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Professor Jack Levin

Civilization was born the day the man waved a word instead of a spear. Freud overview not surprising that opinions are heard as: careful with that person, you like gossip; that person is very gossipy; avoid that person because she loves gossip and they can cause you problems, among others. The truth, as gossip manifested in our interrelationships and it is very difficult that they disappear, the important thing is to avoid them, not encourage them or let yourself be caught by them. It should know involving in gossip, its scope and what are the implications arising from them, avoid them and when there are know them face without that this us harm nor affect anyone. Basic considerations, implications, scope. The respect of gossip, of the chismoteo, Felix Larocca reminds us, that the word gossip in English means person related to another in God. Until the year 1800 was seen as sign of friendship. Today is defined in English as: loose talk or the dissemination of information intimate or sensational.

Many people can benefit from the gossip that are disseminated according to Professor Jack Levin, author of the book about them: Gossip the Inside Scoop.For others, gossip can be a vehicle to let us know, non-confrontational, some do not approve of our behaviors. (Psychology Today August of 1996). It says that gossip is a form of communication that is in force, and that can go from a simple criticism until the invention of a history around a particular subject. It plays mean, also will try to change the reality. For Larocca, gossip is an unfounded comments generally consisting of a series of lies that maybe will come to harm to one or several individuals, depending on the intention of the person, or who, generates it. In addition, says that gossip structure make it up: the talebearer, the receiver of the rumor, and the victim who speaks negatively and without grounds.