Third Impact


I am not very good in these things of loves, relationships, cases badly decided. I never liked what I did not understand, or was not clearly pra me since the beginning. I was not of those girls who were with some boys in the adolescence alone for being. What I taste am of living histories, knowing that I am part really of them and not that I only am there filling a place that was not pra to be mine. I am not saying that taste to know the route that everything will follow. But I want to know if the place for where I am going goes to be valid the trip. if I to find that valley, can believe, goes to place the foot in the accelerator pra to be more emotive.

Taste of the complete one, the whole number, the intense one. It does not come me with halves and amenities. I want what it is mine for right and not a prize for good behavior. To live in a way that the penalty is valid to remember, if in my oldness alone me the homesicknesses to sobrarem. To love of a skill make that me to smile, if in my solitude alone me the souvenirs to sobrarem. You would not understand my genius of aquarium, therefore for backwards of my calm waters she exists a giant wave if approaching, made use to devastar everything in return. I have penalty of people who find that they deserve the leftovers.

Besteira Quanta. Quanta lack of proper love. Quanta will of being less and lesser. I do not want this pra me. also I do not want that they ask for this to me. Then, we are talked?