Third Impact

Making the Trip

The person to leave a place for the other makes its plans, and she does not go to prepare its Spirit to make the Great Trip? To leave the material plan and to go for the plain spiritual without preparing its luggage, are much invigilncia, therefore everybody knows that one day goes to have that to free the atoms that if had agglutinated to form its body of meat, that goes down to the valley. The Spirit, however, has that to ascend, cannot be grasped to the body that does not die, but that it is only putrefied. Antoine Lavoisier, considered says the Father of Modern Chemistry: ' ' In the Nature, nothing it is created, nothing is lost, everything if transforma' '. When if the person makes even though a small stroll takes money, takes coat, already thinking about the time change, she takes one or more parts of clothes. wants to go for its Native land of Origin without taking nothing of good in the luggage? It does not think about this as a bad omen, but it is a trip that all will have that to make. The way as it goes, depends on each one.

The death is only one state that the Celestial Father created so that all are prepared and they do not arrive ahead of its it exempts conscience of empty hand, if lamenting: ' ' why I did not make this? why I did not make that? ; I had 30, 60, 15, 10 years to make something for my life beyond the substance and I did not make! ' '. Meditou in this? Nobody dies, nobody is finished, but it only becomes invisible. To live governing the thought it are of the material body is good for having good recorded actions in it, things good to remember and if to lead in this new time, in which each individual will have that to have domain on it, therefore the Spirit if dirige for where if it directs its thought. If the person will have a bit of knowledge, will see the difference between an imprisoned reasoning and a free reasoning of the traditional castrations. The body is weighed and the reasoning in it does not flow so free as in the Spirit that is pure energy. Let us see an example: it fulls air ball; it is compressed by the object; he frees air, it goes to go off in one such way that nothing he will be able to contain it. Thus it is the thought spiritual.