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For de Ferreira (2003, p.33): The process of ambient management takes in consideration all those 0 variable of a management process, such as the establishment of politics, planning, a plan of action, allocation of resources, determination of responsibilities, decision, coordination, control, among others, aiming at mainly to the sustainable development. With this donation of the systems of ambient management for the companies it is of much importance, therefore the same ones can have a significant reduction of the costs economic and a leverage of the image of the company and its products, thus the same one if worrying about the environment consequently will conquer consuming more (PAIVA 2007). According to Donaire (apud PAIVA, 2007), the benefits can be divided in economic and strategical. The first ones represented for economy of costs with the reduction of the consumption of water, energy, with the recycling, the elimination, or at least, reduction of fines and penalties for pollution and, still, the decurrent prescription increments of the increase of the contribution delinquent of ' products verdes' ; increase of the participation in the market; new products for new markets; increase of the demand for products that contribute for the reduction of the pollution. It enters the strategical benefits cited by the author are: the improvement of the institucional image; increase of the productivity; ambientalistas improvement of the relations with governmental bodies, community and groups; better adequacy to the ambient standards. This system of ambient management is not considered still a standard where the companies would have that to adopt management the same, but yes a differential between the same ones, in view of the particularitities of each one. But that of general form, the same ones can involve recycling methodology, if worrying the recovery of degraded areas, procedure preventive to prevent ambient damages and monitoramento of the ambient management to guarantee that the performances of the ambient systems if in accordance with develop the lines of direction established for the ambient standards.