Third Impact

That Is Happiness

You’re who you decide your own happiness, but it is important to be clear that it is happiness. Each person has a different concept of happiness. Happiness may be buying a new car, a new House, a wonderful holiday, educate their children successfully, get some work or perhaps have excellent relacciones with those who surround us. In regards to what they call happiness, there are no limits and each person has their own concept. Happiness that I propose to you however is different from all this and is not related to anything material or anyone else. It’s a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction towards yourself and towards others, it is know to take advantage of every moment that we live with what we have at that moment, with who we are and where we are. Learning to live in the present moment, without shortcomings and frustrations of the past and fears of the future. Material things provide us with moments of pleasure, but we can not subject our happiness to this, because these material things do not give us more than that, passengers and sporadic moments of pleasure that last for a certain period of time and then vanish, as everything depends on something material, or of another human being.

Happiness that I propose to you is forever. To be with you in every moment of your life. Isn’t anything external or material which gives us happiness. It is a feeling, a State of mood, be and live that was born in our home and that we then distributed to those around us. The material achievements are needed, but while we address these goals we can also enjoy road, enjoy and savor every day being happy and making happy to those around us. We have the tendency in this busy world in which we live to try to hide with foreign achievements or materials Interior shortcomings that very often do not want or do not know change. As well, this is your chance to start making decisions. I decide I decide to be happy from now on ahead I decided that from now on I will take the challenges life me daily not tripping to make me unhappy, but as lessons to make me wiser I decided that for now onwards I am able to change what does not like me of my life because I am who is in control of my own I decide that from now on I will work to achieve my goals while enjoying my happiness on the road I decide that henceforth I assume full responsibility and control of my thoughts and my feelings always remember that happiness depends only on youOriginal author and source of the article