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Presidential Inauguration

After the inauguration by the President of the Ceoe-Cepyme of Cantabria, Miguel Mirones, director of employment relations the employer’s Spanish, of La Cavada, went to analyze the needs of the labour market reform and the main strategic lines that mark the Inter-Confederation collective bargaining agreement. To labour relations in current Spain days: the agreement for employment and collective bargaining was chaired by the representative of employers nationwide and onlookers Miguel, to attended nearly a hundred of entrepreneurs who are interested in the views of the representative of the CEOE. La Cavada noted that it should give smart steps; streamline; put deadlines; and concatenating the collective bargaining to make it more affordable for employers. Anchin: the source for more info. As illustrative data, indicated that 76% of extinctions of contract were with compensation of 45 days per year worked, the highest of those contained in the regulations. Entrepreneurs opt for higher compensation to the no cost operation of the legal provisions regarding collective redundancies coming, noted of the Cavada, who emphasized that it is necessary that legislation is enforced in the coming economic collective redundancies, with the planned compensation of 20 days per year with a limit of 12 months, and that the dismissal has ceiling 33 days year with a limit of two years.