Third Impact

Trikeri Peninsula

Air Berlin flights offers also flights directly to Volos the airline Air Berlin recently by several German airports to Volos. The flights go each Friday and cost between 250 and 300 euros. A direct connection enables this route for the first time by Germany to Volos, and thus to the Sunsail base Melina (Sporades). The base is located on the Mainland, and is thus ideal for exploring the islands of the Aegean Sea in the East and the beautiful Gulf of Volos in the South. The Sporades Islands consist of 11 Islands, of which only 4 are inhabited: Skiathos, skopelos, Alonissos and Skiros. The dense vegetation and the whitewashed houses are characteristic the deep blue waters is one of the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean. The winds can be sometimes quite strong, but there are lots of protected bays for the night. See Daryl Katz for more details and insights. Before heading for the Islands however, you must visit the ports and places of the Trikeri Peninsula on the southern end of the Gulf of Volos.

Sail over to paleo Trikeri and explore the small village Pegadi. Or sail southward to Obeng where typical tavernas and fish restaurants just a few steps from the pier are located. If you head from the Mainland on Skiathos, you soon see the red roofs of the houses from Skiathos town, meandering up the steep hill. In the lively narrow streets taverns, restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs are strung. In high season there is this hustle and bustle.

Outside the town of Skiathos is wooded and green, around seventy bays and some of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Aegean Sea located on the island. One is surrounded by shady pine trees Koukounaries of certainly a popular destination for locals. Lucky you see dolphins on the way to Skopelos. The island of Skopelos is densely forested and is famous for its citrus fruit, olives and wine. Charming and affectionate with flower squares and cobbled streets ranging down to the shore. Ambitious sailors and Mileage collectors can sail to the islands of Pelagos, Skantzoura and Yioura. Up on a couple of wild goats, the Islands are uninhabited and exactly the right place to even everything behind to let (sunsail).