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I have noticed the importance that has been taken in the whole world and not only this language English, but others also like French, Portuguese and even the mandarin. There is speculation that worldwide within a few years, it will be almost as a duty of the citizens understand and interact with the mandarin; but paying a little attention to this, arose the question who heads is article: why not learn really our native tongue, before starting with a foreign? The answer to this question is simple: we learn new languages because he has demanded it the world and evolution, and this is not bad, on the contrary it is very valid want to interact with people from other countries, since globalization has allowed that we can get to know new cultures and thus play activities in places other than our country, but you also need to know more what belongs to us. Not knowing basic Spanish terms, is almost like coming home and not knowing where find our personal things. Heritage is everything that belongs to him, because he has inherited it or it has built it and why is deeply linked with his life. Sitting in a city library, raised my gaze and faced with my I could see this sentence which I think is very in keeping with the theme I’m trying on this occasion.

Our native language is Castilian or Spanish, because it is true that we were conquered by the Spaniards, but this does not mean that all Spain speak Spanish as such, but also catalan, Galician and Basque; why I prefer to call my mother tongue Spanish. A totally complex language by their different grammatical rules, which we use every day, and that after the Chinese mandarin, is the second most spoken in the world by the number of people who have it as a mother tongue; but only a few take the time necessary to understand it more fully and sometimes do not feel that it belongs to us, that we have inherited and that it is deeply tied to our lives. I do not mean with This our forget dreams of learning other languages, since I personally love to learn about new cultures, but that more fight for learn about ours and instill in young people the importance of heritage and educational culture. The Castilian is not seen more as a subject in schools and a task to fulfill; but then part of us and that is the constant idea of wanting to learn more about the language that allows us to communicate and express everything that we think, want and feel in our thoughts. As a caricature of the time says we must fight ignorance indices and it is not difficult, we can do so from our houses, with a steady job that will benefit our future generation. While this happens, we continue with the desire to learn new languages, of wanting to get to new worlds, but remember always that what we have inherited, is deeply linked with our life. By: Viviana Carolina Silva Gil Lic. Spanish language and communication original author and source of the Article