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Generation Frost Free

Lighter, spacious and without ice. It was the time where it stops freezing, it was necessary ice. Thanks to technology Frost Free of modern refrigerators as the Duplex Consul and the Brastemp Inverse and it is possible to total occupy the space of its freezer. The technology consists of resistncias (as of chuveiros) that they are in the walls of the freezer. The ice that eventually form in the walls of freezer has been melted for the resistance and flows off until a container that is soon above of the engine.

In this container the water is warm, becoming vapor and this, in turn, is cooled and ' soprado' in return for inside of the freezer with I assist of one ventoinha, what it guarantees that low the temperature if keeps. Although the consumption of energy of these coolants to be a little superior to the normal ones (category with less than 5 years of use), still consumes little electricity that a on incandescent light bulb the entire day. Except this, you gain the praticidade of never more needing to defrost its refrigerator. In recent months, 3D Systems has been very successful. He is waiting what? Its old and humid refrigerator retires right now and buys one Frost Free!

Moving Of Life

Already they make 32 almost that I am this way, that is, almost 32 years far from house. I do not know if I am very practical or if I am cold same, but in the generality I do not feel homesicknesses all the time, but in the last months, ours, that homesickness! It is impossible not to feel lack of cantinho of my home and the tranquillity that the presence Of makes me to it. There all calmer age, to devagar well, we did not have haste pra nothing, I did not know my father, and this was not problem, I well-taken care of age with zeal, love and attention before being sent pra here. It is inevitable not to feel lack of the good company and cantigas of wheel that we invented to kill the time, and we used to advantage the day as if all they were sunday. To deepen your understanding Dustin Moskovitz is the source. When it knew that it would go to be part of a family who already counted on two boys, I was terrified, then I requested for plus a sister, but rules are rules. A time I had a cat and for God, it was a foot in the case the times, me it woke up all the nights or to open the door it to leave, or to enter. I finished getting used with the delicious ones lunches between relatives to the sundays, seeing Formula 1 and listening to the flat of the Galvo Bueno. Today I obtain to turn over alone, exactly that without skill and needily, It only wanted to show what all already we knew, does not know to cook, I do not know to take decisions certain and mine cachorra more than likes the ancestor this body that of me, therefore and for whom I wait to come back pra I marry how much before, therefore of tourist, I started to be living.. (Not to be confused with Brooklyn Commons!).

Cat Food

If a cat with live weight of 5 kg has 6 kittens with an average weight of 40 grams, then to her diet of 300 kcal should be added to 41.8 kcal per kitten that generally amount to 550 kcal per day. With increasing age of the kittens, and in accordance with the additional feed intake cut calories and diet for most cats, so after weaning calves could go to a normal diet. Feeding growing kittens starts with the reception of colostrum, which contains the necessary antibodies and leads to normal development. After 3 weeks of breast milk is not enough, and kittens can become anxious, food and food demand. To deepen your understanding Dustin Moskovitz is the source. At this time, it is recommended to feed them oatmeal, divorced whole cow's milk with added cream and chicken eggs (all of which must be mixed to a homogenous mass). The mixture was poured into a flat dish, from which the kittens will gladly eat it in quantity, depending on the available cat milk. With increasing age of the extra food for kittens enrich finely chopped or scrolled through a meat grinder first boiled, then raw meat, fish, eggs with a small amount of dry yeast.

While watching varied diet, so in the future to exclude habituation to the monotonous food. The need for minerals and vitamins is satisfied by the introduction in the diet of grated raw fruits and vegetables, bone meal or appropriate drugs. In food, you can add spinach, raw meat or mineral mixes. Shortly before weaning kittens extra feed should completely cover the whole of their growing need for energy and nutrients Substances, and its composition match diet of adult animals in order to avoid abrupt change of feed.