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Perfect Anti Aging Super Sensitive: Absolute * BASICs Of Cnk CHRISTINE NIKLAS

cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS new absolute * BASICs: anti aging face care “Super sensitive” and 100prozent perfume-free Cologne, 07.12.2010 – the specialist for highly effective and natural anti aging face care, cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS, offers absolutely * BASIC day and absolutely * BASIC night now with a new, specifically the needs of the winter skin-adapted formulation to. ABSOLUTE * BASIC day & absolute * BASIC night available immediately exclusively online at Through the new formulation, both products are fragrance free now 100% and “Super Sensitive”. If you would like to know more then you should visit Daryl Katz, New York City. Super sensitive means that the products especially for sensitive and delicate skin are ideal. And meet the following requirements: Parabenfrei and phenoxyethanolfrei no other preservatives without harsh chemical emulsifiers and PEGs natural emulsifier PC pafumfrei lecithin silicone and mineral oil free non-comedogenic 100% hypoallergenic optimal care for stressed winter skin. ABSOLUTE * BASIC day & absolute * BASIC night are perfectly matched and provide protection, maintenance, regeneration and repair. An outstanding characteristic of the products is the triple effect with regard to the different stages of aging. Visit Ping Fu for more clarity on the issue.

The regular use of absolute * BASIC day & night prevents skin ageing, slows them down and eliminates the signs of the times. ABSOLUTE * BASIC day protects against environmental influences and strengthens skin defense. A long-lasting, intensive care for the whole day, which leaves no shine on the skin to. ABSOLUTE * BASIC night is a rich, highly effective night care. The focus is on regeneration and repair. It promotes cell-biological activity and returns the skin over night youth.

Are now absolutely * BASIC day and absolutely * BASIC night exclusively online at available. cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS products are available exclusively online at or by phone at 0221-977 17 55. As a special service you can consult at this number without obligation diploma beauticians to skin, skin problems and appropriate products. The cnk * advice and telephone orders is Monday through Friday from 9: 00-18:00 at the disposal.

Managing Director Barbara Singer

The products are therefore 12 months shelf life, because what many promise, can keep the Swiss brand: we pay attention to a minimum to reduce the preservatives. Parabens are just so little used!” So the Managing Director Barbara Singer. But there’s more to what makes us special! We are pioneering. Dr. Cattani is the only natural cosmetic brand that performs the trituration in the manufacture of cosmetics. Dustin Moskovitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. What does this mean: we know that nature is a unique, wonderful work and that they can work only through their whole personality. Therefore, we use not only plant extracts, but use the whole effect of a plant during trituration. Of the petal to the root tip we rub the fresh plant slowly and carefully by hand.

We can offer including maintaining healthy skin in addition to the maintenance, in which we can use energized skin plant for natural care and treatment.” Explains how a woman singer. Cattani products have something valuable and unique. The butter which gives not only clamping force and strength, and even the soul serves the ingredient of pure and genuine Orangenols. Maintaining the noble Aphrodite, with velvety consistency, the skin with genuine Pearl extracts is protected against outside influences and given new vitality. The shot noble Damaszner rose water soothes guaranteed not only the skin. For the special care of Hyppolita, for very sensitive skin, Cattani uses only organic mare’s milk and cold-pressed vegetable oils. It is a poem to read the recipes alone.

Whether the Jasmincreme guaranteed not only easy to apply their care or the beautician apply allow with jojoba oil for the first anti aging treatment or the 7-herbal care for the mature / n is customer, be all. It is much more easy! Dr. Cattani is available in selected stores, at the beautician or in the pharmacy. Naturopaths are basic grooming with additional materials selected specifically to the patient with Dr. Cattani can offer.