Third Impact

The Impacts

It includes an analysis of the impacts of the social development of enterprises and their products in terms of flows, difficult or slowly renewable resource consumption, as well as in terms of generation of waste and emissions this last pillar is necessary so that the other two are stable. Since then, there are conditions for sustainable development limits natural resources they suggest three basic rules in relation to the rhythms of development sustainable. Any renewable resource should be used at a higher rate than his generation. Any contaminant must occur at a rate higher than that can be recycled, neutralized or absorbed by the medium environment. Any non-renewable resource shall profiting at greater speed than necessary to replace it with a renewable resource used in a sustainable manner share with directions that are made of the importance that will take very seriously the strategic issues such as: education for sustainable development has to do with a change in values, behaviour and lifestyles. To do this they will be needed at least 20 years. Education must be understood as a reflection of society.

The special implication of Governments and national and local actors is needed. Definitely the present Government must identify themselves more with the importance and relevance of the scope of sustainable development, keep in mind, that the development sustainable and sustainable Dourojeanni (1999: 3) following can be explained through economic factors, environmental and social, that refer to turn to economic growth, environmental issues and equity, however, says the author that these three variables does not necessarily explain everything truly hydration the concept of sustainable and sustainable development, but at the same time makes explicit that these variables explain a good percentage of it and later in his research notes that balance which implies achieving a sustainable and sustainable development, in its minimum expression, is the balance of a trilogy economic, social and environmental on every piece of territory that there is on Earth and a balance product of negotiation between those responsible for managing these territories (Dourojeanni, 1999: 8). Topics that in Venezuela are required to give it more attention.