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Usa Free

At a time of financial crisis, find a way to save money is essential. For Hispanic Americans like me, the long distance calls to Peru and other countries are the first thing that is saving. Preferably without depriving yourself of call followed. In the quest to find a better solution, I found mark direct that allowed me to lower my account of long distance to Peru to one-third of what they used to spend and even nearly eliminate the cost of the same. I now call Peru more often and talk much more! This is why dial direct has super low rates per minute, and allows you to earn free minutes to call Peru every month.

Here is how: 1.registrate for a free account. Visit and sign up for the free trial version. You will receive up to 166 free minutes to call Peru so you chequees service. 2.!Try it! And confirms why is better than Peru prepaid cards. You can convert a landline or cell phone of Peru in a local number in the United States.

3.Gana more minutes with your email and social networking accounts. Use the tools that you get in the tool table to send emails to your friends and contacts, the same with your social networks such as Facebook, Que Pasa and Myspace. That’s all. It is simple, is free to try and you let’s we begin to save money. He starts to talk to Peru United States now!