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Washing Machines

It is important that it was a large 2-4 mm (small quickly washed away) and clean, free of impurities. But where find a salt? For the timely addition of salt in the dishwasher, an indication. The indication is visual, and electrical. Electric display is much more convenient, but expensive. Since the water in Moscow region, mostly of medium hardness, after setting the device to mitigate the water to such rigidity, salt consumption may be about 3 grams per 1 sink.

That is, if we assume that you wash the dishes every day, then salt consumption for the year will be slightly more than 1 kg. Installing dishwasher installation dishwasher almost the same as installing a washing machine and occurs after the completion of renovation of the kitchen or dining room – room in which she will be. Check out Daryl Katz for additional information. In planning the renovation and choosing a place for the dishwasher, do not forget to provide access to cold water and sewage to a distance of not more than 1,5 m (for some brands dishwasher can drain hose is extended to 3 meters). Do not use extension cords or adapters! We recommend that you use only professional service centers that provide a guarantee on their work, and not save on their own security. Select your size dishwasher. The size of a dishwasher determines how many full sets of dishes can be loaded in one cycle. Dishwashers are fixed (outdoor), compact (desktop), embedded in the kitchen furniture and Centers for washing dishes. Conventionally, dishwashers are divided into three groups: Normal – 12 place settings – have the same dimensions as Washing Machines (height 80 cm, width and depth 60 cm).