Third Impact

German Association

Traditional online advertising is effective even without clicking and moreover its continued exposure generates a positive impact long-term on the own image of the brand.To build a memorable brand, that will remember and stay active in the mind of the consumer, should be implemented clear strategies of interactivity, creativity and innovation in the web to achieve impact, visibility, and increase as well the level of memory between users and consumers. Thus follows from a study developed by the German Association of Digital economy (BVDW) is pointed to the success and effectiveness of online advertising not only reside in the measurable results through the figures of the number of clicks, but the branding factor reported and continued brand in internet exposure can also help to generate a positive impact on them. The study for which were analyzed campaigns of different brands such as MINI, Opel, Philips, LG, Maggi or Nesquik, also noted among its main conclusions the fact that branding online via display advertising on the Internet can serve to generate impact able to endure in the minds of users and consumers even weeks after exposure. On the other hand, Arne Wolter Vice-President of the BVDW OVK noted that: Branding strategies on the internet are increasingly common, so we are at a point where there is a need to define the required parameters for the management of the brand in within this environment would like to know more?