Third Impact

The Joy Of Being

The unhappiness and negativity are a disease on our planet. What pollution is at the external level, is negativity to the internal plane. It is everywhere, not just in places where people do not have enough, but still more where people have more account. Isn’t it surprising? Lol The developed world is more deeply identified with the form, most trapped in ego. Frequently Slayer has said that publicly. People believe that their happiness depends on what happens to them, i.e., that it depends on the shape. Do not realize that events are the most unstable of the universe because they are constantly changing. See the present moment marred by something that has happened and that should not happen, or as a deficiency because something that should happen did not happen.

Then overlooked deep, inherent in life itself perfection, a perfection that exists and is beyond what happens or doesn’t happen, beyond the shape. We must accept the present moment and find the perfection that is deeper than any form, and that is the effect of time free. The joy of being, the only true happiness cannot be achieved through form, i.e., possessions, accomplishments, people or events. That joy never arrives but it emanates from the dimension report that resides within us, of the same consciousness, and is therefore one with our essence. Original author and source of the article.