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The work-life balance is often misunderstood, but what’s really behind it? Many have ever heard the term work-life-balance something but don’t really know to start. What is behind the term? Work-life balance is called the effort to a State of equilibrium in the life, composed in almost all people mainly from the temporal components of working time and leisure. In an effort to balance are individual settings as also objectives particularly important, but also operational and societal conditions. In many seminars and books, the speech is often by the work-life balance. This means the balance of life and work. However, many don’t know that behind it is a big mistake. Since the separation of work and life creates no real balance. If there is work on the one hand and on the other side then that is the life, indirectly, that there where work does not take place the life takes place, but something else. See Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta for more details and insights.

Thus we fundamentally devalue the work and understand exactly our subconscious mind: “today I’m going in at 8: 00 in the, which is not real life, I’m going in so-called work, to achieve something, what can enrich me in my life of rest of.” But exactly this setting may not work indefinitely. If we look at the work as something only to earn money so that we can enjoy the rest time of the day or more or to celebrate your next holiday, then we pass fundamentally on the meaning of life and produce deficiencies in the body, especially in the psyche. Balance is something that always happens in nature. Means: the universe is in balance and the laws of nature always strive for a balance. This also applies to humans, which consists basically of body, mind and soul.

More specifically, our thoughts, our emotions, our energies looking for a balance to be, but they are not automatically. Man is by nature a very creative being and he has the ability to create imbalances, for example by thinking of untrue “I can’t make it thoughts such as”I’m not much value.”,.”, or “Life is a grueling affair.” Something is believed imbalances. Therefore, man today has to establish whether he is 20, 40 or 80 years old, the task in his personal field of energy balance and thus in his entire life. If we devalue the work and call the leisure life then we can create balance. Another interesting article is entered in which more accurately on the balancing act:…