Third Impact

So Paulo

This process finishes for reproducing and naturalizing a violent system. Corroborating with this information, ALMEIDA (1999), affirms that the domestic violence the one that the woman was victim during its life, either in its infancy or adolescence, acts as the influential factor in the production of passivity of the same ones, what it incapacitates the woman to rebel itself ahead of the violence, therefore, by many times is placed in the paper of culprit for these violent attitudes (TAVARES, 2000). Moreover, according to SCOTT (1990), in the formation of the personality of the individuals, the parents act as reference, being its values absorbed for the children, what he can take the similar attitudes and behaviors in the future. Supporting this affirmation, the research carried through in the Center of Reference of the Health of the Woman of the Hospital Byington Pearl, So Paulo, it showed that many women had told that the violence who suffer with its husbands or friends if resembles the same violence lived for its parents (to see TAVARES, DINALVA, 2000) .2.4 the PROCESS OF DENUNCIATION: OF the AGGRESSION To the SUSPENSION OF the QUEIXADe agreement with some authors (Giffen, 1994; To sound et al., 1996) many victims of violence do not make expert examination for innumerable personal and/or social causes. The act to denounce is problematic that awaken an interest of the professionals, therefore the official numbers of the violence domesticate do not correspond to the reality, that is, many cases are not notified remaining in the anonymity. To breach silence becomes a problematic one for the register of denounces. It is standed out that the necessity of a bigger joint between the state and the public politics for optimum agreement of the violence exists. In view of the social panorama that it looks to explain the violence against the woman is necessary also to think about the reaction of the women to the aggression and about the conditions that these make use to defend themselves of the violence.