Third Impact

Alexander Benitez

Alexander Benitez (Endingen, Germany, 19 November 1813 – Colonia Tovar, Venezuela, November 15, 1865), recorder and cartographers German. In 1840 he worked in Paris, Thierry Brothers printing, making prints for the Atlas of Venezuela Agustin Codazzi. While carrying out the printing of the Atlas, Codazzi it showed the motion, dated September 17, 1840, received from the Interior Minister of Venezuela where he was asked his opinion on the appropriate places that might exist in the country for the establishment colony immigrants. Enthusiastic, and Codazzi Benitz in Germany organized a group of 358 farmers and craftsmen to form a nucleus of settlement in place that is called Colonia Tovar, located in the coastal mountains of Aragua.
In early August 1841, Codazzi Benitz and arrived in La Guaira, and between October and November of that year, Codazzi develop the plan for the new Colonia Tovar which would be in charge of printing Benitz. This plane was inserted as a supplement to the journal El Liceo Venezolano (February 1842), considered the first map of a part of Venezuelan territory printed in Venezuela. Benistz had the honor of being the first justice of the peace of Colonia Tovar, Benitz. It also has, since December 1845, the direction of the newly established settlement, a position he held until his death. Barbados gives BHP Billiton first oil exploration license has been awarded Barbados its first offshore oil exploration in a bid to diversify the tourism economy, an energy official said.Jamaica Gleaner
Barbados has awarded its first offshore oil exploration in a bid to diversify its tourist driven economy, energy official said.