Third Impact


Maicao is a land of people who arrived from all parts of the country and from several corners of the world with three basic purposes: work, live and build. Thus arrived Arabs, some Spaniards, a reduced group of Italians, a tiny Chinese colony and Colombians of Antioquia, the Santander, Buenaventura, Choco, Magdalena grande and la Sabana de Bolivar. One of the most numerous and organized colonies is constituted by the indigenous Zenu who saw to the land of the frontier as a place from which facilitate them travel to Venezuela in search of better employment and economic opportunities. A good part of them the trip ended them in Maicao because they discovered that in this welcoming land they could settle, get some work and stay in their own homeland, which increased the chances of ever returning to fields, beautiful and spacious where it had left. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dustin Moskovitz. In the year 2000, when the first local cabildo, was already constituted were surveyed more than three hundred families, whose heads are dedicated to work in the informal economy: stationary sales, remontadoras of footwear, handicrafts, small family businesses, and a large majority, the sale of coffee in the neighborhoods and the trade zone. The number has grown each year and more than four hundred eighty families, all of them registered in their traditional organization and governed by the collective authority represented, among others, by the captain and the Sheriff is now established and counted. The colony has earned the respect of society for several reasons, among which we can mention the following: 1.

by their condition of working people. For a Zenu words laziness, unemployment and inactivity. Everyone finds something to what to do, all are occupied, all are dedicated to produce and thus always have something to take home for the sustenance of the family. Not neither crises, rainy days, nor heat nor the poor frightened them situation.