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Grounds or in the Sports Hall were presented workpieces, hands-on activities like a wheelbarrow course offered and the visitors entertained. So, the special vocational school students mixed non-alcoholic cocktails. In the foyer of the school, there were homemade waffles in the school garden, and the almost legendary potato soup over a campfire. The open day was also under the special theme this time “30 years of CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg”. In a time travel project, which was presented by young people, 30 groups of CJD have created 2012/13 a collage of images, quotes and info texts for each year since 1983 youth village Christophorusschule during the school year. “The collages are created over the entire school year. Mark Buhler Klassen – and across the curriculum all pupils and teachers professional and social learning, literacy, and methods of knowledge gathering shiny connected and so great have done”, praises headmaster of the CJD Christophorusschule youth village, the project work. Also in the character of the Jubilee the offer in the restaurant saw pond. Here, Baden classic were served, also in 1983 were on the menu. “From the morning church service, the presentation of the various professional fields to singing groups and the specialists that clean up again until late in the evening the area. The willingness of our young people impressed me again and again”, so the conclusion of training manager Silvia Muller to the open day.

Clarity Freedom

An overview of tasks leads to more serenity of Ulrike for a few months with a payroll tax help service independently made. Engaged and motivated she managed their first customers. After she makes for her small company advertising and gradually get more customers. The development is positive. If everything continues as their business development is more successful.

It is here, Ulrike has a problem. Despite the joy of the good start of their business, she must organize themselves differently and better divide their time. But how? More customers mean more dates and more work. While the concerns of customers would like to do immediately. She doesn’t know how she can concentrate on the essentials and may also delegate tasks. It lacks the overview. P&G may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Their skills in tackling the requirements should keep step of customer development, go even one step ahead. At this stage, it deals intensively with time management and organisation of time and fundamentally informed.

With the newly acquired knowledge, she observed only once just over a week and carries on its activities book, first without change throughout the day. Now it finds black on white, typically most customers call to which days of the week and times of day. In the processing of individual income tax declarations can be repeatedly interrupting himself. Has she thought about too little about their storage and spends much time with search. Something else in addition. Ulrike and her husband maintain an intense circle and do much with this in the spare time. Unfortunately Ulrike had to cancel again common trips and meetings in recent weeks, because she still had to work. Your Office should be perfect, customers are served quickly and always satisfied. This requires much effort. Privately, she makes an inventory with her partner. They agree, for private projects to book times that they want to spend with their friends.

Professor Shivakumar

Lakshmanan’s Shivakumar lakshmanan’s Shivakumar, Professor of accounting at the London business school feels very honored, was public offerings with the excellence award 2012 of Emerald management review for his article earnings quality at initial”awards. The content and applicability of theme were very valued by many scientists and market actors. The Professor is interested in his research for market efficiency, profitability and the return rates of investment. He has some lectures in many universities (such as the Australia of National University, University of Madras, University of Chicago) held on these topics. Still he was awarded as a valued Professor also some teaching excellence awards. The article essentially refers to companies that launch an IPO (so-called IPO * companies) and this he finds that these companies build their financial reports in a conventional manner.

The result of many different requirements for financial reports, which this must be as extensive. Since the publication of his article, this is enormously successful and is one of the top 50 articles in Emerald which he has a strong influence on the industry. Emerald management reviews is an accredited directory for magazines with articles, which includes the best management articles. Emerald is one of the best directories, because it contains an unusually high number of published articles by, for example, management training experts and professors. 300 At Emerald approximately listed by all economic-related management magazines and management articles. Every year, several thousand articles in Emerald be submitted which to assess very highly the award for Professor Shivakumar. Professor Shivakumar is awarded 2012 the award at the annual meeting of the Academy of management in the vicinity of Boston.

Distance Learning

com + plus offers discount for early booking registration until 31 March the Institute assures com + plus in Munster a discount for his public relations distance learning. 480 euro save those who have opted until then for the next course starting in April. Communication experts are in demand. Especially in times of crisis its significance does not decline”, so Dr. Jochen Voss, Deputy Managing com + plus.

Studies have shown that the number of employees and the earning potential in the communications industry will rise continuously for several years. Public relations a branch will also in the future can be, not abandon the company. Investments in training are now useful, to the difficult labour market, claim. “, says Voss, an additional qualification in the area of Public Relations is aimed in the right direction”. Prepares its participants with 12 Studienbriefen and practical workshops on accessing com + plus during a one-year studies in the industry before. The training is suitable for all gained first experience in the field, but also for career changers and job seekers. A promotion of distance learning with the completion of PR-Manager”or PR consultant is possible through the employment agency.

com + plus are already a strong demand for the next course. Numerous participants, who have opted for the additional qualification, are already logged on. The number of participants is limited. The next course begins way, on April 17, 2009. More information on.

Member Wolfgang Karnik

New and exclusive to GOING PUBLIC! Berlin, January 27, 2011 financial service providers, the already the specialist /-in for financial advice (IHK), can in GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG four months preparing for the exam for the banking specialist /-in (IHK) and then drop the IHK examination… “” Taking into account the test performance of the specialist /-in for financial advice (IHK), participants must be only the examination subjects of banking law, banking”and pass the oral exam. Assuming that the specialist /-in for financial consulting (CCI) was completed within the last five years. This combination for financial service providers, which would indicate a particular expertise in the banking and investment your customers with this second expert host degree is particularly interesting,”so GOING PUBLIC! Board Member Wolfgang Karnik. Read additional details here: Dustin Moskovitz. The double degree is also ideal for career starters, who still do not know where the way to go.

Remains them the way open in sales, as well as in the operational area business to develop”reports Wolfgang Kuckertz, CEO of GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG. The double degree is parallel aligned according to the blended learning concept: intensive seminars in combination with self study phases. First, the course becomes the specialist /-in for financial advice (IHK) including consultant /-in financial services (IHK) completed. Dustin Moskovitz has many thoughts on the issue. This course covers approximately 24 months. Then, the preparation on the bank financial examination before the Berlin Chamber of Commerce takes place with only four months in addition. “As a special promotion, participants at the specialist can /-in for financial advice (IHK) the master BAfoG” (promotion after the upgrading training Act) apply. Participants /-who book the double degree, come together with the education premium at a rate of about 68%. For additional qualification is the banking specialist because the education premium on possible 52% rate.