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Reason Air

The crusher dust seriously affect the production capacity of the crusher (crusher) and the health of workers, facing the large amount of dust crusher produced, our technicians provide professional crusher dust problems for our customers crusher, I hope it is helpful to you. What problems the crusher dust improper dispose will cause? The following detail explanation is:?(Crusher) general the baghouse filter area of crusher is small, ventilation is generally inadequate, dust cover and crusher cavity are difficult to form a slightly negative pressure, therefore, the dust of the working environment is large, which is not conducive to breathing. Precipitator dust enter into the pipeline, the system resistance is increased at the elbow of the inlet tube, the bend parts are susceptible to be wearied and keep by the dust. Frequently Dustin Moskovitz has said that publicly. If we adopt the screw conveyor and sub-grid transport wheel baghouse to collect dust, the power consumption will increase, mechanical maintenance workload will increase too; We often need to demolish the under sub-grid wheel feeder, if this situation lasts a long time, the feeder flange under will leak air, it will exacerbate the ash bucket air leakage. When crushing materials humidity is high (after raining or the materials be caught in a shower), the dust particles be sent into the precipitator is larger than the dry crushing pipes, bag-type dust collector is easy to be pasted, under feeder is easy to be jammed, this will bring about the significant increase of the bag-type dust collector ventilation resistance, and the ventilation capacity is decreased, of course the dust problem will be more serious. In the process of the materials fall from the conveyor belt, the air and the material went together into the closed dust cover, the dusty air spread to the outside of the cap through the crevice and orifice hood walls, which pollute the environment. In addition, due to incorrectly set of the belt-corner point, open and stop of the precipitator is almost dust does not impact to head dust of the lower belt conveyor. Therefore, since the 5th rock crushing machine was put into use, this dust collector almost does not work, the upper belt conveyor has-been in the diffuse dust.

The failures of baghouse and supporting parts are more, which not only affect the normal dust disposition, but also increase the equipment maintenance workload.from the view of equipment maintenance statistics, the spare parts poor quality are important reason of equipment failure. In order to reduce the dust caused by the crusher housing air leakage, in the current production, people often water the materials at the mouth of crushing, its result is the baghouse filter bags con paste and the under feeder blockage. Because people often conduct intermittent clean to the baghouse, when the precipitator works normally, the division round air leakage is a question that should not to be neglected.

Impact Crusher

The function of air dust and to dilution and discharge of dust in the air within on mine.Many enhanced my experience has shown that in the adoption of comprehensive dustproof actions, improve and enhance ventilation function, the efficient use of cooling down force, well the impact crusher of dust-proof is important and ring. In the process of open-pit mine transportation vehicles flying dust is the main dust source open field. Transportation dustproof action primarily have: before loading for the study of the water supply and discharge of mine in a sprayer;Strengthen road surfaces conservation, reduces traffic transport process of the ore;The major transport routes to use representative concrete sidewalk and; Developed mechanical road transport frequently with spray, and add to water of wetting enhancing the dust impact.Still can’t use sprays sandstorm develops antibacterial, inhibition, the major components of powder agent to absorb the moisture agents and plastic bonding, already can’t absorb water and dust forming, but also can enhance the quality of road surface. Due to the variety of materials, in the use of it can break damp gender matter, but when crusher and the impact crusher of the structure and characteristics fully, in a material medium is damaged, the cone crusher compared with other crusher has unique benefits, large sunken, effects of crushing, smooth connections, ensure that the moisture content of the material under high, can still be working smoothly.But by the impact crusher crushing cavities are small, so damaged wet impact crusher equipment of the most appropriate.

Noise Reduction

In fact, we make little reference to the impact crusher, impact crusher also has its own characteristics crusher, we need to pay attention to when we use a lot of problems, we are the hub of impact crusher the basis of machine, in the course ball mill we encountered some problems to be solved, then we in relation to the solution of the segment, and ultimately achieve our goals: 1.Broken than large. The impact crusher broken than can be achieved more, jaw, Park, cone and roll crusher is difficult to over 0.Thus, in single stage crushing occasions, such as the cement industry in limestone crushing impact crusher use is widespread. Under impact, the material to be broken often along its most vulnerable level of fragmentation, this selective fragmentation particles showed a higher probability of the cube shape, so the product Jaw crusher impact crusher flakiness percentage content of less than 10%, alicey999 flakiness percentage content of the jaw, Park, cone and roll crusher product will be higher than 1%.Thus, in need of cube particle occasions. For example, the non-slip road surface of the high – grade highways, is usually adopt impact Crusher to the equipment of the final broken, the production of concrete aggregate. We produces impact crusher, we have to do the details of the problem, regardless of production or other aspects of the impact crusher, we all need to do carefully, and ultimately to make our impact crusher is a better development, while making our country s economic development up, Energy-saving Ball Mill we also can log on to: learning more of our knowledge. We network Star provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase products from our company. As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, and product quality credit enterprises.