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Heavenly Lantern

Remember how many of us, as a child, did not miss from the hands of a balloon. The bitterness of loss very quickly replaced by delight at the thought that some dizzying heights reached in a few minutes is a miracle – in the imagination was drawn out to the orbit, flying around the space station and, finally, open space, the stars – and on, on. A real chance again to let go of the hands to the stars, his dream, so that it can soar high in the sky, there are now any of us. One has only to release sky lanterns in flight – and your name, image, any desire to go to the stars. Flying sky lanterns of flying – a unique spectacle, which can leave no one indifferent. Seeing it once will want to pick up a very unusual this invention.

Sky lanterns – a three-dimensional construction paper of different shapes and sizes. Installed below the burner heats the air inside the torch, picks it up and effectively illuminates the inside, creating a magical aura. Within 20 minutes of flight flashlight rises to a height of 200 meters, and the sky above you splash a lot of luminous stars. The first were run in the sky is the miracle of the Chinese several hundred years ago. China VDrevnem sky lanterns were field signals during the war. Civilians have adapted them for entertainment. Contemplating rushing lights up, the person receives more faith in life. The Chinese believe that, fly to the sky lantern brings them to the wishes of the gods, but the Thais are convinced that together with paper lanterns are sent away all the hardships.

And the girls in India has more than three hundred centuries, the miracle of trust departing innermost desires. And today, sky lanterns are an integral part of many celebrations around the world. To know more about this subject visit Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. Well, we – the nearest neighbors, as usual, heard about it recently. Heavenly flashlight is appropriate at any time, any place and on any occasion: holiday, birthday, meeting, wedding, company anniversary, presentation, campaign, prom, children's party, picnic. On flashlight You can apply any individual inscription, the name of a child or loved one, the symbolism of the logo, it can be very different color and shape. Starting sky lanterns decorate any event, the best moments of which can be capture – is a delightful sight, charging positive emotions and remain in memory forever. It's like your star to light, let's dream to soar high in the sky above the earth's vanity, and feel the lightness of being its union with the universe. Celestial flying lanterns can perform the function of advertising, to become an unusual and effective way during the presentation or corporate event. Just imagine the scale and spectacle huge run, up to 6 meters Lantern logo or your logo! Sky lanterns on the method of making and actions resemble a balloon. The shell is usually made of heat-resistant rice paper into the ground – lightweight wooden rim, it secured the fuel cell. After igniting the fuel shell is filled with warm air – can make a wish and send the flashlight off. Height poletazavisit a number of conditions, from fuel and the size of a flashlight, and sometimes sky lanterns can rise above 1000 meters! Sky lanterns can be of different sizes, colors and shapes, which allows you to select the flashlight on the mood and theme of the event. Start a flashlight – and gray day blossom everyday bright colors!

Royal Canine

Without exception, we know how often a good aspiration can lead to most unfortunate results. This is particularly evident in our pets. If we try to feed them as much as possible tastier tosses fried meat from his own table, candy and cake, then just in front of an active and strong animal able to turn into a fat animal with continuously precipitating fur and heavy breathing. If you introduced a family of miniature pussy, you instantly also make sure that the cat food could be more than just delicious, and including helpful. Therefore, many times more correct not to suffer personally with the planning of diet on every day of the week, and only select one of the specialized feed, which are developed by experts in the field of animal nutrition. Get all the facts and insights with Dustin Moskovitz, another great source of information.

One of the most popular in the world remains a feed Royal Canin. Manufacturer Royal Canine originally produced food for large breeds of dogs, but later began to produce food for small-sized rocks for the puppies and kittens. Among the main reasons for the prevalence of food – a wish The manufacturer shall take into account all the physiological characteristics of cats and dogs, and change the formula feeding, so that initially it was to taste just a pet. Various organizations want more be to the liking of the owners, to capture their interest. Royal Canin produces varieties of food, which is like cats and dogs. It was this company started before the others to produce food, created specifically for one specific breeds of dogs.

Not much less well-known among the masters tame animals is with the passage of time feeding Hills. This food was made in view of the perfect combination of pleasant taste and nutrients. Every body animal varies with age, and along with it and its needs in a variety of trace elements and minerals, in full accordance with this there are different varieties of food. Professionals, nutritionists, and created a special medical food, based on fatty acid species, allowing to keep hryaschiki from defeat enzymes. In no event should not forget that no matter how reasonable was not dog or cat, it's still animals, not humans. And you want to feed them so manner, as required by their own body, not the way you personally may seem ostensibly to be healthier and tastier. Pleasant – not necessarily benefiting. Only thoughtful food can become foundation for the prevention of many diseases and premature aging. If you really love your pet, you should take care of it correctly. A variety of modern innovations in of nutrition posodeystvuyut you in this.

Gangster Wedding Party

For many millennia, people have learned not only to develop, create, learn and work, but also the good rest. History has a lot of different events, entertainment and various events. Special place among the celebrations is a wedding, a wedding celebration. For many people this is a significant step in life, the birth of a new family, the official conclusion of their loving union. So every couple wants their wedding to be exactly the best, unusual and unforgettable.

There are many types of weddings, each one is unique. Today I want to talk about theme weddings. In particular, the gangster’s wedding. Stylized wedding requires careful preparation, developed the script. For guests ordered the costumes in the style of Chicago’s 30th (at the entrance to his offer to change clothes or add to its appearance accessories that era), working undercover by gangsters animators, contests and sweepstakes, dedicated to this subject. Playing jazz band, performing music of the time.

Supervises all these actions, an elegant master, in the form of the well-known character America’s 20s – Al Capone. Our musical ensemble HAT ON has repeatedly spoken at such events. Living out of five musicians, a singer and a dancer always a winner two looks at the scene, has more opportunities to create interactivity between artists and audience. Musicians in starched shirts with cufflinks, wearing pants with suspenders, standing patent leather shoes, all in elegant hats … On a gangster wedding Strict dress-code. Usually our speech is divided into two parts. In the first official part of the group plays tunes performed by Negro jazz musicians of America 20’s. All present passed the spirit of the time – the American way life since the Great Depression and Prohibition. In the middle of the night, when the passions and the fun increases, begins to sound incendiary swing, hot jazz … On request, the second part of our program, we include contemporary songs, club hits, disco and rock ‘n’ roll, which is always perceived by the public at all ‘hooray’ and perfectly complement the wedding party dance marathon. The most important thing in the conduct of a gangster wedding – this is competent organization. Typically, we work in close tandem with the lead, set picks them up and with our musical pitch, energy, pass it to the auditorium. To the first hour after the event, guests are not lost interest in the idea of a gangster party, the facilitator should be ready for one hundred percent. Always keep the atmosphere warm room jokes, make it so that the bride and groom have always been in the spotlight (Prior coordination with them). The entire program should be bright and moderately rich. Then, your wedding will long remain in your memory, and he will bring a lot of positive holiday, light emotions.