Third Impact

Negative Impact

It is logical in a society like today, so moved by the rush and urgencies of our day to day, that work-related stress has been converted, especially in certain professions, in one of the main causes of low, up to fifty percent of cases. The heavy losses caused by this phenomenon, both employees and companies, are of great concern, making ever-increasing emphasis on the need for rest periods in the day and establish standardized schedules that reconcile professional and personal life. What is stress and the factors that encourage it? Stress is not anything other than our body’s response to the needs and demands to which we submit it. And although in small doses it is even positive, allowing us greater activity and dynamism, when it reaches higher degrees, all ysobre if it continues over time, could imply serious effects on health. Among the causes that provoke it could be noted: the excessive overload of work, or the obligation to perform continuous travel for the company, not having enough time employee which devote to their loved ones or their activities and particular interests.

Productivity targets set by the company. The suffocating control by superiors. The uncertainty generated by reduced wages received or the precarious nature of the employment contract, or even the absence of this. The transcendent character of decisions is forced to adopt professional, its complexity or the special degree of dangerousness of your activity (for example, if a very dangerous machine must operate). The feeling that on many occasions worker must bear to see that he is giving up a key part of his life because of the work, could give rise to a great frustration.

And besides his salary is reduced and your employment is precarious, that effect might be intensified; and may lay the foundations for suffer it. Symptoms of work-related stress box and tips on eating habits and sleep disorders, difficulty in making decisions, ulcers, high blood pressure, muscle disorders, cardiovascular problems, or continuous changes in mood; all of them are possible work-related stress symptoms. The worker may result as a consequence of the same, exhausted and unable to carry out any activity, falling in a sick leave which could mean a considerable loss of income. If in addition self-employed or individual entrepreneur, the impact could be even worse. That is why we must try to avoid reaching extreme situations, seeking a better balance between working life and personal. Learn relaxation techniques and try to enjoy greater leisure time can be two remedies that prevent greater evils.