Third Impact

The Impact

Production segments of 50 minutes and rest 10 recommended taking this time to devote to writing of the book. Avoid interruptions. Having a virtual character image is convenient to browse to an image on google of a virtual person which imaginarily are talking about. Have this image to have in front of us while we write. Music that inspires you get headphones to listen to music that inspires you and do not let you hear noises that distract you. Spoken audio record all your book instead of writing, we recorded a talk with this virtual character developed the entire contents of the book. Transcribe the recording then we will write all recorded.

We could also transcribe the first recording, then improve it and re-record it read the new improved text. Size suggest a book small say a few 50-maximum sheet to assess the impact it has when we launched to the market. Then we will make new sections as separate books and if successful finish bringing everything into a single book to using the same content. It is risky to spend months doing a huge book and is not then successful. In addition doing 10 small books and releasing them as you create can have more success although only sold 4 booklets, which offer only a great book. Design texts are very attractive titles or subtitles in quotation marks or other characters that stand out as most important. Do not use excessively large or very small sizes.

The text must be balanced regardless of ends and just limit it to emphasize something in particular. Use the same family of letter, at least at 90% in the entire page. Colors and backgrounds must have extreme care in the choice of the color of the text and the background. They must have contrasts. Dark letters on a light backgrounds or vice versa.