Third Impact

Mondragon Palace

Culturally, we are facing a city where you can enjoy numerous monuments, monuments like the Real Maestranza de Caballeria, or the Plaza de Toros, with centuries of tradition, the same time or similar to other monuments such as the Mondragon Palace, or the churches of the city. In addition, museums, theatres and other possibilities as several exhibitions are available in round. At far as nature is concerned, Ronda is a city that boasts an impressive environment, from the Tajo de Ronda, in the same Mall, with its fall of more than 100 meters and its spectacular views to the Sierra de las Nieves, a natural park reserve of the biosphere. All this without forgetting also other places as they can be the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales, of Grazalema, or free the Genal Valley, places of great natural interest in which you can also practice sports outdoor activities such as hiking, golf, rock climbing or horseback riding. Don’t forget to visit caves such as the cave of the cat or the pool! In Utrera, near Seville. The Christmas in Utrera are filled with music, carols sung by choirs of campanilleros, Flemish candelas announcing the birth of the Kouretes, peals of bells at parties make Utrera in Christmas sound in a special way. Recovering the Christmas atmosphere of the houses of neighbors, tourism Utrera proposes you to participate zambomba and campanilleros heat from a fire, where you can enjoy Flemish carols and taste characteristic of the Christmas utreranos products. Utrera preserves examples of the historical evolution of the architecture, styles such as Gothic, Renaissance, mannerism, Baroque, Historicism, modernism and regionalism are presented in different buildings that you can discover to stroll through its streets. And so we come to Seville.