Third Impact

Scope Impact

Buy spear pointed at your heart if you don’t want to feel his tip.Proverb generalities fortunately given to the evolution of some disciplines associated with being, such as psychology, sociology, for example, has been creating, localizing instituting tools with their respective foundations, principles that bring great partnerships for personal growth. We believe that management its human resources attention should be paid to the scope, implications, benefits generated by personal growth, reason for this writing. Personal growth Foundation is based of principles, techniques and methods that facilitate the development of habits and attitudes able to improve self-esteem and the conscious strategies start to live a better and more productive life either personally, spiritual, family and labor. Personal growth tends to go in two directions: path of spirituality. Search for answers. Significant to our origin and destiny. Path of psychological maturity, among which are the academic psychology, the transpersonal and emotional release processes.

Background: Maslow (1971) was concerned about what a person can do to facilitate your personal growth. Personal growth arises from the humanistic currents created by Karl Roger; therein arises the human aspect in which the individual doing introspection and retrospection towards himself seeks to obtain changes based on strengthening through learning that helps it to grow. As the person documents grows as such, it will contribute with development facing us in this world of constant change. Formerly an emphasis to research and verification of the facts, most provided part of empiricism, it gave no importance to the subjective part, but then when it enters boom cognitive therapy, subjective aspects may be observable through the behavioral manifestations, it is there when It begins to give importance to the current humanist and thus personal growth. To the extent that man draws more yourself and worry about their personal growth development of the person is going to be based on proactivity.