Third Impact

Resentment Person

Those who are free from resentment thoughts live in peace. Buddha generalities, scope, impact everyone fully identified with their personal growth and that every day he puts it to test in their interactions with others and even when he stops to examine where are their weaknesses, difficulties to go forward, achieve peace, harmony, happiness and know how to use properly the chance at life that has bequeathed to us, not overlooked, that resentment represents, generates, the reason for its manifestation, its scope, which involves, its causes, actions, the emergence of the rancor that can be and above all, the impact that can be generated. It is quite true that in this respect says Carla Valencia, that all experienced resentment at some point. We must therefore understand that it is an emotion that does not help us at all, although I think that to aplacer, we are indicating that something we are failing, that we must be more attentive in the management of our emotions and to not give steps to feelings that can harm us in our growth. Highlights, many times it has happened that the person we wronged even remembers what happened, however we caught in the grievance.

Probably not give strength to the antidote as it is forgiveness which helps us frees us to liberate ourselves from the resentment. But what is the resentment? gives us some answers about namely: feel hostility against a person or a group that you think that us has treated badly. Unresolved anger about a negative event that has happened to us. Anger, emotional agitation which feels whenever referring to a particular person or event. Inability to forgive, inability to let go and forget. The basis of mistrust and suspicion that feels in dealing with people or events that produced us pain in the past. Unresolved emotional pain that feels when you are unable to accept a loss.