Third Impact

Small Bathrooms

When is the space not what is extra, why resign themselves to sacrifice functionality in the rooms in the home. An example are the small bathrooms, but where space and distribution have been leveraged to maximize functionality. We will see below some ideas to make the most of every square inch of this important home environment. The bathroom lighting must meet some special features, like providing adequate general lighting, but with well lit, as for example the washbasin and the mirror points. An option that occupies little space, but without sacrificing capacity of lighting fixtures and lamps for ceiling and wall are. There are round, rectangular or cubic, but with a general tendency to the simplicity and the simplicity of forms.

A simple design, such as a rectangular lamp in frosted glass and base and stop of steel can offer the maximum lighting synthesized in an object of easy cleaning and clear lines. A bath can win on personality and elegance through the proper selection of accessories such as towel racks or shelves. Materials preferred for the manufacture of these accessories are aluminum and glass, since they guarantee proper cleansing and are fully water and moisture proof. There is an enormous amount of accessories for less than 10 seats for toilet, or corner shelves, ideal to take advantage of those small corners that otherwise would remain unused. For a few euros, it is possible to get a game for bath five units with a bowl, dispenser of SOAP, two cups and SOAP dish, with beautiful prints that give life and personality to our bathroom. Also these containers to organize small objects so that they are not in sight, winning in visual clarity.

A site that can not be sacrificed is the lavatory. But there are alternatives that will give us the possibility to save enough space, and are those basins with rectangular shape with the bobbin to the side, thus employing no more than about 30 cm deep. Use a Cabinet for washbasin will allow us to count with a lot of space for storing cosmetics, other products of toiletries and towels, at the same time that the space under the sink. There are no excuses, all formats of bathrooms can be properly optimized to achieve maximum functionality designing a space with personality and style.