orthodontics, for example, or the realization by the son of some foreign language course. It is of two sources of expenses that would have been impossible to predict at the time of the marriage breakdown, and that therefore in any case would have taken into account in calculating the pension.

As you can see, in many cases the amount of these expenses reached a considerable amount, reason by which becomes especially necessary to determine who would meet them. How is the payment of these expenses would carried out? In those divorces that take place by mutual agreement, the couple you could establish any forecast it deemed appropriate in connection therewith in the corresponding regulator Convention. However, practice tells us that in most cases excessive importance does to them when preparing them, with what inclusion ends up being sent to the responsible Court of family dictate at the time the judgement of separation or divorce, relying on that Convention. The rule usually listed in the Judicial resolution usually generally indicate a payment to 50% thereof by each of the spouses, unless there is a great imbalance in their incomes or assets after the breakdown of the marriage.


People with secure attachment styles, shown to have a high accessibility to schemas and positive memories, which leads them to have positive expectations about relationships with others, to trust more and to get more intimate with them. People with Avoidant and anxious attachment styles, show have less accessibility to positive memories and greater accessibility to negative schemas, what has, in the case of evasive people, kept suspicious closeness with others and people with anxious attachment style to have conflicts with the intimacy, because they want to have it and have intense fear of losing this (BaldwinM. et to the. 1996). Influence of the styles of attachment relationships. In recent years, a growing research has come to be interested in the processes by which people develop and maintain emotional ties in intimate relationships (Bretherton, et al cited in Simpson, J. 1990). Several recent studies on adult love relationships, suggest large similarities between adult romantic attachment and the attachment of children with their first caregivers (Feeney, B.

& Kirkpatrick, l. 1996). This because during the social development people build afectivos-cognitivos models of themselves and typical patterns of interaction with significant others. These mental models, organize the development of the personality and guide subsequent social behavior. The study of individual differences in attachment styles, is a significant contribution to our understanding of the why intimate relationships vary in quality and interpersonal nature, many hypotheses can be generated about the nature and emotional quality of romantic relationships with persons exhibiting different styles of attachment (Simpson, j. 1990). This is how the studies have determined that some characteristics that occur in intimate relationships that people establish have much to do with their individual attachment styles. People with safe style tend to develop mental models of themselves as friendly, affable and able, and others how well intentioned and reliable, they are relatively easy to get intimate with each other, and feel comfortable depending on others and that others depend on them, and not worry about being abandoned or that others are very close emotionally.

Internet Impact

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