Third Impact

The Visa

The request must be written in the appropriate form and signed before the Consular Officer. At the same shall be attached the following documents: – any former Italian passport – 2 photos of front, cm. 4 x 4, – marriage certificate (If not submitted earlier) whose date of issuance may not exceed six months. If the game is not issued by an Italian authority, must be translated into Italian. In all cases, the original must be submitted.

Besides the documentation referred to above, must submit the following: A) FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BORN IN ITALY – Birth certificate (original) – ID card for foreigners (original and photocopy); failing may submit the Certification of the National Electoral (May 25 n 245, 1002 Capital Federal) which must contain the non-option for citizenship in Argentina. This certificate must be dated after 08/16/1992. It must show an identity document valid during the original and photocopy. – Certificate of current address. B) FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BORN IN ARGENTINA: – ID card with current address (original and photocopy), certificate of current address. TRANSIT O Compatriots Temporarily RESIDENTS IN ARGENTINA must submit the expired passport to be validated only when the Italian authorities that he had been granted, submit the proper authorization

CAUTION: – If the applicant has children under 18 years requires the consent of the other parent – in order to enroll in the passport to children under 16 years (Point A of the application), requires the consent of the other parent and must accompany the identity of minors (original and photocopy). We remind you that after 10 years of age, you must attach two recent photographs of minors. – The application for issue / re-validated passport for the minor children shall be signed by both parents in the presence of the consular officer – the male citizen, before applying for a passport, you must have regularized the military situation with regard to Italy, that obligation begins January 1 of the year you reach age 18 and lasts until the completion of the 45 years of age – if loss or theft of passport should attach a police report which comprise the Italian Competition Authority that issued the passport lost or stolen. To the extent possible it must be stated on the number and date of issue thereof. VISAS Argentine citizens are not required to obtain a visa to stay for tourism purposes up to 90 days. The Visa is needed for study – work – family reunification or other reason related to establishing the residence, and in particular, for the entry of children adopted in Italy. Article courtesy of: Processing and acquisition of European citizenship.