Third Impact

Europe Impact

However, the solution of the transport of merchandises, so well accepted and used, has if become in the last times, a concern of world-wide level, had to the fact of the plastic to be produced from a not-renewable source (the oil is one of its raw materials) beyond the amount of discarded plastic residues in the environment, whose time of total degradation is next to 100 years, and that they finish if transforming into garbage and poluindo all the places, beyond will obstruirem nets of sewers and of they will be accumulated in the sanitary aterros. Thinking about solving these types of problem it is that the first attempts in if producing a type of capable plastic had appeared of if degrading more quickly, causing a lesser impact to the environment. This material is called Bioplstico and, as the proper name indicates, it consists of a biodegradvel plastic (that is a material that if degrades total breaching its molecules with the action of microorganisms) and that it can be produced to leave of farming residues, as sugar cane-of-sugar, maize, among others. The biodegradveis plastics if have become a new trend for presenting itself as an ecological alternative, mainly in the cases of the packings, and already they are produced commercially, however in a well reduced scale, the United States and the Europe. The present work has as objective to show the ambient advantages gotten by the substitution of the common plastic for the bioplstico, and how much this can impactar in our future and the one of the next generations. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the garbage in such a way generates a negative impact in social level how much ambient and to think about solutions for this type of problem if it has become something sufficiently frequent. In intention to brighten up the great impact that the plastic residues it has caused the idea appeared of that the creation of a plastic type with a fast potential of biodegradao would be the adjusted solution more for the environment. .