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The main implications for local people are improving their standard of living, declining rural exodus and the creation of new jobs.Es important to note that not all positive effects, also causes negative effects. These are caused by lack of planning, and planning and control of tourist activities, in the long run can lead to the abandonment of traditional activities, degradation and deterioration of natural spaces, the increased levels of pollution, and loss of cultural authenticity turn would generate the disappearance of those attractions which in turn led to the choice of these rural settings as a tourist destination, hampering future economic development of the regions. One of the ways to avoid the negative effects is the commitment to sustainable development, which can not be conceived without prior planning by the Administration, as well as planning activities and products to market, by private companies and their associations. We should keep in mind that throughout this process, rural tourism plays a more important role than the purely economic, since it represents a source of social regeneration in rural areas hence the need to partner not only for reasons of economic viability but rather as a conduit for the construction of a territory taking into account people who live there. That a must be built with the direct involvement of agents knowledgeable in the area. The rural people should play a mediation role between the media and visitors. The rural landscape is not only can not be interpreted properly without the intervention of the rural people who live there. People shape their living space while it gives them their identity. In this sense, rural tourism can not be limited to providing accommodation. Should be based on the authenticity of the relationship between the visitor and those living in the territory and an approach to the reality of its inhabitants. What you need to achieve a perfect balance between institutional support, private enterprise outside the area in question and the actual habitantesa .